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  1. Thanks for the release buddy, i had not noticed it was released
  2. Simply said, its amazing. One of the best FM's i ever played for the Dark Mod. I really like these kind of mini-campaings. It took me ages to find a way into the mansion in the 3rd mission.
  3. Thank you fellas, this must be the first time for me that people can convince me to do something i am more a guy who is like " i dont know so i dont like it or i cant do it". Springheel, you call those small? My dream FM is about the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, you will play as a Turkish Jannissary who infiltrates Constantinople to search for maps and other evidence, based on real history. But... its a dream.
  4. Well i am reading through it, dont count on anything yet maybe in a few years you will stumble upon my name when a new mission has been released. I do have some nice ideas for excellent missions, but thats it for now.
  5. Hmm, you guys make me wonder. I did try it back with Thief 2, but it was a major headache for me. I never tried it with the Dark Mod.
  6. yeah right, me? Gonna make FM's? No way man, its nothing for me. I know my way in the IT world, but programming and game design are off limits for me.
  7. guys, are there any new FM's to be released? I have completed almost every FM so far, cant wait to try new ones.
  8. this mission reminded me of the first mission in Thief Dark Project..
  9. guys i cant find the evidence, any help? i read through the forums, but cant seem to find a clue. i have done all the others.
  10. thanks a lot, finally i can play through this wonderful FM.
  11. i am stuck i too have the right code, but whatever i do i cant seem to get it open. I dont have any previeus saves, i used quiksave option. any other trick?
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