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  1. Desktop PC. Everything works smooth now. Problem was in-game AA.
  2. Thanks for the answers and troubleshooting fellow shadow lovers.
  3. Only things I have changed for TDM specifically are - Power Management (maximum performance) and Vertical Sync (adaptive). I have lowered AA to 8x, but it still dips down. Maybe I should try lowering soft shadows next. But the question is - is GTX1080 not powerful enough for TDM? Or are these new graphical features not optimized yet? If you want more info, let me know.
  4. So I tried with less AA, but the performance seems to drop still - right at the start in the small alley, mainly when looking to the left.
  5. Okay I will try with less AA and SS. Also, Kingsal, where do I get new version? In-game downloader?
  6. Hi there, I did not want to make another thread so here goes my question - I do have same problems as OT, but I also have some performance issues (just tried Volta 2 and more open spaces are causing frame drops). My rig is i7 3820, 8 GB DDR3 and GTX1080, I am on Win 7 SP. In-game settings - everything cranked to max. Is there anything I should switch off or something? I guess my rig would be enough for max settings. Thank
  7. So how will this work? You will just simply load a mission with your TDM set in Settings to exact language? Looking forward to translating more of your missions!
  8. Here is my czech translation. I will make sure to send it to the other czech folk, just to be sure it makes sense Btw. how do you upload files? Thanks numbers, got it uploaded now. czech.lang.txt
  9. There is no problem with your translation (I discovered it is translated just two days ago ). Fine, I can help you with translation of FM's. Just PM when you have the time. (wonder how you can translate word taffer to our beatiful language )
  10. Okay, so I guess I can start with FM's. How can I extract all the text from FM's?
  11. Hello guys, I just thought that when The Dark Mod is going to be standalone soon, a lot of people will try it and they could eventually like it (more) if it was translated to their own language. I am from Czech Republic and could try to do translation of czech part, I also have a friend from Spain. My question is - do you guys have something like Text File with all menus? Then I can move onto translating FM's one by one.
  12. Oh great, can I also translate the whole DarkMod (menus and tutorial) ?
  13. I would like to translate to czech. I know it is a small country, but translation never hurts and a lot of people can appreciate something that is - free and translated to their language. Also one of my friends is spannish translator so he could do a spanish translation. What do you think?
  14. Yeah, some update on Crucible would be nice!
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