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  1. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2015/02/nvidia-hit-with-class-action-lawsuit-over-graphics-card-ram-issues/ Hehe, if this causes 970 prices to plummet, I may get me a couple of them
  2. We should all get together at some point. Would be fun.
  3. Ah, yeah, forgot about DSR which I've never used.
  4. Still though, you're talking about <1% of users (probably) playing at higher than 1080p.
  5. Nice video, Biker. I have like 85k in cash right now and have never bought a weapon from the shops. If I did buy one (cause I keep looking for one) it would be ORANGE. Orange weapons have 5 repairs and that's the only way I'm spending that much cash on weapon, then pop a bunch of condition upgrades on it so it lasts a long while and you get your monies worth. Otherwise theres just too many weapons to pick up everywhere particularly if you're doing airdrops frequently. Raises men usually have high damage weapons. I generally use throwing stars to dispatch those green ball puking enemies (I hate them as well). It doesn't make noise like the rifle, and doesn't bring in the Virals. I do use the rifle rarely to headshot a Rais guy because it brings in the virals and then Rais's men have to deal with them too. Add me on steam if you like and we can maybe get together and play some 3 player co-op? Would be fun! I've played with my brother and brother-in-law and its a riot.
  6. I use 1-4 for weapons and 5-8 for items. Lightning quick for me I tried to do that parkour challenge thing like 30 times before I even knew there WAS a grappling hook! ...you can imagine my frustration. Heheh. I was like, "HOW IN THE HELL CAN I GET UP THERE FAST ENOUGH??!?!?!?" Then I heard there was a grappling hook and I was like, DOH! Apparently there is a bit in the .ini file for Oculus Rift too (set to off). I'll be playing through this again after the consumer OR comes out. That will be such a trip.
  7. Yeah, you can't just "quit". You need to get to a safe zone and sleep. Similar to the bonfires in Dark Souls. I actually once did a jump and then rotated 180 degrees with the mouse while going over a wall or a post (can't recall which) and it actually appeared that my left hand came out and I spun around on it like a gymnist! I tried to do it again but couldn't figure out exactly what I'd done. I agree with you. I love the characters motion and the feel and visual feedback they give the player too. Its a lot of fun. Falling is fun too especially when you have the fall damage reduction stuff and you fall off a street light to the road and you die! LOL. Its like....oops! tooo far!
  8. Hehe, I run with my flashlight on at night, and YES they can and do see it. They also hear your loud footsteps, and loud landings on roofs, etc. BUT I have been able to get my bearings, turn flash light on, sprint like hell to the next "waypoint" I've picked on the map and then right when I get there, I shut the flash light off and remain still. It seems to stump them an the sounds they were following disappear and they go back in to searching around. I do that in bursts to get where I'm going. Seeems to work pretty well. I've also ran right past and bumped in to them while running (with my flashlight off) and they search around quickly afterward but you're long gone in to the darkness. It just sucks not being able to see where you're going. I'm not a fan of upping the gamma to some unrealistic level though. Makes everything look wonky and then when the day comes everything is overly bright.
  9. I actually like how they've done this. It makes it more difficult and more realistic in my mind. I don't know if you noticed or not but there are no difficulty levels. There are mechanics like you've mentioned here though that make the game more punishing. Reminds me more of older games and less of newer games which if you ask me, is a good thing, unless you're talking about Dark Souls which also did this in a more 'classic' way and similar to Dying Light.
  10. He does come off as a bit naive. It could be that he's just really intrigued about what they're doing at their studio. I agree though.
  11. v347.25 (for 970 is it?) is when they added Dying Light profile V347.52 they updated the profile for Dying Light
  12. Do not go softly in to this good night...
  13. Don't know about tweak advice either as I'm playing on 3 screen nv surround with a single 780gtx. I have to play with vsync off along with a few other settings off. AO/motion blur (yuck)/Nv DOF but runs on high everything else with AA on 2x. There are Dying Light Nv drivers out. Are you using them?
  14. Its interesting. I guess we'll see how it plays out as a concept.
  15. Finding them I don't think will happen. You can craft them or unlock "some" safehouses have a merchant. There should be a merchant on the ground floor of the tower too. Same floor as the quartermaster. I'm pretty sure he sells firecrackers as well. I just got my cash up enough and bought all he had so I've always just had 99+ firecrackers. They are an essential tool throughout the game for sure.
  16. My only Con for this game is the save system but not the save system as a whole. For the most part it works fine. Adds challenge and when/if you go on a run, you need to have a successful run. If you die, you die. I like that. What I don't like but have worked around is the same thing I just mentioned. When you gain points in agility/survivor/power running around doing things/getting in to trouble/etc. you're carrying all these points around with you. If you die, you lose them all. It will teach you though, not to do anything stupid if you're carrying around a ton of points. You can, which I've come to realize, stop at any Safe House and sleep till night/sleep till day and it will claim all the points you have accumulated. So basically, if you're going to go do something risky, you should sleep and cash in your points, otherwise you risk losing them. Its kinda nice I guess because it does bring in a "fear of loss" kind of mechanic. I just wish you didn't have to sleep to cash them in. I wish you could just go to a safe zone and save. Saving is fast on ssd and load times in general are fast (about 4 seconds) so that's not the issue. Just, when you are running around in the night and want to continue to, you have to go to safe zone, sleep to claim points, then when you wake up its daytime again. So you have to sleep again so its night again. Kinda redundant but it only takes a second and once you get used to it, its not really a big deal. I didn't even realize there wAS stealth in the game until I was on the huge suspension bridge.... cars wrecked everywhere and zombies everywhere it was insane. I found out that if you crouch and just move between the cars, they barely know you're there. I was shocked that with everything else in the game there actually was a stealth mechanic. In any case, once one spots you and starts making noise its time to run for your life but anyway...it is a great gaming experience and something I'll always remember. Rage...rage...against the dying..of the light!
  17. Pretty sure everyone has to own the game.
  18. Some series on TV (lately) are just too good to not have watched. (Game of Thrones / Breaking Bad) I do watch some TV but only recorded because life is too short for commercials. I really enjoy movies though. Intro/development/climax/epilogue/end. I think the OP might more pertain to different ages (possibly). Like a bit younger generation (I'm 43) may game more and not watch movies? Like twenty-somethings? I know my brother, in his early thirties, does watch some films and enjoys them but I don't think he watches nearly as many as I do. It could just be down to personal preferences too.
  19. Also, isn't Windows 10 a free upgrade for a year, for Win7/8/8.1 owners? I believe it is.
  20. I haven't been stealthing it up much but the game is fun as hell. I really am enjoying it. The story is eh..so so.. good enough, but the gameplay is just fun as hell and its difficult to stop playing. Also if you haven't already, play with a friend/friends through the campaign. It is amazingly fun to play through the campaign in co-op!
  21. When you said, "moved to another thread" it would have been nice if you'd linked it. I figured he was pm'ing you, biker...lol. @Tels, having a big power hungry graphics card(s) like 980SLi does not mean you have to have some gigantic case. There are small options and certainly for aNy single card there are options provided you have fresh air in to the gfx card. You don't need some large case with 18 fans in it or anything. You just need an air intake right next to the card for the cards own fan to draw in.
  22. Nice. Like I said, I don't think with the specs on the box being accurate "enough" that anything can really be done about it unfortunately. I guess we'll see how this is handled in the future.
  23. This poll is funny. Its worded oddly and all the answers are to get TDM on greenlight. 3 of them are options for greenlight. The only 1 negative option (#3) worded, "Never. The competition is just too strong." ...lol. The competition is too strong?? No its not! Let's dO EET! Hilariously leading. Figured there would be an option for "Never. Bad idea", or "No thanks." Something along those lines so you could accurately guage the community. Anyway, I don't care either way what you guys decide. Just thought the poll was odd and pointless since the how/when of putting TDM on greenlight is going to be decided by someone that knows what they're doing. Not from a community poll. If you're against it, your only option is to not vote.
  24. Congrats gentlemen! Awesome update and thank you for all the hard work.
  25. Goldwell, I actually like the green marble walls in the 2nd screen option you posted, I just think you need more stuff to break up the constant wall surace. Paintings/tapestries and plants. 1-2 meter tall plants would be nice sparingly placed along the walls would go a long way here plus it would have a more comfortable gambling den feel. Plants filter the air of cigar smoke.
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