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  1. Heh.. I'm no woodsman. +9 minutes of work.
  2. To save time from doing boring foglight testing I basically checked the parameters from good lookin' existing work. It was from Fidcal's heart of lone salvation. If it works, don't break it.. ;-)
  3. Well now, just to make sure that people will not regard this as a social-drama-only -thread, I'm going to remind that this is a mapping thread by posting a very WIP mapping screenshot.. More later. I'm making nice progress and feel enthusiastic about this map. It's gonna be cool if I can pull it through..
  4. @everyone Thanks for your comments. @greebo That worked and the textures are no longer weird. @rich Good explanation, I think I got it now. @Fidcal Agreed. I must clarify that my intention was not to show off and compare my work to your previous efforts. I mostly wanted to test myself whether the very negative comments made by others in this thread are true. The tutorial also contains a understandable looking instructions how make the model to the correct size and how to get the model in the DR. Also the resulting model is an ASE and not LWO, which I understood is not good?
  5. Correct. I just had to try blender anyways. Curiosity kills the cat, I suppose. Here is my result with zero inital experience and Arcturus' excellent tutorial. It took about 1 hour to do. It was not so bad as I others may have suggested here. For convenience here is the link to Arcturus' tutorial: http://www.fileshost...hp?id=F02584AD1 I understood nearly everything until point 55. *Why edge select specifically those edges? What are these seams? Why is this phase done? Why can't I just select all the faces and say unwrap? *"Press b" why? what does that do? *If you look at the chair s
  6. Thanks for this thread! I've, as a mapper, been fantasizing of learning to model some objects for my maps, but on second thought.... maybe not. Half a month for a chair does not sound reasonable, when to think what one could achieve in DarkRadiant in the same amount of time.
  7. Oh dear! This thread is turning into some sort of social drama. How exciting! Now I have to admit that I'm not sure what is going on here, but at least the tone of aida's posts undeniably give this impression that he has been somehow irritated by my actions and is lashing at me. You can call me a hypocrite if you like, but I really am sorry if that is the case and I have not done it on purpose. There has been some heavy assumptions on other peoples motivations, as borh pointed out. Also, words like hypocricy and pretext have been used here. I'm not sure if I am guilty of such things, but
  8. Well, this post of yours definately shows me that I indeed did the right decision at that time. I was only being polite, which probably went to waste in your case. Good thing I checked the reputation and I'll be doing so routinely from this point onward. @biker One map was released, yes. And now I'm working on another. I'll ask for testers once the time is right.
  9. Now with the previous map out of the way, I'm now starting to map something simple and small for the vertical contest. I'm not sure I can handle vertical maps performance-wise, and I'm probably going to spend less time on mapping now, so let's see if I get the map out in time.. Mapping started: 27.06.2010. Plotwise it's going to continue with Thomas Porter after the events in Beleaguered Fence.
  10. Hahahaa! Note to self: never underestimate the cleverness of the player!
  11. I am really pleased that so many have enjoyed the mission! I've actually been thinking of making a prequel, the heist at the captain Knighton's manor. So maybe later if I have the time....
  12. Glad to be of help! http://bugs.angua.at/view.php?id=2282
  13. I am becoming synonymous with trouble.. I noticed another bug while testing my map. I checked if this is described somewhere, but did not find any issues like this. Situation: *A chair with path_corner, path_turn and a path_sit (wait 30, wait_max 60) *A path_corner away from the chair. *An AI which patrols the route to (away from chair)->(path_corner next to chair)->(path_turn)->(path_sit)-> (away from chair) This works nicely. The AI walks to the chair, sits down, raises up after a while, walks to (away from the chair) and repeats this. Now, if there is a disturbance while
  14. The Beleaguered Fence is a small/medium sized map in which aspiring thief Thomas Porter sets out to bust his fence out of the notorious Old Town Jail. Mission was created by me, Sotha and I wish to thank Melan, Baal and Bikerdude for playtesting. During the recent heist at captain Knighton's manor (See mission The Knighton Manor) I made a stupid mistake. The alarm was sounded, and I made it out just before the guards caught me. I ran through the mazelike streets of The City and thought that I had escaped my pursuers. I finally hid in the shop of my fence, Lark Butternose - the only man in
  15. Done. http://bugs.angua.at/view.php?id=2281
  16. While betatesting my map, Baal discovered a curious problem relating to stacking inventory objects. Situation: *There is a healing potion *There is an AI with a healing potion (def_attach6 atdm:prop_potion_healing; pos_attach6 belt_back_right) If the player picks up the normal healing potion and drops it with 'r', it falls on the floor as it should. However, if the player picks up the PROP healing potion and drops it it just floats in the air. If the player picks up the normal and prop potions and drops both of them, both potions will float in the air. Surely the prop objects and norm
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