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  1. Ok, I finaly listened to the stone and the grass footsteps. There's no room on them, which is very good - but they're really quiet. I fear they might drown in the other game sounds - comp-music, are the source files louder? I could amplify them of course, but that would probably result in hissing.
  2. Anybody up for a game of Busy Beaver?
  3. Yeah, but comp-music is right - it would be nice to have a comperative list of pending requests. I'll cook something up over the weekend.
  4. Excellent, thank you comp-music. Don't worry about naming, I will prepare them before uploading them to the repository.
  5. Oh great, now we'll have to do badgers and snakes. Good work, PinkDot
  6. I will have a look at it, although this is strange: I didn't add any definitions, I just did a search/replace job. These have been in the shader as it shipped with the alpha release. Since they didn't have a corresponding file, they fell under my radar - if this folder exists on SVN and wasn't included in the release, I need more info on this, since I'll have to integrate it into the new folder structure. Uh, count me confused, too. The sound is set in the shader that came with the alpha - is somebody working on this def at the moment? Again, this is how the file looks in the alpha release. I haven't modified it. I included the complete directories, because I don't know how SVN works. I know repository systems that will delete a file from the repository if a folder is updated and the file isn't present in the update. I thought better safe than sorry. Anyways, these gui definitions used sound files from the old structure, hence I changed the file path in them to the new sound locations: mainmenu.gui mainmenu_bak.gui menu_blendtest.gui menu_blendtest2.gui mission_failure.gui restart.gui I can only work with what I've got.
  7. You can move the other files, they haven't been changed. I added the complete version of the menu music and removed an outdated file, other than that I only converted those wavs to ogg. Thanks for doing this, greebo.
  8. Thanks! You'll have to mind a few things when synching: I build this with the files of the 0.004 alpha, so don't overwrite def or gui files changed since the release. I'll have to adjust those manually. The /sound/ folder content of the zip completely replaces the existing structure, so you might want to remove the original contents first to avoid redundant file entries.
  9. I don't have SVN, because I don't want to setup it on my PC at work and at home I'm on dial-up. So, I'm asking somebody to synchronize the changes.
  10. 160 MB The archives include the complete sound folder, as per the new structure. Also the modified soundshaders, gui and def files. I included the complete guis and def folders, since I wanted to avoid confusion in case synchronization will delete non-existing files from the repository.
  11. All right, the update is on the ftp. Now I have to ask somebody to synchronize it: Watch it, every file is ~20 megs. Please, please take care not to overwrite stuff that has changed since the 0.004 alpha. I don't want to be responsible for destroying somebody's work.
  12. Have fun in Australia, pak! I'll have a look at your sounds... and don't even think about leaving all the fun to me, I heard they have INTARWEB in Down Under, too!
  13. Hopefully not before the update... Anyways, I'm glad we got this going! Nice work, comp-music!
  14. NH, could you wait with adding the movement sounds until the reorganized sound folder structure is synchronized? I'm uploading a zipped version to the ftp right now, although it may take until tomorrow.
  15. Huh, it should work... I have no problems with the account data. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=609
  16. Ok, I've updated the table and mirrored the folder structure on the ftp in TheDarkMod/sounds. I've updated the sticky accordingly. I have modified all relevant gui,def and sound shader files and applied the structure on the mod directories. I'll upload it on monday from work, my modem doesn't provide the bandwidth for this. The reorganized structure will replace the current structure in the repository, so it should be synchronized by someone with access as soon as possible. If any WIP files are affected by this, I have a table with the search/replace terms, so files modified after the beta release can be adjusted pretty quickly. The person synchronizing should take care not to overwrite anything with a version date after the beta release. comp-music, you can upload your sounds to the ftp and use the guidelines provided in the sticky thread. Sorry it took so long, but it's better to think things through before jumping straight in.
  17. Right, I've had a busy week.. I'll update the files and list over this weekend.
  18. Opera renders the forums fine for me, I have neither of the problems mentioned. So it could indeed be a FF problem.
  19. A seperate directory for magic fx is a good idea. I'll adjust the list. comp-music, the reason why I included all doors into one folder is that we don't want to have a lot of directories instead of a lot of files to browse. For the same reason I'm not sure to seperate impact from movement sounds, but I wouldn't veto a seperate impact folder. Read on though, you'll see what I have in mind. To clarify on the movement\materials folder: Because we are creating a repository for a tool set, we need material sounds that authors can apply to thier custom objects. To make a few examples: mat_wood_solid_over_marble_loop.ogg ...would be a sound for chairs, tables, filled crates and so on when they are pushed over a marble floor mat_marble_hollow_hit_stone_01.ogg ...would be a sound for vases, cups, etc for when the player picks up such an item and drops/throws it on a stone wall or floor. Generic damage/destruction sounds should also go here. mat_glass_destroyed.ogg mat_wood_hollow_damaged.ogg Because some impact and movement sounds will sound very similar on the same material categories, we can slim down the workload for those and name them accordingly, like: mat_stone_hit_soft.ogg ...for a stone hitting a carpet or grass. I think we can consider elements as materials in this regard. This should apply to generic elemental sounds, because it makes sense to keep the weapon sounds distinct for gameplay reasons. mat_water_hit_hard.ogg ...would be a splash, maybe from a bucket with water turned over. Impact sounds for weapons like elemental arrows should remain in the \tools\ folder imo, for seperating them from the generic sounds. The same should be true for specialized objects, ie. those sounds would go to the \world\ folder. For example, if a player wants to hurl a guitar around, that would be sfx\world\musical\guitar_impact_01.ogg or similar. This way we can keep specialized sounds seperate from the generic ones and won't mess up either folder. I was already thinking about creating a checklist for the \movement\materials\ folder. Pak, you have sounds that'd fall into that category already listed in the sticky - would it be ok with you if I'd create a generic material list from scratch?
  20. Hehe, I like SoIaF exactly for the reasons komag lists in his first post. The fact alone that nobody is certain to get away alive helps a lot. Knowing a main character will survive anything takes away a lot of tension. To be honest though, the books get more and more lengths with each volume. Feast for Crows in particular has very boring passages, but I have hopes for Dance with Dragons to be a lot better - Feast was just a big, overblown Meanwhile... chapter.
  21. Sounds like you might enjoy the Flashman books.
  22. Maybe somebody tried 'Laputanmachine'?
  23. That's awesome ascottk! Do we have a plain torso, ie without the belt? The more generic the model, the more can be done with textures...
  24. awwww, JCD/bionicman doesn't work.
  25. I could just edit the already sticky thread for sound folder structure myself. The reason why I dind't do it yet is because I want some feedback from the other sound guys first, in case I missed something or one of them has a better idea for a particular sub-folder.
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