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  1. The future of Thief editing is going to be very, very bright.
  2. [Nevermind. I thought I found a bug, but I was wrong. Sorry. There's no way to delete my post?]
  3. The video is wonderful! I have a question regarding this and other features. How will you "give" it to the people when TDM is released? In the form of (x) tutorial or (y) some file that can be imported into somebody's map?
  4. Yes, that would be great and very useful improvement. If it is not that difficult, go for it!
  5. Yes, but there are lots of editor objects visible (no_solid, no_clip, paths etc.), so one can not check how the map looks in the game. I don't remember if it is possible to filter everything (with the exception of architecture, AI and objects) in render view. I will have to try this in the evening.
  6. It seems that camera window works much faster now! BTW, in DromEd there was 'Light Bright' command (in camera window one could see fully lit map). Very, very useful. Is there something like that in DarkRadiant?
  7. My monitor is set to 1024x768 at 100 Hz. I reinstalled Doom 3 and whenever I play it refresh rate drops to 60 Hz. I tried "+r_displayRefresh 100", but it does not seem to work for me. Any ideas? I remember having this problem before, but I have no idea how I solved it. Help! [EDIT] I used this program (RefreshForce): http://www.pagehosting.co.uk/rf/ to set my refresh rate. It works great! Timedemo showed 51 fps before. And now (at 100 Hz) I have 91 fps! If anyone wants to use ReForce... a word of warning. One needs to set desktop resolution in Doom 3 before using this program. If, for example, Doom 3 is set to 800x600 while desktop is 1024x768 (with ReForce), the monitor will freeze and the game won't start. Strange. So if you are planning to change resolution in Doom 3, start ReForce and click on 'Restore original settings' first.
  8. They are also missing in this important tutorial: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php/...Getting_Started It would also be great if there was 'Design Tutorials' subcategory.
  9. I could not find this tutorial here: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php/Category:Tutorial Is that because it's WIP?
  10. Speaking of graphic cards... I probably shouldn't start separate thread about this, so I'll ask here: I have some problems with AIs' shadows. It seems these shadows are cut off at the height of knees and neck (bottom and upper part of the body seems to be 'invisible'). Have you encountered such bug? I use GeForce 9800. I haven't seen anything like that while playing Doom 3.
  11. Thanks for the reply, NH! Is Rebb's ambient avaible for Den's resources users?
  12. Erm... What's wrong with armored guards getting winded?
  13. Was this ambient fix used in Thief's Den? Can we read somwhere about it? Right now there are two possible methods of using ambient light? Sorry if I got it all wrong.
  14. But... isn't something like that possible with Sources & Receptrons system that you are implementing? I was thinking about some sort of 'poison' effect in my mission: player enters some area (trigger) and gets infected (his health is slowly reduced until he finds cure). It probably involves time restrictions. I haven't checked TDM S&R yet. I guess it's possible? It was quite easy to do in DromEd (even without custom scripts).
  15. Well, it would be great. Especially for some rookie mappers. Like me.
  16. Here you go: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php/...exture_Tutorial
  17. I've lost my acess to TDM resources and team forums, so I can not check these spiral stairs... But... what's the best method to build monster clip walls that would outline round surfaces (e.g. walls around spiral stairs or tower walls)? The one described in spiral staircase tutorial? (Unfortunately, there's no screenshots there now.)
  18. Thank you for the answers! One last question: If I have, say, the whole model of a tower with two floors, would it be enough to outline floors and stairs with (monsterclip) brushes? There's no need to build brushes around walls in order to make this tower possible to navigate for the AIs? And what about sound? Would it propagate properly if there were no wall brushes?
  19. I don't know if I understand correctly. Let's say I have a room X and AI (Benny) that walks from point A to point B (patrols along the path). If Benny has to walk throught room X (or A, B are inside this room), X can not be just model (floor has to be made form brush). Correct? But let's say I have a room Y that has nothing to do with Benny (there are no path points inside Y). Can it be made entirely as model? If I make Benny chase me inside room Y, will he stop in front of this room? The reason I ask is because it's nice to have some complex structures (bent towers, curved bridges) made from models (and sometimes it's almost impossible to build brushes around them). It would be great if AI chasing the player could navigate these structures.
  20. Yes, I also think it might be interesting as one-time-feature (e.g. some great explosion triggers heartbeat sound), but really annoying as part of the gamaplay. What do you mean?
  21. Sorry to interrupt... I always thought that in Doom 3 engine models can only block AIs path, but AIs can't walk on models. In short, if you want to have some room (playable area) as model, you would also have to put some brushes (floor, walls) around this room. Was I wrong? If not, building walls and floors as model makes no sense?
  22. I was just asking if you (in the future) could/will provide some mapper that wants to use such lantern with the assets that you already have (and some guidance). I do trust you. You've almost finished great mod! I just wanted to know if you keep your abandoned ideas (and their 'material' form) if anyone wants to make some use of them.
  23. Great tutorial, jdude! Thank you! I am eagerly waiting for the guide explaining how to build climbable areas of the city.
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