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  1. You guys should get Typing of the Dead: Overkill. I picked up that, Miasmata, and Condemned. Typing of the Dead is only $8 on Greenmangaming though, and it gives you a Steam key.
  2. Same as with the Xbone, I think that nothing they do will convince me to buy their game just because of how they had it there in the first place, showing their attitude. This actually scares me even more anyway since they're removing all this stuff at the last second, after already troubled development. This game is going to be a massive hunk of poor programming.
  3. ^It's a third person stealth game with a really weird and kind of disturbing art style.
  4. Routine Cradle Infra Stalker Lost Alpha HL3 or whatever other game Valve does next
  5. I'm not sure how to really answer this because I generally don't play the same game for forever. I do play the Stalker games pretty often though, although I'm kind of burnt out at the moment after finishing the first game with a mod. Currently playing Death to Spies which is essentially Hitman in WWII Germany. Playing through Quake and Dark Souls at the moment too.
  6. Well the game is essentially the same every time. You need to collect a certain amount of machine pieces and bring them to the center island. Where the pieces spawn, where robots spawn, loot, and the landscape all change though. You can beat a game in about 5-8 hours generally but it's built for replayability. The issue is that the gameplay is essentially the same every time, which is probably why people are saying that. You look around for pieces and kill the robots/distract the robots guarding pieces. This was when the game only had the standard hunters and dogs though. They've added a few more NPCs since I've last played and there are more to come and that will shake things up. Remember, it isn't finished, so if you want to wait until it is to play it nobody would blame you.
  7. I pledged to the Kickstarter. It's definitely pretty cool, but it doesn't feel as much like Stalker as I would have liked. Probably because it emphasizes stealth more and doesn't have as much sense of progression. Still cool though. Really need to play it more since it's been updated a lot since I last played.
  8. Specs are fine. There's nothing wrong with the power of my computer, it could be something to do with the setup though. i5 760 @ 3.5GHz GTX 670 8GB RAM Solid 60 fps maxed out. The crashing is the only issue and none of the updates have fixed it.
  9. I was excited for the game but it won't let me play. It crashes about 10 minutes into the game every time I play and I haven't been able to find a solution. At least Stalker gives me a hint to what's wrong when it crashes, but they decided not to include that in the 4A engine for some reason when looking at Xray for inspiration.
  10. There are QTEs for opening windows and stuff to get into the mansion on the level that they've shown.
  11. I like the shadow but it does look very weird at points. Especially near the feet. It's a shame few games these days implement a character's shadow.
  12. How are you saving these? They seem to have lots of artifacts in them. Here are a few of mine that I like And is this for general screenshots or only TDM screenshots?
  13. Troubled development is one thing. Troubled development on top of having a garbage game that shits all over its predecessors is a completely different thing. They're doing EVERYTHING wrong. I seriously can't think of anything more that they could do worse. As for the focus mode being able to be disabled, it doesn't matter. The game is designed around it. I was optimistic about all the casual things that could be turned off in Hitman Absolution too and lo and behold the game is almost broken when you do that because they game was designed with it in mind. Another thing is the HUD in Dishonored, which you could disable, but I recall at least one part of the game (which was one of the choices in one of the levels) that couldn't be completed because you needed the game to tell you exactly where to go. It'll be the same in this game, sure, you can turn the stuff off but it's not going to make the game any better and will probably make it worse. Also I hope you know that, while Thief 4 is being made by the same developer as HR, it's not made by the same team, so there's really no reason to rely on them doing a good job, especially in spite of all the shitty things we've heard about the game so far.
  14. I really liked this mission. Reminds me of the tower mission by Sotha in that you descend to retrieve an artifact and destroying it kills all the enemies in the level. I especially liked the part where you go around removing the skeleton's crowns. Though that was pretty funny.
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