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    Playing mainly older console and pc games (the second half of the nineties is probably my favourite). Other than that, making and listening to music (mainly Punk & New Wave, Math/Noise Rock, Industrial/Noise) and reading quite a bit.

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  1. I second E.Y.E. Got it during the summer sale and had a blast. It's kinda short... though you do have to play it 4 times to get the true ending, I'm on my second playthrough right now with my Hacker character. Except for length the only other negatives to me are the translation and storytelling in general, the story is really confusing, and I'm not sure how much of that is intentional. Another interesting one is Betrayer It takes place in 17th century Northern America, and is kind of a supernatural crime horror game.. It does get kinda repetetive, but the overall atmosphere is pretty nice.
  2. MurcDusen

    Dark Souls

    I'd never compare DS to Trine... Trine is more akin to Lost Vikings I'd say. It's a puzzle platformer basically. Not really my type of games so I can't say whether it's any good.
  3. MurcDusen

    Dark Souls

    You're now ahead of me again I never really recovered from Blighttown it seems... I killed the spider and rang the second bell last time, also got my curse lifted in the New Londo Ruins. Haven't really made my way into Sen's Fortress, mainly because I got distracted by other games.
  4. I think after half a year and the E3 this thread might deserve to be necro'd. Games I'm looking forward to that are actually announced/in the making: -Hotline Miami 2 (supposedly due third quarter of this year) -All future versions of Battle for Tau Ceti -Darkwood -Spintires -Brigador -L'Aigle (the mod for M&B:Warband) Games I'd like to become reality: -A makeover of Pathologic (just a decent translation and a Steam release actually) -Cossacks 3 (as long as it follows Cossacks 1 and not 2) -A new Fallout game by Obsidian -Gunpoint 2
  5. Not sure what happened here http://youtu.be/u70K7tVGazc
  6. He also believes the moon was stolen and what we see in the sky at night is just an image projected onto chemtrails. http://youtu.be/1xIt1N3CBXE
  7. http://youtu.be/y0FRoaodLKU I... What... Ugh...
  8. That's certainly not true. Collecting stuff has been in gaming since the very start. Ever played Pacman? Many games have collecting stuff in them. Do you not collect things in System Shock or Deus Ex? Or the original Tomb Raiders? However, I guess OP (and you) are talking about a speficic kind of collecting. Except for TDM all games OP listed he refers to collectibles (not just collecting stuff... important difference). Collecting things is a competely valid game mechanic. If you set up the player with a mission, it's pretty likely he needs to aqcuire certain things in it's progression. Coll
  9. I love space, so I thought I'd reinstall Freespace 2 again and check out all the FSOpen stuff. During the tedious setup process I tried to remember other awesome space games... and I remembered Star Control 2... how I haven't finished this one yet is beyond me. Also it has amazing music, it's so hard to decide for one track... let's go with the weirdest one http://youtu.be/UEEES8BeNCg
  10. I'm pretty sure Goro Goro Iki doesn't actually exist (even though it sounds awesome: http://wikibin.org/articles/goro-goro-iki.html). Except for that article the only other mentions of it are related to ChipCheezum and General Ironicus (the guys who made that video, and the first mention of it was by Ironicus in a Let's Play...).
  11. MurcDusen

    Dark Souls

    No. I went from the swamp area right to New Londo and skipped that one area (well, actually I went from the swamp to that hidden place, got cursed and thought I might as well go to New Londo since I can fight those ghosts).
  12. MurcDusen

    Dark Souls

    No, it's not just you. Those scaffoldings just have messed up collision detection... as I said earlier, Blighttown was really the first area I've been to that actually made me feel frustrated. Also, arachnoid? Don't tell me there'll be spiders...
  13. That's exactly what I did, but it only hyperlinks it...
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