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  1. Holy guacamole! I'm at 7,000 brushes! I'm getting close

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    2. Epifire


      Afaik, the LWO combine/exporter in DR will not format smoothing values correctly when doing so. An easy fix if you've already got Lightwave but a bit more of a hassle if you don't.

    3. Obsttorte


      @Springheel: At least when reexporting a lwo model, for example after rotating or rescaling it, edges that were formerly smooth show up hard. This implies that the orientation of the vertex normals have changed. It appears that the exporter uses the facet normals as vertex normals.

    4. Epifire


      This also seems to be a common problem of non-Lightwave software. As Softimage doesn't support proper smoothing in LWO exports either.

  2. After three days of trying to figure out why my WIP would keep crashing after dmap, I finally found out it was because of a stupid door...a door.

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    2. Airship Ballet
    3. SteveL


      Too late this time by the sound of it, but for future ref please let me take a look at crashing maps. Usually the cause is easy to spot in a debug build, which can save you some frustrating searching and means we get a chance to fix the cause.

    4. Amadeus


      Sorry, next time it happens (it probably will as I am very much a novice at this), I'll send it to you.

  3. Visportals are ruining my life!

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    2. Lux


      +1 to that

    3. Obsttorte
    4. demagogue


      Happened to me too. It sure reinforces the lesson you need to start outside areas with VPs worked out first, before anything else.

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