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  1. ... But How did You Know?) Ok, disabled these settings, working great, nbohr1more, You're genius! Although I have a question: how these settings affect launchers if they're not about gameplay, but about fps and multiple processor cores? P.S. Comrades, for normal replay of SWING just turn uncapped FPS off. Multicore setting seems to have no effect on launchers.
  2. Okay.. I remember that this is how it should work. Not for me. And files are up-to-date. So, if it is my local problem, then I have no idea, how to fix it, or what causes it And video is almost 1 year old. I'll be glad, if somebody other than me, would check it in 2020, just to be sure. Will take only 10 minutes max.
  3. Same problem. Used mentioned cheat "noclip" to get inside. The landlord is desperately trying to walk to the door, but he is stuck near the chair, so he can't get any closer to his goal. Ha-ha, got him spooked from the inside. He still could not leave the room, as he was just running in circles near the door. Probably something is wrong with his patrol path.As for now, I confirm, mission is not completable without cheats. Still great city mission, definitely one of my favourite city missions in TDM.
  4. While lurking for every secret (easy peasy) in another replay of this nice platformer mission, I noticed that possibly due to engine updates, launchers are not powerful enough for player to land, where he's supposed to by the author. When I was playing SWING for the first time 5-6 years ago, everything worked perfectly fine. Maybe one day, it will work like that again:)
  5. Hey, Bikerdude! Several days ago I found that there is no downloadable link on the mission's page and, in addition, the version on that page IS NOT a 1.6 but a 2.0. What does it mean? Are you working on another update right now?)
  6. So, noone wrote here for a whole month! Is there any progress in solving this bug problem? Otherwise I could not complete this beautiful mission and these thoughts make me so sad(
  7. You don't believe it, but this morning i loaded mission one more time, tried to save and.,... IT WORKS! Don't know what it was, but finally I could play this nice mission. Have completed it. Haven't found only 135 of 2538 loot. However, there was one moment in this mission, i don't like - I tried several times blackjacking two swordmen patrolling on the snowy streets, but can not knock them out, every time i hit them with my blackjack, they just turned around and killed me with their longswords( No matter that, in general, I enjoyed this mission, especially looking for the loot in the windows
  8. Man! I checked the name of my Dark Mod install directory SEVERAL TIMES. Any other suggestions?
  9. There is another problem in this mission. The mission runs nice, but when I try to save, the game crashes and the save is broken, so I can not load it. An idea of playing this particular mission without saving does not fit me. So, Bikerdude, could you solve this problem too, please?
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