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  1. Answer to Q1: You have to take the things that are said in the media with a huge amount of salt (not just believing everything you read). It's important to remember that an enormous amount of money is associated with the whole global warming thing and in our current world the one who screams the loudest and has the most followers, is the one who is heard. Global warming is obviously a thing, but IMO is not something you and I are going to notice or even the next few generations. In a town close to my home town they have been measuring the low and high tides consistently for the last +100 years and except for small differences that were a few centimeters higher and lower in some years, the water level hasn't changed at all. The below article is a bit 'old' (2004), but it explains the average temperatures and the other factors than us very good IMO (season of the earth [not our seasons], activity of the sun, etc). Nature usually has ways of stabilizing things and before each ice age we had peak temperatures as well. IMO the history of the earth shows that future generations will have to worry more about the temperature declining again instead of the current increase. https://jancovici.com/en/climate-change/predicting-the-future/how-do-the-present-temperatures-compare-to-the-past-ones/ To conclude my opinion on Q1: try to help the earth where you can by keeping your personal pollution within a reasonable minimum (driving a 'clean' car, not dumping your rubbish, etc.), but other than that, just live a normal life and don't worry too much about these things and let the media just do their thing. In the end they are all here to make money. Answer to Q2: IMO survival skills are always good (regardless of climate change) and I think everyone should know how to survive in the wild with limited resources (building shelters that protect against the elements with the things you have around you, hunting, etc). You never know what will happen in your life and those skills might be the difference between surviving and not. Answer to Q3: Make sure you know how to survive with limited resources, tools to make fire, cut wood, hunt (rifle, but know how to hunt with bow and arrow and spear and how to make your own), fish (again, know how to make your own fishing pole), food with lots of preservatives, This is of course an answer to a worst case scenario, which I don't think our generation has to worry about, but again these things are always good to know and have, because you never know what might happen in your life. Edit: Bit late to the party after reading most of the comments, but wanted to give my two cents about the subject.
  2. What an amazing FM SeriousToni! Almost can't believe you're a beginner. I hope you've got the taste of mapping now, cause I'm looking forward to more!
  3. Besides working on my own FM now and then I do have the time to beta test on short notice Xarg, so I'd be happy to do so.
  4. Title: An unexpected arrival Story: Steal an artifact which is located in a 3 story mansion. The house is populated by nobels and they don't know the artifact is in their home (secret room). A powerful necromancer is after the artifact as well and during the mission he sends in a hord of zombies. Maybe add a few side effects like excessive weather (flooding f.i.) because of the presence of the necromancer
  5. I don't know how many missions need to be tested for the beginners contest, but I've got the time to do so. If you need a beta tester just drop me a pm
  6. Quality should always be more important than quantity and I think that certainly is something we saw this year. Just amazing how high the 'standard' is and even authors who are releasing their first FM stick to this.
  7. Well after placing a few visportals the problem is gone, but I do have a problem with that exact same wall. It won't align with other walls so you see that you've got multiple brushes. Can't seem to find where the problem occurs, but I'll just check every single brush
  8. Cheers mate, forgot to place a few visportals. As soon as I did the problem was solved
  9. Haha no not anymore, but I really was hooked on to Freelancer . Well if you wanna give these games a go, you might also wanna check out the X games. They have a really steep learning curve so you might want to wait for the new one X: Rebirth, which supposedly is going to be easier to learn, but the screens are just fantastic and the possibilities what you can do too
  10. Right I've got a weird problem with DR. Using the latest version and have been testing my FM a bit and there's one wall or part of a wall that is completely black and you can see through ingame. Can't see anything while working in DR but the problem occurs ingame. Any idea what could cause this and how I can solve this. Sorry haven't got a pic at the mo, so hoping that this info will be enough
  11. That could have been Freespace 2 or maybe Independence War. Don't think Freelaner was around at that time and it doesn't really have diplomatics in it. Great game though. Used to play this a lot with my mates online. There's a mod called Crossfire for it, that's been around for a while. I think a new version has been released this year and if I recall correctly the mod was also in moddb contest
  12. It's been quite a while since I enjoyed an FM this much. The amount of detail is astonishing. A map in the beginning would have been helpful cause you can easely go in the 'wrong' direction. Apart from that I don't have any remarks. I hope we don't have to wait another 3 years for you next FM
  13. Yeah I had the same thing with the expansion of Doom 3. Even if I entered my legal key it wouldn't accept it. Doom 3 itself not a single problem, if you read the forums there are lots of people with that problem. A thing that helped me was to open the console and enter; map testmaps/test_box and after closing that all would be fine.
  14. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but is it just for x64 machines? I have a x86 system, so than it wouldn't make any difference right?
  15. Would love to give this one a go, but I'm getting a memory allocation error. First FM that had this error (RTTC was no problem), so I'll just have to wait for a new system.
  16. Thanks for the translation Flanders. I was planning on doing that later today but good to see the community is thinking along
  17. Yeah I did exactly the same. Took them a while to finally write a small article about it though. Here's the mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/?746gae352877htj As far as I can see, you can't order this month's release yet. You can always send them an e-mail and ask them administratie@pcgameplay.com
  18. Well I don't have a scanner at home, so I'll use the scanner of a mate. I'll upload it asap
  19. TDM is mentioned in this month's Gameplay magazine. Quite a few people in Belgium and the Netherlands read this magazine, so this is good stuff . It's mentioned in the Mods section of the magazine. Besides what TDM is in general, they emphasize that in the first place TDM is a huge playground with one training mission and an extensive editor. They also mention that there are +30 fms available and the graphics are impressive. Some good PR eh ?
  20. Good stuff looking forward to give it a go
  21. Great FM Sotha, really enjoyed it and love your way of telling stories. Really looking forward to the next episode
  22. Great Sotha, looking forward to this part of the Porter series. Will play it tomorrow if I can find the time
  23. Ah great I'll update TDM then. Haha yeah I know NZ but my comp isn't connected to the internet so I always have to download the whole package and didn't have time for that yet .
  24. Thanks BD and Melan, finally I can play this pearl. I've got some texture problems by the way. The floor at the start of the FM is completely black, is it necessary to have TDM 1.04 for this one?
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