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    PC games (favorite - SotSR, Turok 2, HoMaM, AoE, etc.), computer programing (C#), movies (Dragonheart, LotR, Matrix, etc.), chinese food, languages (know Russian, Ukrainian [native], English [foreign]), cultures (British, French, American), and a lot of some other stuff I forgot.
  1. heXen


    I don't see a thing, just a hallway. Cool halway for a game, really.
  2. heXen


    I remember myself and my friend making bows out of wood. Our parents always said we spoil the trees. Coll crossbow, at first I though you made a 3D-model.
  3. Well, what is funny, I was OK towards HL2 but did not like it at, I dropped it after Ravenholm, my dad finished it. It just has nothing of its prequel... For DooM 3 though, I didn't even want to play it for the play. I just wanted to look at the engine, but to the game itself, I was annoyed by the popularity of DooM 3, but when I finaly started... I got off only the third day after when I finished it. In fact, there wasn't even sound - I didn't install drivers yet. I wanted to wait, but I couldn't, I just wanted to play it and play it and shoot the next monster and grab the next weapon and
  4. I'm highly enjoying Morrowind at the moment, I'm like exploring. And the quests are interesting. Well, I don't know what games you throught good turned out bad. AoE III looked bad with its 3D, and we already knew there are fewer nations, it is the Colonial Time, and GUI was shown somewhere, and low-detail units. These may be just bits, but I think if such bits are made bad, the whole game is bad - that is why I never play games with bad graphics - if people took care of their look, they'll take care of the game, I don't remember myself being wrong. Then - Quake IV - you knew perfectly well
  5. I liked most of Asimov books - at first I read Calliban, then a series called colonization or foundation. I liked his three robot laws.
  6. I'm waiting for OBlivion - it will pobably the best game so far, along with HOMM. They are improving the combat, AI, engine, map... The bad thing - they removed spears. Now I can't even make my Corvus guy... Probably go for an orc barbarian.
  7. thousands of currency? Heh... Does zbrush works with the stuff at all? My friend told me you can't animate there, but heXen Edge of Chaos mod uses it somehow. My friend uses only 3d studio max... But I like Zbrush better....
  8. heXen


    Yeah, I saw one guy from Ubisoft forum with that site in his signature. Never heard more rubbish in my life. :lol:
  9. heXen


    Can you use sdk without any knowledge of C++ or whatever lang you are coding in? But can you still edit the editor - like make a weapon deal higher damage? And can you import 3d-models?
  10. heXen


    I wasn't talking about aliens, I was talking about UFO. Or I wasn't talking about ball lightning. It is proven. Are ghosts proven?
  11. heXen


    I agree with oDDity 100% ghosts, UFO, paranormalities are complete crap. What's wrong with you? Ancient Indian civilizations thought planets were gods, Greeks believed in griffons and medusas and gods on the Olympus. Way, at a certain times people believed in unicorns, but some smart traders captured narhvals and sold their horns as unicorn horns. People buy them and say - oh! Unicorns really exist! To some point at the time of Columbus people were convinced that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Rubbish it is, ghosts and other, just nice tales - I wouldn't mind griffs flying around, but the
  12. But why would he have a hinch against Voldermort? He didn't like the Malfoys, though. Of course, it can be anybody - remember the way the cat lady turned out to be a squib? Speaking of the A - that should be a middle name, and I didn't find Sirius father's name anywhere, and there is not many seen people with R B already.
  13. Interesting ideas you have there. Well, for this was my first book in English... Anyone thought about the thing written on a paper - someone destroyed the Horcux, and his signature was R. A. B.? Who was that? The only connection I remember is Regulus Black, but he was a DE and died soon.
  14. Compare - thief fan and hexen fan! I wonder what of Thief he found in fear... Thief is a lot more complicated... I played half of the game on extreme and didn't meet much opposition. heXen is harder.
  15. heXen

    Parkan II

    Strange, I thought it was WWII. Well, here it is... http://www.parkan.ru/
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