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  1. They have the one-up Samsung to mine. I've had no issues with it - it's great for gaming.
  2. Isn't the definition method a predefined function that is often linked to an object? You probably use them all the time in php, I know I do. You might think of them as commands or something. I have to get back to learning C++...
  3. Impressive videos, great looking physics that open up some interesting gameplay possibilities here. Question: Will it be possible to fix the other end of the rope to something and so create a line to climb along? I ask because this would tie in with being able to hold the end of the rope and fire the arrow horizontally into an object. Then rather than pulling it by climbing onto the rope you could just pull it - and pull things onto NPCs!
  4. Yes, that is the 7th Crystal. Great FM, and precisely because of that plot. it's inclusion certainly added to the sense of dread/foreboding one got at certain points. As to "Cradle type missions" - I agree with ZylonBane, these are Undead missions or ghost missions. Will we get any? One perhaps, and I'd wager it'll be the 7th Crystal crew or someone else with good FM credentials who'll do it.
  5. That doesn't work for me. I have the DVD version though. Is that the same thing as the CD version? Hmmm, I'm not sure it is a DVD now. The only thing I've heard of is Steambuster - an anti-Steam utility that supposedly allows you to play Steam games with some Steam workaround. Doesn't work for me though. I'll have to wait until I get a proper net connection again
  6. I knew you were thinking that. I also know that you've forgotten that the point of having a head is so you can replace the handle when it breaks.
  7. Oh Jesus Christ Odd! I of all people agree with your ideas about this particular aspect of the mod, but do you HAVE to be such an ass about it? Yes, you can do fine working freelance even if you are the biggest ahole around, but you'd STILL be an ahole. Can't you just play nice? Internet or not we're all real people and for the most part you are treated civilly. Extending the same won't hurt. As to Spring's quip about the damage model - I think those were only Odd's suggestions for those particular situations. I think it's far to black and white though. Let's go with my model - it's best
  8. I do like the idea of collapsing and having to just lie or crawl slowly as the enemy closes in on you.
  9. Oh, I know what you mean. I don't want to go too far with magic but for minor injuries, for example, a magic balm that accelerates the healing process would be acceptable to me. An arrow in the lung is another thing altogether, as is a "shield". Location damage with realistically modeled damage effects. Arrow to the leg or arm = limited/no use of that limb dependent on the actual part hit. Head=dead. Chest=dead if heart/major blood vessels, the slow death of respiratory failure if hit in the lung. Abdomen=slow exsanguination. You could survive a lung/abdomen hit if you manage to escape quickly enough to get help. I'm all for stitching of minor injuries and setting your own bones +/- balms for accelerated healing/analgesia and potions for exhaustion. This is only loosely based on reality, but I'd extend the same model to the AI.
  10. Well I agree with Oddity for the most part. If you get hit by an arrow properly anywhere you are dead without immediate medical attention. However, in a world with magic one can always have healing potions, balms and charms. I think a realistic damage model in TDM should allow for a limb to be taken out by arrow or sword, but healable with magic. The possibility of bleeding to death doesn't really make sense from a gameplay because realistically speaking any injury that you will bleed to death from will be a serious one and you really wouldn't patch yourself up mid-mission, you'd get OUT and seek help. There are very few injuries that you will bleed to death from that are not that serious as to quickly incapacitate you.
  11. The in-game videos are great. People would be drooling.
  12. I'm really not surprised. They never really seemed to do that much. The team was very different to this one, with loads of changes all the time. It was like the project to continue SS3 in the SS2 engine (TSP) - that was doomed from the start too, and you could tell.
  13. I thought it looked great. Loved the fire and the "being attacked" bits, but the size of the map and the lighting were what I think people will really want to see.
  14. Lol. sparhawk on a mission. I wish you would just get over it.
  15. Yes it is. Do all the authors know about Komags practices? No. And who cares about your ebaying? It's go nothing to do with this. Regardless - everyone has failed to address the main point: They are very strict about this kind of stuff because the site is visited by and has very good contacts with developers. But by all means continue to be pigheaded and ignore me. That's just what you did with the double posting sparhawk and you know exactly why it is discouraged.
  16. There are clearly going to be cases where admins will be unfair - but that's life. Your boss may not be as nice to you as the next guy but if you have any sense, and a pair, you just take it until it gets too bad or he gets bored/changes his mind. I think that the problem here is Komag broke some of the rules that are likely to get the SITE in trouble - warez and commercial issues. And that would spoil it for everyone. What amazes me is that some people just refuse to see that. sparhawk in that other thread (lol you is admin and I cannot reply) talking about his piracy and so on. It doesn't matter - the simple fact of the matter is that people who put work into FMs were pissed off with Komag receiveing money for CDs/DVDS with their work on them. That is a legitamate gripe whether you, I or anyone itt would have the same issue.
  17. This is the strange thing - sparhawk knows why he was banned and in my opinion it was quite legit. Anyone double posting AFTER being asked not to should expect a ban. And I'm pretty sure that dislike of Komag stems from the, admittedly questionable, donations that are mentioned on his site. Yes, I understand that they are to keep the site running but the fact is the the vast majority of FMs are other people's work. To some it looks like you are possibly gaining profit from them, and that pisses alot of people off. I've had my fair share of trouble with the TTLG admins, and they can be selective about which side they take but for the most part I think they are fair. And TTLG does have its share of characters.
  18. I actually agree with ZylonBane. It's small things like this that make a game look really polished. You may think you don't notice it but it's the small things that can make something great instead of just good. Of course when you have a fantastic concept like Thief to hang everthing off it's a detail. Nevertheless it's important.
  19. Do we really need to use the same old werewolf mythology though? I though this thing was actually a pagan shapeshifter.
  20. I like the short snout better and I think it looks nothing like an orc. Traditional werewolves (as in in film tradition) have always had too long a snout for my liking. They just look too far from the human to be convincing to me. Of course the whole idea is fantastic so. . .
  21. No, because of everything. The hair. The hair stripe. The collar. The bodice. The dress. Everything. Take like it's meant to be. I've never criticised your models unduly in the past so don't act like I'm just being an arse. And I never saw a picture of Polgara. Was there one, or a film or something?
  22. Hold up. So because you're in charge of the models you get final say, but those in charge of other areas (like programming the game system) have to listen to your ideas? No one else's opinion matters? I thought this was a team. And I did have "tangible criticism" - I think it's far, far too Hammer Horror. She looks like a cheap Bride of Dracula/Mrs Munster rip off.
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