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  1. My bro has XP. Within 1 day of him getting broadband he had about 10 viruses. I installed ZoneAlarm and AntiVir. Been clean for weeks.
  2. I've never played a Gothic story, what is the deal? Screens look v nice.
  3. If this all comes together It's going to be amazing.
  4. TTLG is just so well known and so popular Oddity, that even if ISA forums were open I think that the T3Ed stuff would still be at TTLG. The editor was given to TTLG bigwigs for testing after all, and the wiki is there. But the Thievery forums were only at TTLG before it's release, then it moved over to the BlackCat forums. TDM is akin to Thievery - a total conversion inspired by Thief, but not Thief. Therefore the main editing forums should be here (IMHO). However, the FM forums at TTLG are a different thing altogether. When TDM FMs start coming out there will doubtless be questions posted there and that might be approproate really. Since TDM is primarily a toolset and FM creators can make whatever they like and ther is no question that some of the FMs will be set in the Thief world. Eidos might not like that but they have no control over it (do they?) and it will happen. At the very least TTLG will have a big-ass-in-your-face link to this site and the forums here. Although perhaps not antagonising some of the admins (as has been done before) would be a sound plan.
  5. I like that image Renz but with vines it will end up looking like the gear from T2X. And should you have the face of a God anywhere? I don't know what the Hammer symbol is in TDM mind.
  6. Think of it as a line on a graph of evironment against visibility/noise making (let's call it "ability"). At first the angle is shallow and even in total dark/soft carpet ability doesn't reach 100%. As you get better you can achieve that ability. From then on the only thing that changes is the steepness of the line. You can never go in the light and still be invisible. That's how it should work.
  7. It doesn't have to fire big cannon balls, it could have smaller ones. There are many examples of hand cannons, and I'm not talking rifles either. The problem with arrows is it would have to have a magazine system and isn't that way more complex than even rifleling a barrel?
  8. That's not the idea of an RPG though. You could mix it though. I think Stalker is doing this.
  9. That is great stuff. The defiled church track is the real standout one. The mood is. . . sublimely dark. It can feel the sadness of ancient disaster, taste the stale air, smell the must and the damp, see the cobwebs and the rust. . .
  10. For this you just copy and paste the code from the main site Spring. Just make sure it points to the correct relative directory.
  11. Heh, that's my fault. I used a default template and then copied a new version of my template over yours I think.
  12. T3 is most definately flawed. But the Matrix? It's not that the story dragged, it just plain sucked. It was lame. There was so much potential after the 1st one. They should have kept it that way. They could have had Neo reentering the Matrix and living undercover IN the Matrix. They could have kept the Agentfear going. But they went up their own asses.
  13. It's a great day for all of us who have wanted and waited for this. It is out and ready for DL right now. But I want to be the first to say keep up with the mission. TDM will still be great guys, and we still want it. Site redesign is at an inopportune moment (perhaps) but don't let the fevour surrounding T3Ed drown out your dreams. Subjective Effect
  14. I cant see how it could have an online component though.
  15. For campaigns it could be very useful. If you had city based components especially.
  16. There is one area in which T3Ed could be far, far superior to TDM - The City. The City could be expanded upon (see the Map Project over at TTLG Thief Gen forums) and new missions could be plugged into it. I've talked all about this over at thiefpetition.com. And I think it is early to knock T3Ed - you have no idea what it will be like. I know the D3 engine is next-gen in comparison but still, you don't know.
  17. The thing is if you are a stealth fan who likes the whole assassin thing you have pretty poor choices atm for really good stealth. Thief provides a really good stealth model for a FP game. The best in fact. Too bad if that's what you want though.
  18. I think that you should go and play Splinter Cell if you want this kind of takedown. I understand that some people want less ghosting, more violence, but Thief has always been a bastion of stealth, not assassination (moreso 1 and 2, but still. . .) . Dilution is a bad thing for the purists.
  19. Oh dear. . . No it's not. Those two elements are extrinsicallly linked. There is no reason why the nubmer of pickable doors would be in any way linked to lockpicking mechanics. UNLESS they are ALL pickable and ALL need too be picked, ie there are no keys at all. You know what? This makes no sense. Right? What do you mean "right"? This is ridiculous. That is like saying I HAVE to make my FM easy because everyone has the right to finish it. Do I HAVE to slow everything down in UT2004 because people have some right to not get owned because they are too slow, crap and poor shots? And "patronise"? I think you need to go back tot the dictionary. If bothered to read what I said I think you'll find that I said just that. No twisting. If there is really THAT much of a difference then you just plain suck and should go and play another game. There is no way that lockpicking times will alter the design of a map form a mappers point of view. Unless it takes 10 minutes per lock. But that's not going to happen.
  20. Nonsense. 1. Unpickable doors and picking mechanics are 2 entirely separate issues which have no bearing on each other at all as far as mechanics are concerned. 2. Saying that mini-games cause time discreptencies between players is a non-issue. That's like saying aiming without auto lock on a la Metroid Prime causes a skill gap. And? Learn then. 3. And the 1 pick system in Thievery is fine as there is enough tension with all the human guards who are far superior to AI guards.
  21. Phew! I read oDDity's reply and I was thinking "WTF, this will be rubbish. Key hunting?". Lock picking in TDS was great. If you turn of the lockpicking HUD it is even better. One area where the gameplay mechanics beat T1 and 2 hands down. Glad to hear you have a system in the works. Especially an audio AND visually guided one.
  22. Sounds alot like Enigma to me. Not really my cup of tea, but then I don't know what the game is like. For a loner game (SS2 style) I'd prefer something darker, harsher and more elektonic.
  23. About my expressed doubts for SS. I think that people will want to FM for SS. Look at SS2. We all wanted to FM for it (after I left TSP I started an FM that had nothing to do with SS2). RL stopped me. But there will be others, I'm sure. SS2 has a large fan base after all.
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