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  1. Im using a GTX 950m - Is there a setting in the GTX control panel that will get around the problem I am having?
  2. Yes I try and ghost all my missions, I dont even like picking stuff up I dont need to. I never frob and dont even purchase unrealistic gadgets like the moss arrows. I stick to real world medieval gear.
  3. Image - https://i.imgur.com/LL3vem3.jpg As you can see Ive enlarged the resolution too big to be able to access the resolution options to change them back again. I fortunately had a backup of TDM directory but just for reference how would one fix such a problem?
  4. Here's some images - https://i.imgur.com/YavETAo.jpg https://i.imgur.com/8D8iWw1.jpg Alt-enter worked but stretches my screen beyond the proper 4:3 aspect ratio.
  5. I have the latest version of TDM, but the game launches windowed despite enabling full screen in the options. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  6. Found the problem, right click tdm.exe > properties > compatibility tab > enable override high DPI scaling... and the problem does not appear. Thanks anyway. Although Ive run into another issue, the game loads using onboard graphics, even if I have set my gtx950m to run the game... I have to open up my nvidia control panel each time I play?
  7. Image - https://i.imgur.com/zJS8zFj.jpg Solutions? Im using a custom resolution on windows 10 (140% in custom setting) Is there any workaround?
  8. Id much rather have giant sprawling levels that test my navigation and orientation skills, than a linear A-B route with a few side rooms here and there.
  9. When I run the updater it completes the process, but it still reads 2.3 in the game.. am I doing something wrong?
  10. Hi 2 questions about this update. 1) Does it require a more demanding rig? (due to new assets and such) 2) Does food heal health? (It was broken before) Thanks.
  11. What is this symbol I see in the game? http://i.imgur.com/ndQ8hPQ.jpg Looks like a European/Celtic cross.
  12. Would I get locked 60FPS on most maps? https://uk-store.acer.com/aspire-f-15-f5-573g
  13. Does this update fix food not restoring health? If so why is it not in the changelog?
  14. As I understand it, bugfixes only get released in new versions. I'm basically wondering when the fixed food-not-restoring-health bug will be available.
  15. This is actually what I meant, for the bow zoom function to be under player control (ie via a key)
  16. Even though I made the request, I fully agree. But still, is not more customisation and player control a good thing if it doesn't ultimately detract from the experience? I feel like the game is assuming I want to zoom which in many cases I don't.
  17. Something that irks me when I'm aiming my bow is that it will decide to zoom, forcing me to de-nock my arrow and take aim again. Any chance of making the zoom an optional feature? More often than not the auto zoom spoils my shot. What do others think of the auto bow zoom?
  18. Would the team consider reversing the mouse-roll zoom function when using the telescope? Seems a little unintuitive to scroll backwards to have the scope zoom in (and vice versa)
  19. Any thoughts on making bow-zooming manual?
  20. I support this idea, especially for campaigns it would be easy to have all the missions in one place.
  21. Real men don't use water arrows
  22. Mine too, I always alternate quicksave and hardsave. I vote for having two quicksaves (as others said to avoid clutter)
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