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  1. I am completely on your side and I really would like to have such a cvar too, as I said ;). Then you can include it into your mod and I into my patch and all of us will be happy in the end :)!
  2. That is actually the best explanation I have read here yet...
  3. Because it is the consistent way TDM handles all moveable entities. Q.E.D. ;)!
  4. Don't you get that I mentioned my alternative over and over again? The original players had an issue because they didn't know they need to use a different key for shouldering a body. If this is done by long frobbing instead, the same as e. g. multilooting or extinguishing a candle in your current patch this problem is solved! I have no issues with the idea, I only would like to have the order consistent: short frob - pick up (as is normal with all moveables in TDM), long frob - special action (like shouldering, extinguishing, multilooting or maybe eating consumables next). The thing I find inconsistent is that you see shouldering not as a special action. Also I hope Daft is kind enough to add a cvar variable with which this can be adjusted, it shouldn't be too difficult to reverse short and long triggers.
  5. It's very easy to change text in the tutorial mission, I did so for my Unofficial Patch and I even added items.
  6. What do you think about my suggestion, which I mentioned often enough, that long frob shoulders a body and drops it? Chances are very low that you encounter another long frob situation while shouldering a body when your hands are tied.
  7. I should remind you that my Unoffcial Patch already includes another way to instantly extinguish candles in holders by making the candle a seperate entity that can be frobed. This might be a way out of this problem...
  8. That would be great, but what I would really like is just a cvar to reverse the short frob and long frob behaviour for bodies. Also the optimal solution would probably be to add gameplay options so each player can set this how they want it! This would also fix the problem of players not knowing about the new controls. But then this might be a lot of additional work.
  9. No, but I would really like to have the option to have it the other way around too, because I think the idea as such is fine.
  10. Cyberpunk 2077 for example shows exactly how long a control is pressed with a little changing icon...
  11. To me shouldering is not the most likely action. What about getting items from corpses or looking up their name using snatcher's improvement? And what about food, is the player forced to eat it automatically now?
  12. I agree with snatcher that the current solution has the bodies backwards and I have another example: consumables. Right now it's frob to take and use to eat. Your solution would be frob to eat and long frob to what, not eat? Because we need this for missions where you are supposed to give consumables to somebody. The consistent solution would be frob to take and long frob to eat. So it must be frob to take bodies and long frob to shoulder them. I for one do not should everybody I knock out, only those who might rise suspicions. As for auto opening of doors, I had this off by default, but sadly there are missions who only work with this on, which indeed is an mistake of these missions, but thus has become standard...
  13. As far as I know in TDM if the object is moveable frobing it will ALWAYS pick it up. Only stationary readables are read. Only stationary switches are flipped. Only stationary doors are opened. Shouldering a moveable body is inconstent behaviour!
  14. I completely agree, but I think it could be made consistent in both long frob or double frob by reversing the body shouldering behaviour. I don't know why everybody here thinks a body should immediately be shouldered.
  15. I like your idea, but I have not bound Frob to the mouse, so you mean single frob vs double frob, yes?
  16. I did some LARP bow shooting and would guess that's it would be really difficult to do this while leaning. Also doesn't the player basically get an full invisible shot if the enemies can't see him or can enemies see a leaning player?
  17. So what happens if you frob something while carrying a body? Isn't the body dropped then and the solution suggested to avoid this was to only do the shouldering/unshouldering with long frob? What if I want to take a key or something else from a body and accidentally frob the body itself? It will be shouldered at once which I don't think is the optimal solution.
  18. I see this differently: When you short frob a candle, you can move it in the world. Then you do the special operation, long frob or use, to extinguish it. With a body it was the same: When you short frob it, you can move it in the world. Then you do the special operation, long frob or use, to shoulder it. Your current solution is counterintuitive to that and it also looks much too fast because of this! Can you add a variable to turn that behaviour around? Or could this be done by editing a script or something? Also wasn't long frob supposed to be used to unshoulder a body now, which again is counterintuitive to the short frob shouldering behaviour?
  19. I just tested the Windows version that was uploaded on the latest 1.12 rc, but I get confusing results. Like when I frob a candle with holder, short frob will take it and long frob will extinguish it. When frobing a body it's the other way around though, short frob will shoulder it and long frob will take it. Short frob on the latter also gives the impression that the body is shouldered very quickly! I suggest to swap this and fix both issues in one go.
  20. Do you have a Windows build too? Also how are chances this ends up in the core game? Did you talk to the team yet?
  21. That's what I and others were suggesting, the advanced feature (shouldering/extinguishing) should be bound to the new control (long frob).
  22. That is the frob helper, which can be turned off in the options menu.
  23. I get a black screen with the latest executable. Do we need the last release candidate for this to work? I am still on 2.11...
  24. What happens if you frob something while carrying a body? Will the body be dropped at the same time? If so I suggest to go with that chakkman wrote and revert the setup: short frob pulls a body and extinguishes a light and long frob takes the body and the light and also drops both while short frobing works on everything else at the same time.
  25. That is counterintuitive and as hard to learn as the original mechanism...
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