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  1. What is this SFX? Also as an active developer, any chance to get the key suggestions to be implemented that were asked for? Like using FROB to close a document in the world or using HOLSTER again to pull out the last weapon?
  2. That's exacltly what I meant and a short delay would be great there! Also we are not normally talking about just bumping into the AI, but doing so because the blackjacking wasn't perfect. As my video shows, you can land several better ones until the AI even turns around but right now this wouldn't help because it is already immune...
  3. Because it is unrealistic that you can only hit an enemy at a certain distance and not from up closer!
  4. I think it would be easier and better to just change the hitbox a little bit into the arm to make blackjacking possible from closer distances like suggested in the other thread.
  5. I fully agree to that! I even like it better than nuThief, although that one has an very easy takedown mechanic...
  6. Uh, ever seen some boxing? I'm not into this at all, but a hook is as powerful as a straight hit AFAIK. So if I am closer what happens? I hit the AI with the base of the blackjack or the arm because my character has only this one fixed-arm-distance strike? I can understand that this is an animation problem, but why can't you just prolong the hitbox a little bit back into the arm to simulate that your character adjusted his arm while hitting? That's not a good comparison. Rather like in the new Thief when you aim an arrow at the head of an unsuspecting guard you can make a headshot, but if you do the same when he is alerted you magically will never hit his head! The same goes for the helmeted guards, tell me what you want, alerting them is magically making them immune. Mind you, I still love backjacking in TDM and usually don't kill anybody when not necessary, but because this is my favorite style, the more I play the more obvious the problems behind it became. I can live with like it is right now, but as this is a great free game still in development, I figured I could ask if this could be improved. My two suggestions here, closer-hit-distance-valid and alert-going-invincible-delay could probably be implemented just by changing two specific integers somewhere, no?
  7. But the issue here is that there is only one correct blackjacking distance right now, as if the player could only bent his elbow to a certain degree and never hit anything closer. While I can understand that this is limitated by the animation, it doesn't carry over as wrong if you are too close because it looks the same. So extending the cone, or however this is done, to reflect this would be a possible fix! Also to me the magical invulnerability breaks immersion pretty much anyway. Either you can knock out someone wearing a helmet or you cannot, regardless of alert state or direction. With maybe the exception of a drawn weapon due to the stance...
  8. That would be great, because to be honest, how could a thief fail blackjacking someone because he is too close or hits him with his elbow? This is bad game mechanics right there! Has someone ever checked out the valid distance right now from the side? Would this work? Also even if I hit his shoulder, how come he doesn't go down with the next hit on the head? Yeah, because he magically became immune now. That's makes little sense either! It's different when the weapon is drawn because he then moves in a crouched way where hitting his head isn't easily possible anymore, but before? Please at least try out how this would work with a delay until the weapon is actually drawn. Even if you don't want to make that the default way, you could add it in when you add the additional alert states in the next version...
  9. I don't believe the elbow stuff and even if I did, there is still a lot of time before he even reaches for his sword in which he is invincible to my hits. He takes one from behind and two from the front, this just looks wrong when even the Wiki says (helmeted guards cannot be knocked out when their weapon is out). Well, as the video shows, his weapon is far from being out at all...
  10. Okay, I just did a quick test of my problems again and uploaded a video using FRAPS to GameFront, the link is below. It seems to me that the moment the guard hears me he slips into attack ready mode and is invincible to blackjacking although I can easily hit him several times before he even starts to draw his sword. This is what makes no sense to me! Maybe it would be better to just insert a short delay here until he actually starts to pull out his weapon... http://www.gamefront.com/files/24162305/TheDarkMod+2014-04-08+21-46-16-40.avi
  11. Okay, but in principle this is a known idea. In The Babylon Project you can select single missions in the combat simulator and whole campaigns from the main menu. On the other hand they have more campains than single missions, so the situation is a little bit different !
  12. Back on topic, did they do anything about the repeating conversations? Honestly I can't hear the one in South Quarters about the whore perfume anymore! It plays about every 5 minutes regardless in which section of the map I am. At least I always see the subtitles, whether I can hear the sound or not...
  13. Can you do this in the in-game browser too?
  14. While I don't know what these are , can they really be the reason that many one or two room levels are seperate loads? Without any NPCs in them as well, which both makes the city seem dead and the game wasting loading time! It almost looks to me that they were added as an afterthough after the main city hub was already finished, to add at least some a little bit of freedom to the world. Also while that interview was a nice read, especially concerning the similarities to Dishonored that I noticed too, the explanation about the rope arrows was quite stupid! Didn't they know that in the original Thief games and TDM you can get your rope arrows back in most cases? In Thief you are forced to use them only in precalculated places and you loose them at the same time too...
  15. I'll second that suggestion! There could be a Campaigns and Single missions section.
  16. Maybe it is something similar to what started this thread. It usually happens when I sneak up on a moving guard. I hit him over the head from behind while standing up but when he hears me, he usually says something and turns around with nothing happening. No sword drawn but still imune. I always figured it was because he heard me, maybe the angle wasn't right because he was moving or he was turning?
  17. I have no issues with that, but even before drawing their swords, helmeted guards become invincible to blackjacking the second they hear something, even if this will not make them draw their swords. This makes no sense! I'm not for changing the mechanism once the sword is drawn or players are fighting with their blackjack, but what about the issue above? It isn't even written in the wiki, there are only relaxed and weapon drawn states mentioned, so this could easily be changed so slightly alerted (or whatever it is called) is handled like relaxed and not like full alerted...
  18. Oops, I didn't think of that. This sounds like a plan !
  19. I read somewhere that this becomes obvious when you find old stashes of the original Garrett that do not belong to you. Still a very stupid decision to call the new Thief Garret and the fence Basso too. That's too much of a coincidence! Together with the two colored eyes which could be a hint on the old mechanical one it seems to me they didn't know if they wanted to make a sequel or a reboot...
  20. This is great, but it doesn't really fix the illogical reaction of them suddenly getting invincible to blackjacking. Wouldn't it be much easier to just remove that and make the game make more sense and be easier for beginners at the same time? After all beginners wouldn't know what effect these sliders have until they failed blackjacking a lot anyway...
  21. Wouldn't it be possible to move the difficulty selection before map loading and intro movies? Like the difficulty could already be selected from the mission main menu after a mission has been installed? It would fit nicely with the "finished at difficulty" stats there and then the intro movies could play while the map is loading. After all the difficulty is not in-game content anyway so it need not to be on the objectives page at all!
  22. While I agree with you on the design, it could have been a bit less generic. I can hardly remember where I am and where I have to go without the marker because everything looks the same and is the same gray color as well. Also the repeating conversations kill the atmosphere and the level changes while moving between logs or through windows are stupid... I fully agree with you! Sometimes it's ridiculous what you can't climb. Speaking of story, I don't know much myself yet, but the setting just seems too similar to other recent AAA games, like Dishonered and Bioshock Infinite: In an oppressed world the player has to find and free (and protect?) a young female sidekick while a revolution is starting in the background. Oh, and don't forget strange dream sequences from other dimensions, they are totally hot right now! At least the Thief city feels a little bit more alive than Columbia which always gave me the impression of a completely static scenery, but in my opinion Dishonered found the right middle ground regarding uniform grayness and colorfull backdrop!
  23. Any news about the key changes that I and someone else asked for recently? Like that every key doing something should also be used to undo the same thing. Like Frobing a document in the world and press Frob again to close it!
  24. And their alert state. I'm still not lucky that within a second of hearing something, blackjacking someone wearing a helmet becomes impossible! This is unrealistic in my opinion. A good hit on the head should work in any case and the alert state should make it just more difficult to get behind them, not magically rendering them invincible! An exception could be the guards with swords drawn and searching because they move kind of crouched so blackjacking them would be difficult,
  25. Just played Transaction and wasn't aware this is a series. Can the names of the missions be changed to reflect this without the need to replay or redownload them?
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