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  1. So is this determined in each map for each item? Otherwise I would have suggested to increase frob size for getting items or lockpicking on a whole! I rarely lean at all and leaning forward is just another key that isn't really necessary except for very few occations. For me the less keys in a game the better!
  2. I never said Valve are criminal masterminds or something. Only that I don't trust them the same way I don't trust Facebook! Also I want them to make great games again, not only Steam this Steam that. Half-Life was one of the best games ever and HL2 was almost as great. But after that? The HL2 episodes were too short, there were similar good mods out at the time. They released Counter-Strike four times since then! Portal was a nice idea but again too short and not done by themselves alone. Portal 2 was a quick rehash and they did this even more obvious with L4D and L4D2. If their next game is L4D3, I couldn't care less! Team Fortress 2 has a cool art style but again it's just a mod where it's all about new gadgets nowadays. Dota 2 just the same! Maybe the flat hirarchy just doesn't work out to release big and original AAA single player games like HL and HL2 or they have just noticed that they can live much more easily by creating new hats than by creating new games! I agree. Google Glass is perfect for Facebook, I don't see the kids of tomorrow wearing a big bulky display only to post something to their friends! After all even 3D TV hasn't really caught on because the glasses are too inconvenient...
  3. Back on topic, after Sony announced this, I bet that Microsoft won't stay behind and will create something similar for the X-Box One. If they offer that for Windows as well the OR might not matter anymore.
  4. For me it's not only about the lies as such, but about the background. If you read that article you should have recognized that HL2 was delayed because Newell only cared about Steam. The same is happening right now. Don't tell me that Valve couldn't have done a good HL2:EP3! Besides that the whole episode business was another big promise broken, they just have other priorities now which I think is the main lie behind Valve. They show the front of the friendly game developer while they are really a digital distributer trying to dominate the PC market. Facebook does something similar, it plays the friendly social network on the front and spies on everything the members are doing to target advertisement in the back.
  5. Yeah, maybe that was worded a little bit harshly . But just check out the links below http://www.geek.com/...e-theft-556567/ http://www.gamespot....2/1100-6112889/ I'll close this by repeating that I don't trust Valve anymore than I trust Facebook !
  6. Very interesting read, it's exactly as I suspected all along, only now I have the prove ! It also explains why my patch was able to restore so many unfinished things to Bloodlines... I don't see it that way, Newell has already be caught lying his head off, I wouldn't be surprised if other things happen. Maybe they should split Valve into one company that maintains Steam and another that actually makes games !
  7. Is that possible in TDM? I didn't even know...
  8. Sorry, but I don't know about that interview. I have only one with Boyarsky in which he tries to avoid the contract question: Terra-Arcanum: The Internet abounds with rumors of Half-Life 2 delays. Allegedly, there is a clause in the contract that Bloodlines can only be released after HL2. Is this true? ... Leonard Boyarsky: We aren't at liberty to reveal details of Activision's contract with Valve. But Brian Mitsoda said in an interview with Grupo: In the end, there was only so much we could do or were allowed to do and it was taken out of our hands. But right now Valve's finances are based solely on the fact that Steam keeps it's distribution dominance, because they earn from almost every title downloaded from there. They surely couldn't survive from the few mods they released on their own! Also what really made me start the rant is the fact that Facebook is regarded as evil, I agree of course, but Valve is regarded as good, for which I see little reason. They collect a lot of data too, just check their hardware surveys, and have a DRM client running always in the background. GOG looks much better as a distribution platform to me...
  9. Hi Airship Ballet', I just can't quote your badly formatted posting, so here comes my reply out of my head. Valve doing charity work and so on - Zuckerberg does the same only much more. HL2 delay didn't kill Troika off - Besides that Troika had to restart Bloodlines over and over because the Source engine wasn't finished as Newell only cared about Steam at the time, there was also a clause in their contract that Bloodlines mustn't be released before HL2. So however far Troika was with the game, they couldn't release it as long as HL2 was delayed, so they tried their Fallout 3 pitch instead on working on a game that had to sit on the shelf anyway. Bloodlines came out the same day as HL2, stupid decicion or the last attempt to make some needed money as soon as possible? Steam only created for patching - I never played Counter-Strike much, but I had never the impression patching was too slow in those days. You admit that EA is doing the same thing right now, but Valve didn't? They did it with CS and HL2! Before this escalatates, I just wanted to say that in my humble opinion Valve is as much a "good" guy as Facebook .
  10. Of course it's no strategy, but it shows that all Gabe Newell and Valve care about right now is Steam. Not games. For that they release the occasional pimped mod... Yeah, I know. But it's somehow connected because Facebook bought OR to stay "top" like Valve announced Steamboxes. Both only want to dominate the market and have long forgotten what they all started about.
  11. Yeah, like when? Where is HL3? What caused the delay of HL2 that killed Troika off? Why are Valve only releasing pimped up mods by buying out their teams instead of actually creating a game themselves? Why have the leaders of these teams left Valve again in the meantime although their flat company architecture is supposed to be so great? You really believe that? Like the whole online distribution is only a side effect of patching? Don't make me laugh! Newell is not dumb, he got the headstart that made Steam a success by using Counter-Strike. EA is doing the same right now with Battlefield: take a blockbuster and use it to force your system on people! Also the whole Valve-supports-Linux stuff was only done to lay the ground work for their Steamboxes. Maybe you don't know, but it pretty much broke a lot of HL2 mods that way and Valve didn't care at all!
  12. Another improvement suggestion: Quite often I have to crouch on top of chests or drawers to get the items out. Is there a way to make that easier?
  13. I really hope so because the way Valve started Steam by forcing every Counter-Strike player to use it wasn't fair in any means! Also Newell has been known to lie on several occasions, especially regarding the HL2 delay, and I don't trust him any more than Zuckerberg. He is an ex-MS guy who only cares about money and market domination, games are side business for him and ever were. That's the real reason for the delays of HL2 and HL3!
  14. I don't really understand this, unless you were talking in irony. Everyone is complaining about Facebook and it's dominance in the social network area and nobody seems to notice that Steam is trying to do the same with PC gaming: Forcing everyone into the same over-connected DRM network that only Valve controls by announcing gadgets like the Steamboxes and Steamcontrollers...
  15. I know we are talking about single player games here, but just look at multiplayer. I played Counter-Strike for a very short time when it was new, what maps have I played? The whole game is nothing but a few maps played over and over again, still nobody would claim that Counter-Strike isn't a game because it has no campaign and no connection between maps!
  16. So are you going to work on that or do you need someone else to do it? I have just recently started a bit of real map editing for Bloodlines and I guess that even modifying a TDM map, if that is possible without recompiling it, is still out of my league. If so, remember to add a way to actually finish the training map! BTW, is anything going to happen about your suggetion to increase the info on the mission list? In case this is considered, I would really like a way to manually add a rating on how good a map was. So I'll know what to replay years later ...
  17. I read some of the other threads here in the meantime and there was the suggestion to turn the training mission into some kind of mini city hub where you meet a fence to start the FMs and could also have an unified store. I really like this idea! Together with some included team member campaigns it would also help with the whole "TDM is a toolkit" discussion, because it would string the missions closer together in a way. I disagree with the original poster though, that the player would have to move to a part of this hub fitting to the entry point of the FM because this would probably mean a lot more work than a new hub-training-map would mean anyway. In my opinion it would be fine if the FMs could be selected either from a fence or maybe a board in a thieves guild and they would then get loaded like they are right now. What do you think?
  18. Good idea! The different areas could be rearranged to be played in a certain order with the AI section last and a final "Mission completed" message at the end too ! As I wrote elsewhere, I was annoyed right from the start that the training mission couldn't be completed on the mission list...
  19. I'll second that! In System Shock 2 you couldn't use some weapons at all unless you leveled up a skill, as if it would be too difficult to pull a trigger. Even in real RPGs, like the Elder Scrolls games or my beloved Bloodlines, skills are problematic, because either you gain them like in the former by repeating something, which is grinding and thus boring, or like in the later you get XP for completing a quest and can spend them on skills you didn't even use at all, which makes no sense. To me special items improving the player which you gain through quests are the best way out of this dilemma and I don't see how this can be done in a many single missions scenario like in TDM. But I agree with Taquito that a star system on the missions list, each star for each difficulty, would be a good idea!
  20. Why not include all missions by team members into the next official TDM release, in case their quality is sufficient? Then new players could slowly work their way up from training over St. Lucia and NHAT to the Thomas Porter missions without needing to download anything else! After that they are either hooked and will play every FM out there, like I am right now , or will have stopped playing already...
  21. Yes, I did the Unofficial Patches for the last two big DeepShadows games and I also still patch VTM: Bloodlines, which has some pretty good stealth options on its own. Although the stealth system was pretty much too easy before I tweaked it! Back on topic, I read on the Eidos forum thread that there are several campaigns done by the TDM team members. Why don't you include these or the "No Honor Among Thieves" one mentioned there with the main game? Or if you don't want to do that, create some kind of DVD Release like "The Babylon Project" did, in which they made a compilation of the best stuff to fit on one DVD without need to download anything. Something like this is possibly on the PC Powerplay DVD...
  22. I agree with that! Giving XPs or money or inventory for finished FM won't bring them closer together, in fact it may make some too easy or too hard to finish if you didn't play others before. One aspect though that was already suggested in the Improvements thread is that giving more stats for each mission in the mission list, like e.g. difficulty, might make the thing at least look more rewarding ! And as for the "TDM is not a game" discussion, what about Minecraft? Is that considered a game on the Eidos forum?
  23. But water arrows themselves have no time limit. I always imagined you mix both kind of water together...
  24. I agree. But what I really don't like about the current way holy water arrows are created is the time limit. Holy water is holy water and does not get unholy over time! This would make even less sense with the new options above and should be replaced with something else like now X arrows are holy water arrows. I see the problem of missing additional keys...
  25. Ah, I thought as much but wasn't sure. This can be important if you don't have an internet connection. If you got TDM on a gaming magazine DVD, you can play it right along without doing anything else. So it's a game, albeit a very short one without the other fan missions. Once a longer campaign is finished, I would vote to include it to silence any critics!
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