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  1. Well consider your reaction. Getting all personal and stuff. You know it gets heated and controversial when you get personal.
  2. Usually guards are not allowed to take food or stuff without permission. If you're placing an object right in front of their path they might get lured to look around first and check there's no one looking and take the fruit or coin. Cause they're always hungry. Catching a rat takes effort as well. So if implemented wisely in a map it can sort of compensate each other. Besides it would only be one rat you can have in your inventory(bag).
  3. I mean to lure them out of a room. Cause rats are nasty?
  4. Here are two more suggestions: 1. Being able to place fruit, food, coins or any shiny stuff in the AI visible path as bait to lure the AI into crouch position and then BAM! This could be useful if you want the AI to stop in a certain part of the map. 2. Being able to store one rat in your inventory (Bag) so you can later place them in a room to lure AI out. This could be useful as an alternative when the AI roams a particular room making it difficult to move around it.
  5. There's is an oil lamp I saw in Sir Talbot Collateral with a glass on top of it. Maybe that's a possible solution to this controversy since there's no practical way of extinguish the lamp:
  6. You mean like an antenna or satellite like? Usually anything electrical is directly related to cables. Some shapes I found: A shape similar to the broadcast antennas you see on top of vans used by News channels could work too. There's also those cones I sometimes see in game with that yellow glowing electricity between them.
  7. I agree with Toni, either add it in game or not but don't let the mappers decide. It will only make the game more inconsistent and make the gameplay feel weaker. There should also be certain standard rules to follow for map makers, specially when it comes to lighting and min/max radius of each light type cause that also makes the gameplay inconsistent between missions and diminishes the whole experience.
  8. Of all the FM's out there I think this is the one I had more fun playing with. The unique elements in the mission combined with great atmosphere, tons of things to do, kept me going from beginning to end. This is a hidden gem to me cause I didn't even knew it existed. Most importantly is among the few missions I feel I want to reply more than twice. For me this is among the top 5 best missions of DM!
  9. I vote for turning the option into a mod. And let players test it and then let each one reach their own conclusions. Perhaps later it can be implemented when others warm up to the idea. But it should be tried and tested before reaching final say.
  10. I voted yes. The reason is because -I understand wesp's frustration. I felt the same way when I first started playing TDM, I got used to it and it really doesn't bother me that much now. But I know it might bother others too, specially new players. -It's the logical thing. Being able to extinguish oil lamps, they are not as easy as a candle but they are definitely extinguishable with a bit more effort. -I don't necessarily think extinguishing oil lamps would make water arrows useless. Specially considering the quantity of water arrows is much lower than the oil lamps or candles in a map. I do understand tho than some areas like houses and small places can't have the electricity and some rely on oil lamps as a static light source.
  11. I have no problem with oil lamps not extinguishable but I do remember when I first started to play TDM I was really frustrated about it so in a way I understand wesp point of view. I'm also interested to know how to modify those with the def file.
  12. I already beta tested some parts of the modified areas and it's pretty amazing! I'm glad to see other revision fans here too. I've collaborated with the mod creators for some years now. They are the nicest and more patient people in the modding community. I've made a few of those neon signs for Revision as well as the NY City background for New Vision. I think Thief could really benefit from a Revision project even more now that there is an HD Mod released. Some maps are just plain awful in thief.
  13. The use of water arrows rely mostly in the mission creator. Placing the light sources in hard to reach places and so. Or making it impossible to cross a room without using one.
  14. I know these are unrelated to architectural design but just couln't resist in case someone would like to make these models for the game:
  15. I think copper mixes well with the whole steampunk/Barroque style of DM
  16. Interesting. The idea of just slightly opening a door with the first click and then completely opening with two clicks is mostly for role playing purposes and as a tool for storyline in furure missions. As an automatic way to peeking in a room before getting inside. This could also lead to making the AI noticing if a door is being opened fully. It could then force the player to sligthly open the door first with one click, use the lean key to peek first to see if no ones there and then a second click to completely open the door. It could also be vice versa by adding the functionality of slightly opening a door enough to lean inside with two clicks. BTW Oil lamps are not as easy to extinguish as candles and extinguishing them with fingers is not recomended. You shouln't get your fingers close to the fire of an oil lamp.
  17. -Something that bothers me a lot and may improve gameplay is the ability to move and hide below tables. Most tables in the game are just slightly lower than the crouch camera position. Tables are a great way to hide since they produce shadow unless the room is well lit. Edit: It was already suggested and yes it can be done yet not implemented in most missions. -We also need more closets, lockers or wardrobes with openings or decorated glass doors for the player to hide and be able to see what's happening outside without getting noticed. This was already done in some missions with closed closets but I it seems some missions creators don't play much with it. Probably cause you can only hear and not see outside. I think both of these options could improve the gameplay a lot. -Another controversial suggestion is to just slightly open a door clicking the use button once and clicking the use button twice to open the door completely. This could be useful when peeking before moving between room or in case as I mentioned before in a closet, locker or cabinet.
  18. Excellent mission. I really felt like I was one with the shadows. Something that is sometimes lacking in other missions. Everything felt so natrual and fluid. Thanks to the attention to detail of the creators. The object placemente was perfect and for me this is really important for the I didn't had to step on chests to pick the items like in other missions. This enhanced the experience even more. I don't agree with some comments about the backtracking. It didnt felt that way for me. Specially since everything in the map is so adjacent and combined with the fact that there's so many shadows in all hallways makes it exiting and fun. The map is a bit overwhelming at first but the still fun due to it's design. The art direction was great too. The engine room, the winery, the bedrooms. They all had intricated and detailed decorations. 10 out of 10 from me.
  19. Wow. I just started playing this mission and I had to come here and congratulate the map creator for making such a beautiful, detailed city and smooth gameplay.
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