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  1. I still play classic Doom (albeit with user-made mods and maps rather than the original campaign) on a regular basis. A game from the early 90's which has still got a healthy following in 2022. Pretty amazing.

    1. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      I think new levels are great! Some of the mods people have come up with are crazy, like whole new games for better or worse. Blood still getting content made for it is what I'm all about though.

    2. datiswous


      How does classic Doom compares to Quake 1 in your opinion? I haven't played Quake much personally.

    3. Xolvix


      I like both equally well, especially since Quake also has a strong following and plenty of maps/mods. Doom focuses more on masses of enemies (easy to do since they're all sprites), Quake focuses more on intricate levels and navigation, since you can jump now and maps tend to take advantage of the improved movement. Quake's palette is a bit less colorful than Doom but it lends itself to a certain style of map a lot better, grittier and more morbid.

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