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  1. There are no pk4 files in the fms folder, besides within the specific mission folders. I looked for Mission of Mercy and William Steele 4, the last two releases. I just don't understand what could've happened. I literally just updated to 2.06 and all the missions that have been in my list since well before release 2.0 are just gone. Is there a way to backdate to version 2.05 and see if that helps. If not, I'm sure downloading the game over again might do the trick, and just keep the FMs folder intact.
  2. I have a file called missions.tdminfo in the fms folder. Yes the darkmod folder gives users full access. Not sure about the server. I didn't get a message saying it was down, and I tried on 3 different occasions, days apart each time.
  3. I recently updated from 2.05 to 2.06. Then, all my previously downloaded missions (which I think is most of them) disappeared from my in-game list. I can't see squat! I checked and they are all in the FMs folder where they've always been. Also when I click on download missions, none show up. And I know that two have been released since I updated. Help!
  4. Thanks for the update folks. I figured something was up when I couldn't see the forums all day. Glad to see others were worried as well.
  5. Hey members! Some of you guys might know me from TTLG. I just updated my YouTube channel with a Supreme Ghost run of TDM's Training Mission. Catch it . My videos are rather long and thorough, so sorry if this isn't your cup of tea. You can catch the written ghost report and loot list over at my site HERE (click on 'FMs' then scroll to the bottom).
  6. Anyone know the maximum loot for this mission? I've got 3513 so far. Thanks
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