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  1. I have loot lists for 8 TDM missions. Check my website here, then click on 'FMs' in the top right corner and scroll to the bottom.
  2. I had a similar experience with 2.09b. Any version above 2.08 has not even wanted to enter the main menu on my desktop computer. 2.09b finally did and I thought everything was fixed, but when I loaded the mission it got through the loading screen, but before the 'click attack to start' screen, it crashed to desktop. I never thought it could be due to the stealth stat tool but it could've been.
  3. It is definitely bending the engine's capabilities somewhat, but not enough to call it an exploit. That would be doing things that are physically impossible, like what is mentioned in the rules as examples: pushing through banners or doors, moving enemies across a room, blocking enemies with boxes, etc. Using soft items like potions or fruits to cushion drops have been done in Thief by ghosters for years. Glad you liked the discussion thread.
  4. I agree that these loot items were frustrating to skip, especially when TDM normally does let you take candle holders without putting out the light. Removing lights even for briefing moment, despite not using it in order to gain a stealth advantage is a bust and has been discussed at length before. This thread in the first 30 posts goes through a long discussion where it was suggested to change the rule to allow taking loot that emits light when not used for concealment purposes. We agreed to keep the rule as it has always been.
  5. I haven't played Painter's Wife but I think marbleman said he had gotten a perfect 0 quite easily. Perhaps I am mistaken; he might weigh in.
  6. I have Supreme Ghosted missions since 2003, so I have probably built up some patience over time. Plus we have 3 little (and loud) kids running around at home, so that probably plays a part too, haha. Saving/reloading isn't a part of any of the ghost rules, so I definitely won't add that requirement.
  7. Leys Supreme Ghost The Dark Mod - Thief's Den 2
  8. Thanks. If I have savegames from 2.08 will they work on 2.09b?
  9. I have ATI Radeon 6970 2GB and it doesnt start on anything after 2.08. I've tried all 2.09, 2.10 and developer versions. I dont know what terascale is but from quick research I think it's at least terascale 2. OS is Win 10 64-bit. I'll try 2.09b tomorrow.
  10. That explains it then. Those footlockers were meant to be unlockable by both Ruths' key and the master footlocker key, but the latter was incorrectly attributed to the body and not the lid. They can also be picked open, but this is a situation where I wouldn't visit that room until I have obtained the master footlocker key for Supreme because I don't want to pick up Ruth's key. As it happens, my route will prioritize getting to
  11. Wow thank you, Bienie! I was thinking perhaps there was the rear hall key on lower difficulties, but most probably the doors were chosen to just be pickable instead. Perhaps that note was meant to be removed, as it seems like a red herring without a key. I have all the keys you listed, but also a few extra keys you didn't mention: - Second copy of Cellar Yard Key - on wall in basement close to courtyard hatch - Third copy of Garden Key - in kitchen windowsill next to vase Furthermore, I haven't found a use for Ruth's Footlocker key. It seems logical it should work on one of the two footlockers in the room where this key is found, but it doesn't... Also, you have a (?) next to the chapel key and the spiral stair key. I assume you know what they operate.
  12. I have a question: Is there a key that operates the double doors from the rear hall on the upper floor to the E hallway where all the guest rooms are found? There is a readable in the rear hall where an officer Staunton asks Stimble if he has a spare key. It isn't in the pot like the readable says, but is Stimble carrying the key on him, or perhaps is it in the barracks? It would be great if someone could provide a list of all the keys present on the highest difficulty. For Supreme you are required to relock all doors, even those that are picked open, plus not pick up unnecessary keys (especially when they can't be returned), so this will impact the route I'm planning on taking. Thanks
  13. Just finished this gem of a mission! I know I'm late to the party. Congrats on a fantastic achievement Fidcal, Baddcog and Bikerdude. This was massive, well-balanced, challenging, good story (but twisted), with lots of secrets and places to search. It's gonna be a tough cookie to ghost this one, let alone supreme it.
  14. Supreme allows the use of some tools, but not moss arrows to soften landings. You can knock loot around as long as you are not heard in the process. I have done that a few times in Thief. Didn't think of that to be honest, but I want to avoid using consumables if possible. Plus I assume that would've been just as loud as hopping on that pipe, or no? Thank you for your kind words about the video. Many years of Supreme ghosting has definitely made me more patient yes, so thanks for noticing lol. Here is another one:
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