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  1. Just finished the entire mission and didn't encounter any more enemies stuck. Neither were there any more differences as far as ghosting. I really liked the Monument Hall change with the patroller's route now extending there. That brought extra tension to an already spooky place. I am ready to start recording my let's play, but I want to wait for your "official" update before I do so.
  2. Well, I finished testing all of Red Rook and didn't find any ghosting impossibilities due to the new script, nor did I discover more stuck enemies. The tension was definitely higher now that all enemies on hostile ground detect sound, but nothing that would make it too difficult. I will run through the eastern part of town this week and give feedback. Oh and the AI PAG SPARROW message I talked about a few posts ago I suspect is the pagan archer in Marksman's Loft. Last time I played he just stood right in front of his chair and never moved. Checking the console I didn't get that error this time and he is now alternating between sitting and standing in front of the window. I assume that is his correct behavior.
  3. Let's Supreme Ghost The Dark Mod - Thief's Den 4: The Alchemist
  4. Oh, talking about cpu cycles, I do have Frontend Acceleration set to ON in settings. Could that have an impact?
  5. Performance has not been compromised on my end. I have GTX 1650 though, so it should handle most missions. I run 60fps without issues. I have a habit of checking the console when starting now, and most of the warnings are the same. However, the one that pops up only sometimes that worries me is 'AI PAG SPARROW (6026 318 -703.75) can't sit: too far from sitting location lowry_corner_fronalley2 (5928 337 -704)'.
  6. You got it. From what it looks like now, there are 400 loot that cannot be taken for regular Ghost, and a further 7 more for Supreme. Additionally, the dagger worth 75 in the weapon store has to be skipped, but that doesn't count as loot until you take out the owner, so that's irrelevant.
  7. Yeah I notice that ai reset and find their way back to their path if searching for the player. Ghosting of course will never let that happen. That coupled with many saves and a big mission with lots of ai could increase the chances of stuck guards. I will continue through to the end and let you know if I find more. But the added script seems to be working well.
  8. Well I am happy you managed to load my save, and also interesting that the condump didn't give any info. Keep in mind that when I Supreme Ghost I save and reload a lot. At the end of a Supreme run in a mission this size, it's not uncommon for me to have several hundred saves/reloads in the stats. If there is a miniscule chance each reload that a guard that is close to his nav mesh border might get stuck, this chance could get compounded by the amount of saves/reloads I do. I am just guessing here really, as I have no idea. I just know that happens in Thief, although of course it's a completely different engine.
  9. Got another stuck guard against a bucket on Rookbridge with the latest beta. Here is a console dump. Here is the last quicksave, if it works. I use the stealth tool but that's the only mod. I think it's something on my end, since you can't replicate it. I just don't know what. I other news, I haven't found anywhere it can't be ghosted the same way as before. Some places are harder and you need to move slower, but nowhere is impossible or even extremely difficult. But the tension is much higher and more realistic.
  10. I have tons of red script warnings in my console, and it seems like most of them relate to mission readables and missing textures, and they are the same every time. I even tried to delete the consolehistory.dat file and remove the stealth stat mod, but I get the same warnings in the console, so I doubt the mod has an influence. I'll try some more with the new beta and see what I find. The first time I checked the console, I had warnings that several AI could neither sit nor sleep. I found one of them to be the guard outside Rodere's. He was just standing. But the next restart I didn't get those errors. Weird how they come sometimes and not at other times. Plus those were right from the start, not after me doing anything at all in game. Oh and what is this "watchers the lostmen" books that Hightide was talking about earlier? I am worried than some readables haven't spawned for me.
  11. Only the one .pk4. I've got 2 iris directories, one called iris (which is the normal v1.12) and one called irisbeta. I just edited the darkmod.txt and changed the title so that I could tell them apart in the game. But that shouldn't make a difference cause I got the stuck guards on the regular version also before I ever downloaded the beta version. In the fm directory I've got my savegames folder, consolehistory.dat, darkmod.txt, install_splash.tga, irisbeta.pk4, and readme.txt. That's it. No the last version I didn't run into issues, but I didn't play more than Southbridge and the Stacks before I downloaded the latest one, as I wanted to test the shop and the key dropping. Oh and I found all 3 void secrets. The last one was really cool! Obviously answered my own question about the loot when I found that also.
  12. Wait! Did you add 20 more loot in this version?? Got one stuck guard again, this time after just 20 minutes in Rodere's. I'm wondering if the stealth stat mod has anything to do with it.
  13. Tested the shop and I can still get in without alerts, but it's not as easy as before and you have to place something soft inside first.
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