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  1. Great! I was just about to attempt a Supreme Ghost run. Also, I didn't actually know there was a potion in the canal. Is it underneath some debris?
  2. Another question though. In the end stats it says 3 pickpockets. However, I counted 3 on guards in Leicester's manor (1 purse, 1 gallery key, and 1 guard orders note), plus 1 more note on a guest outside Gull & Barrels. That should be 4... The guest outside the restaurant is sitting though, perhaps that makes it not count?
  3. Never mind, I was able to get it without cheats now. You have to lean forward and run on the far left side, repeatedly pushing the frob key. Occasionally, you dip down between the bags and that's when you can manage to take it. Still, a longer frob distance and making the bottle more visible is probably smart.
  4. Hey guys, Replayed this amazing mission to test out version 2. I noticed you added some new loot. I found it all except one item, a bottle of wine worth 110 in the closet under the stairs at Lady Leicester's. It is hidden behind some sand bags. I had to use the loot cheat to locate it, and it is not even obtainable without the 'noclip' command. You can only see the cap sticking out, but I found no way to squeeze in there to take it. It there a way to get back there that I don't know about? Seems strange to add a piece of loot without even testing whether it can be taken...
  5. Ok so then I assume you are removing the three items in that faraway airship, and also making the two coins in the safe visible. In that case I can mention a few more things I found: Oh and relating to the unfrobbable trophy that people are experiencing. I also could not obtain it, until I realized I could take it when the chest was closed, through the lid! I assume that means you don't even have to unlock it.
  6. What an absolutely fantastic mission, guys! The dark world (which I call it) was truly stunning, and very creative. The atmosphere there was really captivating. I actually found the inside of the Leicester manor in the city to be the least interesting, though the surrounding streets were top notch. Great use of readables to tell the story, especially the precursor tablets. Finished first playthrough missing about 1K in loot. Went back to scour for more and found quite a bit, but still missed just over 200. So I resorted to the loot cheat and discovered something interesting. I did miss a few coins and a goblet, but 185 of the loot I was missing is, to my knowledge, unobtainable. I also managed to get two secrets: I also noticed by seeing someone's stat screen that their loot max is 8715. Mine is 8935. I realized that I play version 1.0 while the 1.1 has been updated in the first post. Can someone please tell me what loot items have been altered between the versions? I'm asking because I made a loot list, and I'd hate to double check every item over again to know what has changed. Possibly some of the "unobtainable" items mentioned above have been removed? Thanks again!
  7. With the stacked cast of authors, and the heartwarming tribute to Grayman, this I am looking forward to!
  8. Just finished the entire mission and didn't encounter any more enemies stuck. Neither were there any more differences as far as ghosting. I really liked the Monument Hall change with the patroller's route now extending there. That brought extra tension to an already spooky place. I am ready to start recording my let's play, but I want to wait for your "official" update before I do so.
  9. Well, I finished testing all of Red Rook and didn't find any ghosting impossibilities due to the new script, nor did I discover more stuck enemies. The tension was definitely higher now that all enemies on hostile ground detect sound, but nothing that would make it too difficult. I will run through the eastern part of town this week and give feedback. Oh and the AI PAG SPARROW message I talked about a few posts ago I suspect is the pagan archer in Marksman's Loft. Last time I played he just stood right in front of his chair and never moved. Checking the console I didn't get that error this time and he is now alternating between sitting and standing in front of the window. I assume that is his correct behavior.
  10. Let's Supreme Ghost The Dark Mod - Thief's Den 4: The Alchemist
  11. Oh, talking about cpu cycles, I do have Frontend Acceleration set to ON in settings. Could that have an impact?
  12. Performance has not been compromised on my end. I have GTX 1650 though, so it should handle most missions. I run 60fps without issues. I have a habit of checking the console when starting now, and most of the warnings are the same. However, the one that pops up only sometimes that worries me is 'AI PAG SPARROW (6026 318 -703.75) can't sit: too far from sitting location lowry_corner_fronalley2 (5928 337 -704)'.
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