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  1. Not sure if people already know, but marbleman and I have recently made some narrated playthroughs of TDM missions where we use the Ghost/Supreme rules. Here are the ones we've done recently: Enjoy!
  2. I have 3 requests for the post mission statistics: 1. List of objectives. This seems like an obvious recap of what you did and what you missed (optional/bonus objectives). 2. Number of locks picked! 3. Total number of pickpockets available in the mission (ex: 1 out of 3; currently it just says 1).
  3. Yes, we are still in the process of finalizing the "official" TDM ghost rules, but zero stealth score regardless of alert 1 count is successful Ghost. Zero stealth score with no alert 1 is required for Supreme Ghost (the challenging version). If you use Dragofer's stealth statistic tool, you can track the progress during the mission and learn what triggers alert 1, which can take a bit to detect. Use of potions for Ghost is called a chemical success yes, but is still a success. It's not allowed for Supreme, so that stat would be useful for the record, but those who write reports are always honest and good about including such uses. Tools are allowed as long as it doesn't harm or alert anyone, but for Supreme its more restricted, but even there it can be allowed. But i go back to requesting that a total pickpocket count would be very informative in the stats. The load times one is great for ironman.
  4. @geegee: Ghosting is principally not getting seen or heard, and not dealing damage to enemies or property. So yes, blackjacking would not be allowed. There are other smaller rules too, but they only rarely come into play. Supreme Ghosting is a lot more restrictive, where you add no 1st alerts, no removal of light sources, no mossing of surfaces, no triggering of traps, no use of potions, etc. However, FM makers dont have to do anything to make the game more fun for ghosters. Honestly, its the missions where the creator has not even considered ghosting at all that is the most fun to ghost, since you have to think completely outside the box to be successful. And if you cant, well so be it. You dont have to get a full success to have fun ghosting. I Supreme Ghost and I'm more often than not unsuccessful.
  5. Oh I also like to minimize pickpockets, but I'd always like to know how many there are in total. It just seems like lost information not having it in the stats.
  6. Any way to also list pickpockets as 'x out of y', like loot?
  7. Sorry if there is a general thread for config questions. Feel free to move this there if so. Is there a way to bind 'hold crouch' and 'toggle crouch' to two different keys? AFAIK you have to set either one or the other in the menu, but you can't have both. I prefer hold crouch, but in some cases I would like toggle crouch available, without losing the hold crouch possibility.
  8. That is so funny. I literally played that mission last night, and I made note of that exact remark. There is a similar guard in the training mission behind a window that can't see to his left.
  9. Hey guys, I am also coming from Thief and working with marbleman to specify the ghost rules for TDM. I played it a bit some years back, but have recently picked it up again. I agree alert levels are more difficult to detect, and guards are much tougher to fool up close. Probably due to settings needing to be on hardcore. The biggest problem I found so far is enemy reactions aren't consistent. They pivot their heads randomly and when they do, it actually changes their viewing angle. So you could be lucky sneaking through a room if the guard doesnt turn his head. This never happens in Thief. A good example is if you're crouched behind a counter and stand up visible in a guard's periphery. Suddenly after 2 seconds he alerts, then you reload and next time it might take 6 seconds. In Thief it's always instant or not at all. It will take a bit to get used to, but I dont think it will be difficult to specify in the rules. As for the question about keys made and dropped off for you, these could probably be brought along and not returned for Supreme. If you make a key in a foundry or something, then you are not supposed to drop it back, because this will actually leave evidence instead of removing it. A key left for you by an accomplice would be a similar situation.
  10. There are no pk4 files in the fms folder, besides within the specific mission folders. I looked for Mission of Mercy and William Steele 4, the last two releases. I just don't understand what could've happened. I literally just updated to 2.06 and all the missions that have been in my list since well before release 2.0 are just gone. Is there a way to backdate to version 2.05 and see if that helps. If not, I'm sure downloading the game over again might do the trick, and just keep the FMs folder intact.
  11. I have a file called missions.tdminfo in the fms folder. Yes the darkmod folder gives users full access. Not sure about the server. I didn't get a message saying it was down, and I tried on 3 different occasions, days apart each time.
  12. I recently updated from 2.05 to 2.06. Then, all my previously downloaded missions (which I think is most of them) disappeared from my in-game list. I can't see squat! I checked and they are all in the FMs folder where they've always been. Also when I click on download missions, none show up. And I know that two have been released since I updated. Help!
  13. Thanks for the update folks. I figured something was up when I couldn't see the forums all day. Glad to see others were worried as well.
  14. Hey members! Some of you guys might know me from TTLG. I just updated my YouTube channel with a Supreme Ghost run of TDM's Training Mission. Catch it . My videos are rather long and thorough, so sorry if this isn't your cup of tea. You can catch the written ghost report and loot list over at my site HERE (click on 'FMs' then scroll to the bottom).
  15. Anyone know the maximum loot for this mission? I've got 3513 so far. Thanks
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