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  1. With the exposure you guys will be getting from steam, its a good opportunity to grow this userbase. There might not be a lot of mac players now because they're not aware that the game exist yet. I'm sure you'll find more playtesters if you guys do a news update on steam greenlight page, moddb, facebook, etc (not everyone visits this forum). I'm excited to see TDM on steam with the windows, apple, and penguin icon next to it.
  2. I'm surprised nobody is more excited about a native mac build for TDM. This is HUGE news espcially after TDM being greenlit. I think this is a great chance to gain more mac users. Awesome work greebo and freyk!
  3. bedhead


    Vulkan loses to dx11?
  4. screenshots would really make this thread a lot more awesome. I can't wait for crysis graphics in TDM.
  5. I can't take screenshots for some reason. shift + prnt scr isn't working... Is it some other key? where do the screenshots go? The first time you go outdoor onto the main street in the beginning of Crucible of Omens there’s... 15-20 fps in Linux running open source radeonsi drivers 25-30 fps in Windows 8.1 with catalyst/crimson driver I don't want to install catalyst for linux because I don't want anything to break when a new updates come out so no comparisons there. Indoor environments runs at smooth 60 fps for both setups. My setup is cpu: a10 7850k gpu: reference 290x memory: 2x4 gb 2400 mhz linux is installed on an ssd My monitor is 1920x1200 resolution at 60 hz I wonder if the fps will increase with a cpu overclock... I can confirm what you're saying Ladro. Changing TDM resolution outside of native resolution will also change your desktop resolution and cause some weird glitches. I had to log out and log back in and manually change my desktop resolution back.
  6. I'm using Opensuse Tumbleweed with all the latest updates. My video card is a 290x I just tested Crucible of Omens and performance is about 90%+ of catalyst (just a feeling/ no hard fps yet). Large outdoor areas slightly sluggish but for the most part this mission is fairly smooth as well. I'm very happy with the results so far. This is such a big jump in performance compared to a year ago where TDM wouldn't even want to run.
  7. I got rid of catalyst drivers because there were some issues with some other games I was playing. Went back to using open source RadeonSI drivers and tested out the dark mod. Last time I tried playing the dark mod on the open source driver I had a black screen for menu. When I fixed that, the main menu was sluggish and I had to use the console to quit TDM. I couldn't even play TDM and performance was terrible for other games. Now the performance is amazing. If your on linux with an AMD card, there is no reason to use catalyst anymore. I've only tried Saint Lucia so far, I'll try other FMs and report my findings.
  8. Tomb raider types missions with lots of platforming, rope arrow swinging, and angry skeletons
  9. Jon, I can email you a copy of the 2 file. send me a pm. *The anti-clunk mod doesn't work on linux b/c there's no .so file for it. also a suggestion. The smooth motion when you center the object you're holding to the camera is nice. However moving the object with mouse wheel isn't as smooth. It would be nice to smooth that motion as well.
  10. There's a thread like this almost every 3 months. tl;dr everyone is busy working on their own thing and a coop mode is a massive undertaking. here's the last one. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16894-tdm-and-multiplayer/ The closest thing you'll find is a member working on a new thief mod for doom 3 with coop http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10882-doom-iii-thief-co-op-in-development/page-2?do=findComment&comment=365655 If you're interested in seeing this happen, you should offer him some help then find a way to port that work to TDM. Personally, I'd also love to see coop happening in TDM if the level of teamwork is anything like portal 2. However, I have doubts that will happen anytime soon.
  11. I found the wiki I was referring to - https://modwiki.xnet.fi/Scripting I'm sure this will be extremely helpful for those that like to tinker with TDM and other id tech 4 games.
  12. havent heard from revelator or any news. Last few posts getting me worried. Anyone know what happened?
  13. ahhh I see that greebo fixed this in the new build.
  14. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm following fidcal's A to Z Beginner Guide to get a basic understanding of how the dark mod works and create a map. Then set small achievable goals for yourself. For instance, I'm trying to add a new weapon to this game. Lots of research as well - http://www.iddevnet.com/doom3/ - http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Main_Page on a side note, it's a shame that we came after doom 3 world got shutdown. I heard there were tons of resources that were lost. I remember someone cloned the wiki and was trying to bring some of the resources back, but I forgot where the link for that was.
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