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  1. Finally I got it, THX! I finished with 2008 loots. Is it the first FM contains neutral AIs?
  2. (a bug: have to set to 1280x720 to get real 1366x768...)
  3. What about Lockdown Part 1 by GameDevGoro that we tested? It seemed like a near finished FM.
  4. Oh, I see! THX for helping to both of you! Melan: a Doom3 karakterkészletében vannak ékezetes betűk, a konzolba is beírhatók pl. - a magyarításban anno részt is vettem...azonban a TDM karakterkészletéből úgy tűnik kimaradtak...az FM-ek fordításán törtem a fejem, ám ékezetes karakterek nélkül nem az igazi a dolog... Amúgy jó kis küldetést hoztál össze! Grat! Remélem sikerül majd kiküszöbölnöd ezeket a visportál fedéseket.
  5. Shame on me, but I'm stuck too...I was upstairs and downstairs, got 1305, Anyway maybe this is the coolest FM so far, aside from visportal things. And I really lack a MAP!!! and weather effects for example rain, like in Thief's Den. Melan: nincs ötleted a magyar ékezetes karakterek megjelenítésére? Jó lenne magyarul játszani az FM-eket!
  6. ...and someone has asked about two stolen gemstone:
  7. hykao


    Could we use somehow specific non-english characters in texts? For example á é ő ú ü ö ó ű í etc...
  8. I have a similar problem. When I set the resolution to 1366x768 the resolution was 1280x720 in truth - and vice versa...not too big problem I have set to 1280x720 and I've got the needed 1366x768. Otherwise with 1280x720 (I thought it is 1366x768...) some texts - for example the longer inventory texts - slip out of the screen...not the all text, but some letters of it...
  9. Hi I tested the new version. Finally I got all the available loots, and found the "tavernownermessage2" letter too. I played on hard and easy too. I didn't find any bug or something.
  10. THX for the translation helps, men! ...but there is one more problem with special non-english characters... @GameDevGoro: Sure! I'd translate the final version of course! About FM: there is one letter I found in the Messages.xd, but I didn't find in game: tavernownermessage2 Otherwise I got the new version, I'll test on easy and maybe on hard.
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