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  1. after years of working some fans reprogrammed the game, they only use the graphics and sounds from the org game and so it runs under win7... you have to inst. KaM The peasants rebellion (stand allone add on) and then the remake ( http://www.kamremake.com/ ) the remake is a "demo"....you can play all in game, but AI isnt finished and some lan games have troubles. but i played many games n the last weeks and had only one time a problem...
  2. is someone still playing this game until now? http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/20/19114/RiverOfGold-4.jpg
  3. played airfix df and revolt when i was young, also in lan games very funny games. but i think they are both (for today langamestandards) to outdated.
  4. for me , there are only a few missions which feels like thief (1/2). For example: Tears of St. Lucia Builder's Influence The Caduceus of St. Alban I played the other ones only for 5 minutes. When there is no thief feeling i never had end a mission. But i played thief 1 and 2 several times ( thief 1 about 10 times, i think that was the best game of the series), so my expectations are very specific to that. But i think also other missions are still very good if someone dont only search for "thieflike" missions or even never played thief. Most of the people who playes T3 first sai that this is the best part ( and i completly disagree with that). It is, as always, a point of view of different persons.
  5. one of the best...no the best clip ever : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV5w262XvCU
  6. every man should have a cave . if you only want to check something i send you a link for the cavemap, thats no problem.
  7. ok, gave the files to bikerdude. dont know what he exactly use but the rest after his selection is also free to use.
  8. i finally collected the old started maps... there are 5 maps: - a started cellar of a castle or so - 2 started castles, one based on a real one - the cave from this vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZC1vXE9zn0&feature=related - a second cave, VERY small, but nice...only to copy this onto the first one here a pic of the "real castle": all maps are from the beginnning...most have only some visportals. maybe someone can bring the cellar, the castle and the caves together, that should be one mission at all. i have to delete 2 things because of reusing them in my actual work...after this i will send them to fllood this evening
  9. very cool, looks like a picture from a book of fairytales.
  10. the top view is the one with the visible X-Y (green - red) layer (like in a normal cartesian coordinate system) . to change the view use ctrl + tab. also you can see this under "view - orthographik - XY (top)".
  11. after playing for some outerarea i now really can release my abandoned work... and this is a screen of the trial:
  12. Damned Skyrim, cant stop playing this game

  13. Damn Skyrim, cant stop playing this game

  14. and two pics from me: edit: i also cant upload anything here edit 2 : now direct pics instead of links (thanks bikerdude)
  15. i dont use it but: FILE -> Select Game -> Settings -> Language (->DE Deutsch )
  16. ok ok guys, had to pass some exames a mapping low point after that. so: 1st: the "old friends" mission is still alive 2nd: startet, how 7up wrote, another mission. this time much smaler. 3rd: still want to abandon some things, after some time of not touching DR i hope i can send it the next week edit: and a link to "what are u working on": http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/page__st__2325__gopid__269410?do=findComment&comment=269410
  17. the house on the right side is a ship with a fake facade, thatswhy there is a shipdoor
  18. really easy going, use the wiki and the seed thread of tels. i used it in the area with the church in my vid (for the gras and small bushes)
  19. if you all think that it cant boost the performance, Nosslak shouldnt do the work...maybe you can create such a tree and if there is nearly the same amount of polies you neednt save it.
  20. wouldnt like to use it for cutscenes...every scene in the woods, when you couldt not see the whole tree, only the lower parts, it can improve perf.
  21. cool pumpkin Nosslak. I had an idea for the trees: for scenes like Bikerdudes startingpoint in St. Alberics or also my churchscene in the video in my box there should be trees which are only animated from below. your (fantastic) trees are created to see theme as a whole tree but for these point od views this is useless and pull the performance down...so a tree with cutted branches (upwards) ans no leaves on the topside would be a cool thing.
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