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  1. Probably worth more too. I've had my Xbox for about 9 months now and it's doing okay. My housemate's broke though a few months ago with RROD. He tried the towel thing and it worked for a bit but it's gone back to bustville again now. We looked into doing the penny trick, but it seems like an awful lot of work when they'll fix it for free for you. He decided to wait until he's finished his uni course in a couple of weeks before he sends it back. Too easily distracted by it.
  2. Mr Retarded

    Doom 3 DOF

    Didn't Call Of Duty have some slight DOF going on? I personally think that it's way overdone in those screenshots linked above. If the whole thing was toned down an awful lot more so it was far more subtle, then I'd be for having it in use. I don't want it to make everything where I'm not directly looking a blurry mess, however a little separation might be nice. It would have to be subtle though. Very very subtle.
  3. Can spawn points for guards be placed in maps if the mapper so chooses, so that a new guard would appear on the map (out of sight of the player) after x amount of time of the mission starting, where x is either variable or fixed? It could be justified with guards starting new shifts and stuff throughout the night and the number of spawns from a certain point could be controlled as well, so that only 1 guard will spawn during the mission play through. I think that could be interesting on some maps, and it always felt a little odd that one could blackjack all the NPCs in a level and run around without worry to find all the loot or do the objectives. It would of course be up to mappers to insert the spawn points and stuff, and blackjacking would still be a smarter choice than flat out killing someone. After all, who isn't careful about where they hide unconscious or dead bodies? I'm sure you've already discussed this to great length and I wouldn't be bothered if it wasn't in the release, but is it something a mapper could do if they were so inclined?
  4. It's kind of like punishing the player for getting the readable. Great, you went through the effort of getting it from wherever it was, but now you have to stand in some light so you can read it. My thoughts: Keep them the way they are.
  5. I had this very same problem only a couple of months ago. I got various suggestions on how to possibly fix the problem, the RAM one being the most common, but someone also suggested that it could be something to do with the bios and that I should try using the jumper on the motherboard to flatten the battery before I went out and replaced it. Quite a few people said that had helped them in the same situation. Unfortunately for me, it didn't work. But give it a go before you buy a new mobo or anything. Good luck.
  6. Mr Retarded

    XP SP3

    After my last two posts I realised that I hadn't actually installed SP3 since my last attempt a couple of weeks ago (that resulted in the format). I installed it and what happens? I breaks my network card again. It was an easy fix this time. Uninstall the software, physically remove the network card, re-insert the card, re-install the software. Seems to be working fine now. Why couldn't it have been this simple last time? No doubt I'll find out that I'll install some updates later tonight and the card will break again though. Still, I'll cross that bridge if I ever come to it. Just thought I'd post here that SP3 did break my network, but it was easily fixed.
  7. Mr Retarded

    XP SP3

    Yeah. I've avoided installing it this time around and have stuck with Windows Firewall for the moment. I've got the AVG anti-virus stuff, didn't even think of using their firewall. I'll check it out, cheers.
  8. Mr Retarded

    XP SP3

    I installed it a few weeks ago and Zone Alarm released an update that 'conflicted' with SP3 which removed all internet access. Pretty extreme internet protection if you ask me but I can't complain, at least my computer was safe from outside intrusions. Unfortunately none of the fixes they released worked and I ended up formatting my computer (This in turn resulted in a long boring story that invloves me frying my motherboard. Don't ask how.). This time I'm avoiding Zone Alarm and am installing SP3 to see how everything else goes and am vowing never to mess about with the internals of my PC ever again.
  9. My biggest complaint would be standing around waiting up to God knows how long for the other person to finish the map if they choose not to free you. Fun. It reckon it could work as a few well crafted missions, but it wouldn't work in general practice on your average mission. I remember Jedi Knight had a few co-op missions. They were possible to make, but they often didn't work as well in practice. You'd have to end up doing something like the co-op game on Half-Life for the PS, with puzzles designed specifically for the two players to work together in. Funnily enough they made it so you could play that possible to play in singleplayer by letting you swap which character you were playing as in the middle of the game (I remember an older game doing something similar. It involved 3 vikings. If anyone knows the name, please say) which I thought was kind of interesting but ultimately pointless.
  10. So, who's doing what music festivals this year, if any? I imagine at least a few people here will be going to Glastonbury. I'm doing a couple this summer. First up I'm going to the "Explosions" All Tomorrow's Parties in Minehead. I went last year, and while it was the strangest festival I've been to (It's held in Butlins. No laughing back there!) it was absolutely amazing. The line-up isn't as good as last year, but it's still very impressive with some of my highlights being Animal Collective, De La Soul and Adem. The second festival I'm definitely doing is End Of The Road. It's a small, recently started festival, but it too has had some great line-ups since it's conception. I'm really looking forward to Akron/Family, Low, Mercury Rev and Micah P Hinson. With the line-up still incomplete though I'm sure that list will grow. I've got my fingers crossed for M Ward, and perhaps Seasick Steve again. I'm also tempted by The Secret Garden Party as I heard last year was really good, but I'm going to wait and see what they have planned before I buy a ticket for that one. So, is anyone doing any festivals anywhere? If so, are there any particular acts you're looking forward to?
  11. Hah! Touché! That is, if the prior post was read?
  12. At least they made an effort to make The City a part of the game insted of just making it a stop off in between missions and game-length increaser... That's not to say it was done well, but at least they tried.
  13. Are you ever going to start a topic that isn't one ballsack sentence and then a link to something that will have been noticed by the people that care?
  14. I've just started playing Fallout 2 and it has had the same effect on me as Thief did the first time I played it oh so many years ago. I love the atmosphere and the environment is unique and interesting. There's also the exploratory nature of the game. In Thief, you have to explore the maps to get the full feel of the game and quite often to finish the level. There are hidden nooks and crannies on the levels that you need to hunt out, and that stop you from breezing through the game without paying any attention. Well, that stands for Thief 1 and 2 anyway.
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