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  1. I am that guy. The crash is easy to reproduce, when going close the particular area, at the "greasy hog". However, the crash does occur seldomly on the court with the fountain too. I experience segfaults here and there, not often and usually not reproducable, but rather random. I am on some older hardware, Lenovo T420s currently running Ubuntu 20.04. DeTeEff the author of WWTW send me a version where apparently the card animation is not or differently implemented. I did confirm, that the segfaults are still reproducable. That might be an indication, that it is not, or not only the card playing animation. I've set every entry in darkmod.ini to 1, here is the console dump: What looks suspicious is:
  2. Thnx for the modded mission. The issue prevails. Playing on "bustling". I've noclipped there on "calm" with the same effect. I don't think it is amount of AIs there, as I've played more populated situations, not on 2.10 though. I suspect something in the relevant Linux ecosystem.
  3. Congrats on the mission! Unfortunately I get segfaults near the Greasy Hog. My hardware is pretty old, but works on most missions. Console dump:
  4. Congrats and many many thanks. I have trouble to climb to the Also, there is a bug/hick up, of some sort, if it is not intentional. If you
  5. A small confusion, I came across (that may be even intended) was this: However, all objectives down there seemed to be met. I could complete the mission with all objectives.
  6. Confirmed. I can pass the airlock without a key (or anything that is technically a key). I used the spyglass. Thank you. Great mission anyway, Jack, thnx!
  7. Thanks for this so far great mission. However, the game crashes when Here is the dump: Disclaimer: I did cheat with spawning some fire arrows and killed everybody around, exept for the employee.
  8. Thnx, I have used this tool unsuccessfully, but thankfully you found what I was looking for.
  9. Thank you, that looks like a nice small mission too but I was looking for a rather large mission. That indeed seems to be it, though I remember the beginning completely different, less urban. Many Thanks!
  10. Hi, I am looking for a particular cave mission I have played years ago, but can't make it out any more. It was not Requiem. There was only a small part in the beginning outdoors, then you entered a huge cave, even with buildings inside. Maybe someone knows what mission I refer to. Maybe it is even depublished. Thnx
  11. Did I run into some bug? If not, hints are appreciated. Yes. I checked some older gamesaves. Strange I can confirm the game crashes when keyholing on goodneighbour V2, TDM 2.08, 64bit, Ubuntu 20.04
  12. So, I finished this mission. Excellent but parts are really difficult. The only thing I could not find out is how to get into I thought so. I only hoped there is a quicker way as I was trying to keep game saves low. To answer my own questions: Thnx 2 everyone involved to this great mission.
  13. Thank's for this great mission. Lots of riddles, surprises, great moods and a nice storyline and setting. Some riddles where really hard, tho. Anyway, I an stuck on how to climb When I noclip aound this issue I am stuck entering Btw picking the main gate Thnx @ all
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