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  1. Thank you for this mission. I have a problem with the I am on a Thinkpad with Ubuntu Mate 20.04. The mousewheel is emulated by holding mouse3 and moving the trackpoint up or down. This works for switching through weapons and flip through book pages. It does not work with the dials. Any ideas are welcome how to open the safe.
  2. I found the solution. Each wheel needs to be frobbed before operation.
  3. Awesome mission so far, congrats and thank you. I am in the but stuck in . No matter what I set in controls/weapons for next/prev weapon, I am cycling weapons mostly. After the message to use the mouse wheel triggers, I can set one and then I am damned to cycle weapons again. Ubuntu 14.04; TDM 2.05; Thinkpad X230
  4. Congrats and Thanks. This is pretty impressive and big. I've just had some first impressions, got lost and orientation seem to come slow. It seems to be generally pretty dark and I had to tweak with my gamma. First Question:
  5. A fun to play mission, so far, many thanks! I am stuck Any hints where to look appreciated.
  6. Does this key actually exist? I've looked in the map file, but I could not find it.
  7. \o/ Marbiens or the intended solution was way too simple :-D I have to correct myself,
  8. I found a way into the red room: What an awesome riddle design.
  9. Many thanks and grats for this awsome misson. What I could not find out yet:
  10. I enjoyed this mission very much. Especially, the various objectives, the mazelike city and the . I tried to get all loot, however:
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