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  1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed! It was quite a gargantuan project to keep every square inch of the town polished and interesting. That's a funny coincidence with the bread! I do make my own bread fairly often as well, which is what lead to the inspiration ^^ Peter Spy's builder compound assets are indeed quite beautiful, and I have gotten several comments that they almost look a little too "current gen" graphically compared to other areas. I think it works to convey the opulence of the palace though, the one thing I might think of changing is the custom frob highlight on the doors, since it is markedly different from the standard one.
  2. I'm glad you are having fun with the series! I love to hear that my missions are providing a lot of quality playtime from TDM fans out there, so thanks for taking the time to give me your feedback. I think I will update the mission at some point, and moving the coin area is high on my list. It isn't really fair to place it where it is right now. I'll see what I can do about making it easier to frob as well! As for the rats, that is a pretty odd bug. You might be right that the one that was stuck didn't count for some particular reason. Hopefully it doesn't get stuck often for other players and it was just bad luck that it happened to you. I can take a look at the objective and see if it could be that it requires the player to be the cause of death for the rat, that shouldn't be the case if it could possibly die of "natural causes" during runtime. I think that the CoS series has run its course, with no current plans for continuing it at the moment. But I will still continue to make FMs and I will try to keep the same depth and level of detail.
  3. Great that you are having great fun with the mission! Supreme Ghost is great fun, I've tried it on this one myself and it is not super challenging and perfectly doable. Might be a little tedious to return all keys, but that's possible too ^^ As for your missing secret:
  4. Hehe, that is indeed a hidden little nugget, and surely something not many players will find. Good eyes!
  5. This mission was great fun! Quite impressive, and a first release no less! The city felt quite alive despite not allowing the player to enter any of the buildings, your use of conversations and custom voice lines made it work quite nicely. The story kept me interested the whole way through (especially toward the end!), and the mansion felt large but not lacking in detail. One problem I ran in to was Again great mission, and now you've got me wanting to know what happens next!
  6. Glad you enjoyed it! I don't think you missed much by not going in the sewer, it's only meant as an optional entry into the Watch station, no loot down there. You found some of the hidden readables there huh? There are a few of those strewn throughout the place ^^
  7. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I don't think there is a way to get up where the archer is, at least I hope not, because behind him is a dark, empty abyss there is, however, one place where you shouldn't be able to get up, but you can with some acrobatics. I've left a little something up there for those few players who will find it Have fun with the replay of the whole series, I think you will have fun, seeing as you took the time to explore everything and even found all the secretes! I do tend to add little tidbits that are too secret to be official secrets lol.
  8. I'm glad you enjoyed the mission, and that you found it highly polished! I feel like the quality is pretty similar throughout the CoS missions, the difference was that CoS 1 being my first mission took over 400 hours to build whereas CoS 0 only took just over 100 hours
  9. Glad you enjoyed it! If it provided you with 80 minutes of fun it was still a success I would say! I definitely know what you mean about the main objective being too short. It's kind of a feature of the CoS missions, but don't let that deter you! I will try to in future make more involved main missions while not compromising too much on side content. Spotting mechanics in TDM can be a bit fickle sometimes, but through all the testing it seemed to work well enough. I made sure the shadows were nice and deep in the manor where light didn't reach. But when an AI randomly spots you through items there's not much you can do... Luckily it was a one time event. If you liked this mission I think you'll find the others enjoyable too, especially 2 and 3 which definitely have a bit more meat on the bones of the main objectives.
  10. Good catch on the readable, I didn't realize. I think I renamed her during writing the readable for some reason. Those are some nice observations you made, a diligent reader and theorizer ^^ but the two things that I was referring to is a very special item in a hard to reach place, and a readable that is kind of suggestive and funny. Maybe a second playthrough will reveal even more nuggets
  11. I'm glad you enjoyed it, sounds like you explored every nook and cranny as usual! There's still a couple of things I thought would have garnered a reaction that no one has commented on, probably nobody found them yet hehe. There's always that one weird bug that inconsistently rears its ugly head... without fail every time I release a mission. Sounds like I may have to replace that chest with a boring old footlocker...
  12. Thanks for adding them. I've made the main entry for the mission: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Chronicles_of_Skulduggery_0:_To_Catch_a_Thief_(FM) Now I just have to get to work making the lootlist for the mission edit: done!
  13. So odd. I looked at the map in DR now and it looks like it should fail the mission. Maybe it needs to be set to ongoing, or there is some in-game interference between the two components. Anyway, I will put it on my list for a potential update. I'm glad you like the whole mission series!
  14. Thank you! As far as climbing to the I'm not sure what to make of that bug. Doubtful many will run into it, but I could have sworn I set the objectives to fail the mission if the player did that. Maybe only killing does so? I would have to look again. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  15. You're welcome! It's odd, duplicate keys didn't show up for me in game when I used the console to highlight the keys. I think Ruth's Footlocker Key is meant to open both footlockers in that room. Again looking in the editor the lids are set to open with Ruth's key, but the bodies (which override the lids) are set to only open with the master footlocker key. I do know where the chapel key and spiral stair key go, but I didn't know if calling the room "Katherine's room" was correct is all.
  16. Yes it's kind of a running theme through the CoS missions. It was borne out of my frustration with rats in TDM, they are great for setting atmosphere but a total nuisance for the mapper. They get stuck everywhere and can block doors etc. kill 'em all I say!
  17. There doesn't appear to be a key available in the mission for those doors, despite the readable. Also despite it being assigned a key in Dark Radiant "KeyRearHall", which doesn't exist. May be an oversight, or perhaps initially there was a plan to have a key for those doors, but later a decision was made to not be able to open them for gameplay reasons. Anyway, here is an exhaustive list of keys for you! I had forgotten how many "#%ยค& keys there are in this mission! and none of them are dropable. Oh well, it doesn't distract from how great this mission is!
  18. Indeed, this occurred to me randomly yesterday, that CoS 3 would be a problem in the current 2.10 beta. I got it figured out differently for CoS 0 now at least! Fingers crossed that this bugfix makes the final release of 2.10.
  19. Glad you are enjoying the mission. Are you running 2.10 beta? There seems to be something off there as many have had trouble with that specific chest. It seems to work normally on 2.09 from what I can tell. Not sure what you mean with the reunion, but if you're asking if I think there will be any more Immortal albums I wouldn't get my hopes up. ^^ Good to hear! The library started as an homage to Grayman, but I liked the idea so much that I added a lot of other authors' works so it became an homage to all of TDM. Did you find all three secret stashes?
  20. A hotfix version has been released. The hotfix contains several fixes and visual improvements as well, so it is well worth redownloading! The dropbox link has been updated in the original post, and the in-game downloader version is up to date too!
  21. There is currently an oversight in the mission that gives the player the master key at start which opens all doors. This is not intended and I will be uploading a hotfix tomorrow which fixes this and a couple other small things. In the meantime, either be a sport and drop the key in your room at the start or await the hotfix version tomorrow!
  22. Story: Thanks: Thanks to my beta testers datiswous, Cambridge Spy, Aluminum Haste, Acolyte Six, madtaffer, wesp5, SuaveSteve and prjames. Additional thanks to Dragofer and Bikerdude who helped with scripting and assets. Download: Gallery: Thank you for playing! What did you think of the mission? I look forward to your honest feedback! Hints, Tips, Walkthroughs, Spoilers(!): - This mission will greatly reward those taffers who like to explore a mission thoroughly. It is possible to go directly for your objectives, but you will be missing a lot of content. - Many windows are openable, leading to new areas or private residences. - If an area seems hard to navigate due to patrols, chances are you can circumvent it. - Those who like a challenge and some extra replay value owe it to themselves to visit the apartment high above the tunnel entrance at Cobb St. (above the last pic in the gallery) FAQ: Disclaimers, Player Information.
  23. I trust this rat issue is going to be addressed before 2.10 is released? My mission which is set to release soon has an optional objective involving carrying a rat to a specific place. I would love to see the rat-carrying be a little less "swingy" but having it impossibly heavy makes no sense, nor does "shouldering" it which is the only other alternative.
  24. That worked a charm. Saved my ass again! Thanks
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