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  1. Hello TDMers. This is, hopefully. a quick TDM mapping "fundamentals" question. I apologize if this has been asked in the past. I wasn't finding this searching the forum. Consider a mapping task that can be achieved either in scripting or with DR objects: Is there any benefit to one over the other such as performance? Does it matter if the end result is a map that works? As I venture forth in mapping, I am often overwhelmed by the objects in DR. Scripting seems to get me what I envision faster. The script concepts feel easier to search for on the wiki, too. I hope to do things right and avoid painting myself into a corner by doing things wrong. I appreciate the advice/opinions. Clint
  2. Hello Greebo. I have worked with the new 3.6 for a couple hours. I was able to work just about the same as before the changes on 3.5. Usability: the windows risk docking quite aggressively even if not intended. I am liking that the properties parent window holds all of these child windows in one place rather than in separate windows. Perhaps make docking the parent Properties window optional? I like moving this window around and even moving partially off the screen if I don't close it. If I move it too far in any direction, it gets sucked into a dock. Potential bug: The surface inspector (S key) pops open the entity window at the same time. This happens unless the SI is docked in the parent property window. I tried some other undocked windows and only the SI and entity window did this as far as I could tell. Actual bug: the sizing of the objects within the Entity window (N key) resets when closed and needs to be dragged back out every time it is opened. This is the area shown in the attached screenshot. Hope that helps for "version.Next." Thanks! Clint
  3. Hello Greebo. Thanks for the work on the tool. I appreciate all the work of others on previous releases, too. A bit of "User Experience" feedback on 3.5 versus 3.4. I have a small laptop screen and use DR with a camera pane and a single grid view as shown in the attached image for version 3.4. I switch the view with control-tab . The docked window under the camera is slimmed all the way to effectively hide it. I rarely use it in favor of the entity window (key N). In 3.5, the ability to resize a docked window down to a thin bar is lost. It seems to force a minimum height which reduces adjacent window size. Then, as mentioned in a previous post, the window cannot be closed and stays in the forefront or must be docked. So a request is to make these windows completely resizable and closable. Appreciated. Clint
  4. Hello again. When I use r_showprimitives 1 and con_noprint 0 the values show on the game screen. However, they quite often print so fast that they blur together and I cant tell what the values are. I have tried messing with con_speed and con_notifytime values to no effect. Is there a way to somehow slow down the text printing from these commands? Thanks Clint
  5. Ah, thanks JackFarmer, Dragofer. I will get to particle customizations, as they say... "soon!" Very much appreciated. Clint
  6. Hello TDM crew. I am wondering how to address the situation JackFarmer noted here: JackFarmer question on particle dripping through brush I wish to have a simple drip particle. However the drips fall through brushes and modules. I am not {yet} ready to edit particles. Is there any way to stop particles with a brush or such? Thanks Clint
  7. Thanks for this. I can use clear;dmap [map] right in the console.
  8. Is it possible to combine console commands into a single call? I am hoping to do a clear + dmap [map] in one console call. Maybe some other combos if it is possible. Appreciated. Clint
  9. Is this the proper way to create a trigger hurt with specific damage, in my case a 5 damage: 1) make intended brush 2) texture as trighurt 3) convert to entity trigger_hurt (not damage_triggerhurt_5) 4) set def_damage arg to damage_triggerhurt_5 From what I can tell, this works now.
  10. triggerhurt question Hello TDM crew. I am having a bugger of a time trying to get a damage_triggerhurt_5 to do anything. I create a brush, give it trig hurt texture, right-click, convert to entity damage_triggerhurt_5. In sample tests, I make the brush bigger than the player to make sure the player is within the bounds. Nothing. So, I am missing something. Advice? Clint
  11. Yeah, I am rethinking the area with this vent or if I want a vent at all. My layout in this area is way too tight to try and do a higher vent on the wall. I may reposition it to the ceiling which solves the shouldered/dragged body issue. Map growing pains, I guess. Thanks again all.
  12. I could/may do that. The way things are lining up at the moment, positioning the vent higher forces rework of the stuff above it to make room. I painted myself into a corner with this situation. Thanks again. Clint
  13. Thanks for the explanations. I didn't understand that "unshouldering" was essentially spawning a body object. I have a vent where the player could potentially bring a body and then basically get stuck in there. I have basically decided to try and prevent a body (shouldered or dragged) from being brought into a tight space. I will try and weave a good reasoning into the flow of play. - trigger which calls script. - script checks if body is shouldered or dragged. If so, then teleport in a func_static entity with nodraw_solid texture in the opening of the tight space which stops both player and dragged body. Flash a message saying the body can't be brought in. Plays a rustling sound If not shouldered or dragged, then teleport the func_static out and let the player pass. Seems to overcome the problem. Thanks again. Clint
  14. Hello TDM crew. Is it possible to unshoulder a body in a tight space? For mapmaking, is it possible to prevent entry to an area if a body is shouldered? Or maybe force an unshouldering when entering an area? Much appreciated. Clint
  15. Thanks all for the thoughts on this. I am not quite ready to make a single-purpose ai entity for this as it is just a quirk resulting from natural game mechanics. My intent is/was for the player to ko or kill a "boss" ai and then drop the body out a window into a crowd of lackeys on the same team (to send a dramatic message). Think of other maps where you drop a body someplace as an objective. As it is, the body gets surrounded and the other ai who repeatedly run into it. All you hear is a lot of flopping/kicking sounds as they do it and the body bopping around on the ground. I think I will do this: create a ragdoll entity with the same appearance, shouldered name, and dead name as the boss ai and override the SND_BOUNCE* inherited spawnargs with NOSOUND. Then teleport the ragdoll in when the boss is tossed out the window. This won't stop the kicking of the body, but the incessant sounds will stop! So, half a win, I think.
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