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  1. Thank you for this mission, Fieldmedic. It was certainly different, and quite tense. I liked the fact that there was a delay between the flashes of lightning and the arrival of the thunder. So many big-budget game studios and Hollywood films completely fail to get that right. I had fun playing it
  2. You did a great job of it all. This is one of the first missions where I've stopped to admire the embossed/plush wallpapers and parquet ceilings (especially in Sir William's flat). The AO seemed to have a lot more contrast in this mission than any others I've played (or maybe it's just the first time I've paid attention to it) and, even if it's baked and not real-time, it still added a little something extra to the look and feel of the level. I only ever play these missions on the hardest difficulty for the added realism, and this one was certainly a challenge. I was only forced to use one of the allowed knockouts, on Karl in the inn, because I wanted to save my water arrows for later. I know these fan missions take up a lot of time and effort to create, but please don't stop. The Chronicles of Skulduggery looks to be an awesome little series and I can't wait to visit the... These fan missions always remind me of a time when gaming was pure, without all the political grandstanding and money-grabbing involved in today's mass produced "epics" that rehash the same old nonsense again and again. I remember when games were about escapism and immersing yourself in a fantasy world where you could just forget about everything else for a few hours, and that's exactly how missions like "Pearls and Swine" make me feel again. Thank you very much for that experience, and please keep it up!
  3. I really enjoyed this mission. Thank you, Bienie! The textures, lighting and models were all great. I also like the underlying story and the hints as to where the "Chronicles of Skulduggery" is headed as a series. I found 3275 loot, and 8 out of 11 secrets. I also really enjoyed... One thing I did not like... With regards to anything I might have missed... Thank you again for this wonderful mission. It was really detailed and a lot of fun to play!
  4. Hi Bienie, Congratulations on completing your first mission! Thank you very much for all of the effort it would have taken to create and share it with us. It looks fantastic and I can't wait to go home and play it Discovering that a new mission has been released at TDM is one of my favorite things these days. Thanks again.
  5. Ah, that makes sense, regarding the canal. They get around using boats, like a private driveway? Got it :-) My criticisms are minor, to be honest. I still loved the mission. Did you see the edit I made regarding the door with the buzzer? This one...
  6. Hi Goldwell. Thank you for the awesome mission, I really enjoyed it. I've been a Thief fan most of my adult life and it's missions like this that really take me back to that feeling of immersion I experienced when I first played The Dark Project. I'm really glad you're working on a new campaign, especially at such high quality. There are a lot of little things I loved about this mission: 1) Side quests! Those contracts were great. They really added to the feeling of a lived-in environment, filled with petty jealousies and shady characters. 2) The intro, the voice acting, and the level design were all neat. Much appreciated. 3) The little gags... All in all, I just want to say thank you for all of the effort that went into making that. I love that there are still people creating TDM missions. If you care for some things I believe could use improvement, then I'll state them here. I don't really have a right to be a critic since I could never create something so awesome, but there are one or two little things that might just smooth the edges, so to speak... Anyway, as I say, I have no right to criticize. I still loved that mission and I can't wait for the next installments in the campaign. Again, thank you very much for all of the hard work you've put into it. I enjoyed it immensely :-) Edit: Oh, one more thing...
  7. Hi Kingsal, Awesome fan mission! The first Volta was one of my favorites and this one completely lived up to my expectations. High quality work, well done. Two things, if I may... And in that same area...
  8. @prjames Hint: Stronger hint: Solution: You can find the key by...
  9. Well done on an amazingly detailed and very atmospheric mission. I love the new textures and meshes, and the overall originality is exactly what I was hoping for. I'm completely stuck in... Also, in the beginning... Thank you for all your hard work This FM is a massive improvement over One Step Too Far, and I enjoyed that mission too. Congratulations!
  10. There's one glaring error I need to point out, with regards to this mission. The note on the door states... But that's not entirely true, is it? Because... His arrival was intense. Got my heart racing, not knowing what this new type of villain was! This FM (like Requiem) is absolutely fantastic. I left a note on your blog asking if you'll ever create your own stealth game, because you've certainly got the creative talent!
  11. I've been checking the missions list every day to see if this FM has been released yet. Come on, dammit! I'm dying in anticipation here
  12. I've created an account in order to thank you for this awesome FM. Your lighting is by far the best I've seen yet, and I loved the atmosphere of the environment. This is definitely somewhere in my top five missions. Loved every minute of it! Please, PLEASE make another one. I know it takes a lot of time and effort and that you don't get any financial reward out of it, but I'm selfish and I want you to make another one for MY enjoyment! Lol.
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