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  1. I had this in In Plain Sight. I used a location script to only make the item frobable when the player entered the room (and turn it off when exiting).
  2. It's becoming apparent that I miscalculated slightly when I bought a new PC at Christmas 2021. I only got a 6-core CPU, 16 GB RAM and an 8 GB graphics card. I looked at that game Chakkman posted the other day - the minimum requirements are an 8-core CPU, 12 GB card and 16 GB RAM (but 32 GB recommended). Oops. Oh well, good thing I pretty much only play TDM these days...
  3. Thanks: will look at the lights changing - that might be the same ambient thing that happened in the square I've fixed the readable already for an update I'm getting ready the pool - the lights are magic
  4. hmm. okay maybe I can try it again in the debug build with a breakpoint there and see if I can tell what's clearing that variable...
  5. @HMart You can find it here (under models/darkmod/weapons): https://github.com/thedarkmodcommunity/mod-handheld-lamp direct link: https://github.com/thedarkmodcommunity/mod-handheld-lamp/blob/main/models/darkmod/weapons/mod_playerlamp_model.lwo
  6. I was going to deal with that just by adding a new skin...
  7. Nice! I've got a branch where I'm converting it to a version that can be added to an FM. The scripts can be loaded via tdm_custom_scripts.script instead of tdm_user_addons.script. I got all that working, but then ran into the double lamp thing. I might separate these into different repositories - but then do we think we need both versions? What are the chances of anyone using this as a mod?
  8. I tried both A New Job and St. Lucia, and couldn't get it to crash on either one of them, after trying for a good while too. With High Expectations I got it to crash a couple of more times. Seems easier to reproduce there for some reason.
  9. while the bow is fully drawn (and you are still holding down the fire button), just hit tilde key (put away weapon), or some other weapon key. I haven't tried to reproduce it on any other maps but I can try...
  10. Interesting. Maybe that explains why last time I got the crash dump, the arrow was missing from the animation when I was drawing the bow? I'm not sure what else I can try, but let me know if there is anything I can do to help. BTW to make this happen, I just started High Expectations and sat there at the start of the map drawing and cancelling the bow repeatedly. I was using the water arrow because those are the only arrows you have at the start.
  11. OK here's a new one from my normal TDM installation: https://drive.proton.me/urls/FENCGJ3HP0#oTMvDlmSLfux It didn't actually happen while drawing the bow this time, it was in between draws when I was just walking around.
  12. OK - so no local build, etc even needed. Didn't know that. I'll give it a go on my usual release install. It only took a few minutes last time to make it crash, but I may have got lucky...
  13. oh sorry I complete misunderstood what you were talking about . I guess I thought that PDB would only be generated if you had 'debug' build config (see, told you I didn't know what I was doing). So for this to be useful, I would need to rebuild it with 'release' config, and then make it crash again (and generate new crashdump)?
  14. This should be a release build, I checked out the 2.11 tag if I recall correctly. Here is the PDB: https://drive.proton.me/urls/94KE71F310#d1P16mz5aO7B
  15. Can confirm. Any idea why this is? Is it because of this line? https://github.com/thedarkmodcommunity/mod-handheld-lamp/blob/f871527938df96a7efc308fc3ee85c70d8271544/def/mod_weapon_playelamp.def#L38 Other weapons (like the shortsword) have this attachment as well, but they don't show up attached to each other like that. We could just have a separate entity of that model to just for the plater to frob and kick off a frob_action_script to set everything up instead I guess?
  16. I did build it, yes. Here is the EXE: https://drive.proton.me/urls/H7CHQ4XY60#Q3aBT26LEq6e where would the PDB be? If I can find that I can send it. Apologies, I don't know my way around this stuff too well.
  17. okay. If you don't have a save before that objective triggered or don't want to restart/redo anything, you should just be able to spawn the key. Open the console and type: spawn fsx:prison_cell_key It should appear in front of you somewhere (e.g. on the floor)
  18. Sorry I wasn't being clear. I'm looking at having a version of this that could be packaged with a fan mission. So the .pk4 would be placed in the FM folder, not TDM root. In that case would the game pick up those other entities from the core TDM files?
  19. ok thanks - so are you saying that def_weapon spawnarg could be added via a script, or not? I was going to try that anyways and see. Also anyone have any idea why there are other entities present in that file? like this and this...
  20. It looks like script/tdm_user_addons.script just adds the lamp to the player inventory, so that can be removed and a mapper could just spawn the lamp in a map somewhere and the player could pick it up. And in def/tdm_player_thief.def an extra weapon attachment is created for the lamp. If this could be done dynamically in a script we could remove that file as well. Has anything else in this file been changed (or do we need to get the diff viewer out...)?
  21. If you want to get started, I wrote a tutorial here: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Git_and_Github_for_Mappers That tutorial is geared towards working with a fan mission in Git/Github, but if you do the 'Tool Setup' section, you will be all set to contribute. Then you can just DM me or ping me on Discord and I can help with the rest of it. Don't be intimidated by it - it's really very straightforward once you get the hang of it. I can add a section on how to contribute to the community org as well (not sure why I didn't do that actually)...
  22. I set it up ages ago, and yeah it was intended for the community. It was never my intention to own or gatekeep it (but it does need some administration). I was trying to come up with a central place where we could store/share assets instead of trying to hunt down .pk4 files and dealing with broken links, etc. There didn't seem to be much interest in it though (for various reasons, there's a forum thread about it somewhere). But it's there and I can help anyone get started with it. The main limitation is individual files can't exceed 100 MB. I would agree it's not the perfect solution for an asset repository, but practically speaking you can get quite far with it.
  23. OK. The close-and-reopen thing sometimes happens, but it's rare. It's something to do with the frob lock entities I think (the things that prevent you from frobbing through containers while the doors are closed). The musical instruments aren't loot so that cabinet doesn't open. In retrospect, I shouldn't have put a lock on that cabinet door I guess... As for the key on the desk, I'll make a note to make it a different colour in a future update so it's not so easily missed. Thanks!
  24. @snatcher I hope you don't mind, I've added this here: https://github.com/thedarkmodcommunity/mod-handheld-lamp I was thinking I'd like to use some of this neat stuff you're doing at some point (hopefully soon ), and I would just end up putting it in Git like I do all my stuff as I tinkered with it. I figured it might as well go into a public repository instead. If you would like to keep it up to date in this location, I'm more than happy to do that (or show you how to do it). If not, people can always come to this forum thread and retrieve versions that are posted here
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