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  1. I just tried it a whole bunch of times until it crashed. Oddly, the time I drew the bow before the time it crashed, the arrow was missing from the animation. @stgatilov is this stuff of any use? crash dump: https://drive.proton.me/urls/A6T13TEFJR#6YzRcvVFsMW9 debugger screenshot (link to better image )
  2. what part of the map was it? I can try to reproduce on Windows...
  3. Thanks for playing and the kind feedback re: the bugs: the brew tank is a new one - thanks for that. Will add it to the list for any future update. the bow: I think that's a TDM bug. I experienced it as well, but only the early days of developing the mission so I thought it had gone away, but I guess not: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/21345-210-crashes-may-be-bow-frontend-acceleration-related/ the keys on the guard: never did get to the bottom of that one as I could never reproduce it.
  4. Yeah I agree, one type of versioning would be best. I guess the problem is the dev team needs to control this, not the FM author because it's not always the author that does the releases (for example patching older FMs to work with newer versions of TDM). I'm not sure what the best solution is to be honest. I like the 'version' field because it's useful for beta testing and you can make it clear what version the testers are playing. But once it's released that field becomes useless. I'm sure it's been debated extensively already though. I think for my next FM I will just try and stick to integer version with the hope they will match! It just feels weird because it's not semantic versioning which I'm used to (but that's not a good excuse).
  5. Version is displayed in the mission info page (missions list -> click on any mission and look at the page displayed on the left). But as you say TDM uses its own internal versioning which only an integer (e.g. version 1, 2, 3, etc.). If you look at the missions list on the TDM website you can see them. For example, for In Plain Sight it says it's version 5, but the darkmod.txt for that FM is version 1.5). So it's debatable what value that field brings. I guess it is useful, but people need to be aware that the mission DB doesn't care about it. I'm not sure what happens if you have say version 1, and then version 2 appears in the mission database. Do you get a popup that says a new version is available? What would be useful here is if it said what the new version was, but it would be weird if that version wasn't the same as the mission DB version like in the version 5 vs. version 1.5 example above. Maybe the mappers should just stick to the integer versioning in their darkmod.txt as a convention.
  6. What, you mean you actually want to choose what you want to watch? It's not you - I'm on the verge of cancelling Spotify for similar reasons. The other day I couldn't even figure out how to find the stuff in my own library after one of their updates. But it would have been very easy to just do nothing and be force-fed 'we thought you'd like this'-type content.
  7. Thanks! Hint for the safe code here: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/21837-fan-mission-the-lieutenant-2-high-expectations-by-frost_salamander-20230424/&do=findComment&comment=485264 Actually, it's probably time I added these hints to the original post....
  8. Are you saying I forgot the EOL character? That doesn't appear to be the case:
  9. In case you aren't joking: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escape_room
  10. Thanks! FYI it's already been updated and the new version is available via the in-game downloader:
  11. Version 1.1 is ready: Proton Drive: https://drive.proton.me/urls/6E6GRW28EM#Kbv446IaKHe6 Github: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/fsx/releases/download/1.1/highex.pk4 This should fix the 2 biggest issues: target not spawning crash near start of map on Linux (but was also happening on Windows, just much less often) Full changelog here: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/fsx/releases/tag/1.1 @nbohr1more could we get this updated in the mission database please?
  12. ok here's an updated version with a fix: https://drive.proton.me/urls/6E6GRW28EM#Kbv446IaKHe6 @irisx @DavyJones @jonri could you give it a try?
  13. The ability to change the spawnclass definitely feels like something that you should only do if you know what you are doing (which I clearly don't). Also, @stgatilov any idea why the crash wouldn't happen every time, instead of sometimes? The doors are there, and there is an AI that hangs around it the entire time.
  14. that is strange. Sounds like one for @greebo or @OrbWeaver
  15. Yes we saw that in beta and couldn't get to the bottom of it. I could never reproduce it myself. As a result, the doors the key opens are also pickable.
  16. In the upstairs room in the safe house there is a letter and a key on the desk. You just need to read the letter.
  17. I got it to crash on my Windows debug build. I clicked 'debug', and in VS I was able to see the stack trace: https://drive.proton.me/urls/B06A4E8MV4#2lezsq0gsgfd I think I might know what that is. The entity in question is a door (atdm:arched01_111x40_left) that I didn't want to be openable. If I remember correctly, the usual tricks weren't working (making it a func_static made it disappear, and making it non-frobable the AI were still using it). So I changed the spawnclass to an idStaticEntity. Because it was a prefab, I think I thought it was a custom brush door as well. I see now it's just using a model, so I can probably just change it to that. Anyways, those are all my excuses. I'll fix this and send out a new version that someone can test.
  18. ok - won't raise it then. The one thing I do remember though is that the order seemed to affect whether the version appeared in the 'new mission available' popup. Like here: https://drive.proton.me/urls/QN4S59DS8G#XRGDsGiMFJI8
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