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  1. Well, if Pandyssia is as dangerous and beautiful as they say it is, it could be a tropical version of an Elder Scrolls game, with a big game hunting system and first contact with the hulking albino men of the continent.
  2. Think we will ever get to go to Pandyssia in a future game, and see the amazing Natural Wonders?
  3. You literally admitted it in the first paragraph. "I am a homophobe, sexist, racist conservative who wants to "have" slaves."
  4. That, and calling them "weak", "ugly", "ghetto-dwelling Negros"?
  5. I'm talking about the little point you made under a "hidden" tab, Outlooker.
  6. To discuss ideas for the game, potential Thief or TDM related issues, and other nonpolitical stuff. The reason the jumped into the political fighting fray is because someone referred to blacks as "subhuman morons", and the moderator seemed to be looking the other way, no offense Springheel. So, I figure to myself, if he can talk about how he hates minorities and mentions in the beginning of his post how he wants them enslaved,then I should, by the same logic, be able to tell him right where to cram that idiotic idea of his.
  7. When they're alone. But what happens when they get a bunch of other awkward losers who agree with them, and they whip themselves into a frenzy and start trying to get the political power to become a real politician, and start coverify each other's backs so they can break the law to harass minorities whole hiding their actions from the Feds? What happens when they start never using condoms so they can have massive families, and teach their children to be like them, swelling the numbers of their racist group faster than non-racists? Shouldn't someone in the government step in and publicly denounce not only their views, but the members of said hate group themselves, to shame them and their family into, if not changing their ways, keeping their yaps shut?
  8. I believe that by allowing hate speech, one is encouraging hate groups to fester and slink about to try and take over and make their vile ideas law.
  9. Perhaps. But maybe the site should have a disclaimer of "The views and opinions of the creators of this game are not necessarily reflected by the views and opinions of certain members of the community"?
  10. Abusimplea, that is kind of ironic. "THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS"
  11. Well, outlooker, after reading your points you put up, I come to the conclusion that you're right, you ARE a racist. Calling blacks subhuman ghetto dwelling morons? Hell, I'm white, and I believe you're wrong. Not only that, but if I could get away with it, i would use a steak knife to skin you alive, then saw off little bits of you at a time, start with your eyelids and fingertips, before sawing off whole limbs. I'd break your jaw and cut off YOUR subhuman, conservative cock and balls. I'd then rape you repeatedly while laughing about how you're going to die screaming, before dousing your skinless, wailing form in salt, then tossing you into a bonfire to burn alive. I'd pull you out before you're dead, though. I would then toss your half-alive carcass into a pit in the woods, and utilize that pit as a toilet, you would either starve and slowly die of infection, or have to subsist on my human waste like the ACTUAL SUBHUMAN MAGGOT you are. Because at the end of the day, it isn't race that decides whether someone who is human has lost the right to be treated as such. It is their treatment and feelings for their fellow man. And you are, by your own accounts, fitting all the criteria for someone I would do what I just wrote to. Well, as long as I could get away with it. I'm not going to ruin my life going to jail over a stupid cunt like you.
  12. I'm not an ex-member, but I was interested in the Dark Mod for a few months before deciding to join the forums. I watched FenPhoenix's playthroughs to get a feel for the world of TDM, and used to watch let's plays of thief series when I was younger.
  13. Well, I don't want to accidentally turn my laptop into a 300 dollar paperweight.
  14. I hope next game, if there is one, takes place as a Pandyssian safari/colonization attempt. Meet some of the Albino Natives the developers were mulling over, or land whales.
  15. Actually, he said he would help me install it in late January, after Christmas vacation. I didn't want to bother him during the holiday season. Yes, Xarg, I've played it. No, Judith, if I have a question, I'm going to ask it, so I'll post as I damn well please.
  16. Yes, Thief 4 bad,boohoo. Let's just skip that and get to the point: Would you guys have liked Thief 4 better if they had included the Burricks, Sirens, and Acephali that were shown in background lore but which they were too lazy to actually add in?
  17. Maybe. Unless the underclass like a certain thief decided to free him under the paycheck of a certain gang leader.
  18. What a crock of /pol/cunt shit!
  19. Also, I remember that there is a scientific picture of an Acephali, or Blemmyes, in Doctor Troy's Home in Thief 2014.
  20. Good answer. You guys DO know how the "Aristocrats" Joke goes, right?
  21. I agree with Akira. Fuck the right.
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