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  1. Hello grayman, Thank you for the prompt response. I have now placed and entity in the floor, but still no effect. The connections betweens the entities is as follows: path corner --> path anim --> button to call elevator (because it could already be in the basement) --> path wait (5 sec) --> path corner - path anim --> button "down" --> path wait (5 sec) --> path corner ---> etc. The AI stays in front of the button, but does not press the button and remains in this position.
  2. I have a basement reachable only through the prefab elevator (E). If I connect the relevant path corners, the AI does no react and remains at its original location. What can I do to make the AI use the elevator to go to the basement?
  3. Hello Judith, Thanks a lot for the presets and thanks a lot @stgatilov for the wiki text. Just created the set-up as per the instructions and copied in the cave reverb of yours. Works perfectly and adds significantly to the mood of the settings! Can't wait to hear the other presets in action, expecially the sewer script as I think I have a fitting environment for it.
  4. The Order of Thieves: Qualifying Examination I have connected all areas of my island, and what shall I say? It works! (oh yes, oh yes, oh yes). Let's celebrate with a few new shots: Next week I will start to create new patches in order to replace ugly cliffs and rocks I created from simple patches and brushes. Subsequently I will start adding AI, some more models, readables and a few switches and mechanical devices I have left out till now. I hope to start with beta testing in August...maybe earlier.
  5. Hello Greebo, Great! Thank you very much for that. Downloading now...
  6. Gents, Thank you very much for all the suggestions. I will try them out and will revert with the results. Have a nice Sunday.
  7. Yes, I am, your videos have been (and are still) extremely helpful - see my post here, dated March, 16th: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/page-306 ...and I could use some help here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/9082-newbie-darkradiant-questions/page-327
  8. I have created a curved wall with patches and covered it with other curved patches with brushwood: Ingame it looks like that (in the DR shot I just removed the highes brushwood to show the wall behind it): If I recall correctly then I already had this a few weeks back and replaced the "defective" patches simply with new ones, but the effect as in the picture above seems to reappear. What can I do about this?
  9. Hello grayman, Thank you very much for your quick clarification.
  10. There are entities called "func_camera_anim" and "func_cameraview. Are these supposed to be used with a surveillance camera as in Thief 2? I have been browsing through all AI and all models but I cannot find anything related.
  11. Hello Destined, Thank you very much for your quick help. Do you mind if I send you a PM on that topic?
  12. Hello Springheel, Is there a skin for the door module (A) which has the same colour in the upper section as the wall section B to the left or right? The folder "matching skins" includes the skin as in the picture which is sligthtly too bright at the top.
  13. Hello Goldwell, Thank you very much for this mission. Very thiefish and very doomy, great work! If you go on like that, I will burn your work on a DVD, put a label on it with appropriate artwork, and then I will display it on my video games shelf with other heroic performances! I have fnished the prologue last night (it needed that special atmosphere) and I have one question: Have a nice Sunday!
  14. Hello Goldwell, Awesome, awesome to the max. Eidos Montreal should have hired you for their last Thief project. I am positive you would have fixed it. I am not too familar with the English voices in the Thief games (Thief 1 & 2 is available with German narration, thus I only know the English voice in TDS) but your lad is quite close. Who does the job for you? However, one thing is for sure: You guys do so much better interpretations of the Thief material as the current franchise holders.
  15. Please cut me some slack, I have never done something like that before. The Order of Thieves: Qualifying Examination (Working Title) All pictures with slightly enhanced Gamma values. Pictures #2 was shot during no clip mode (that is, I think so - can't remember exactly anymore). The mission takes place on an new island (I have not decided on a final name, suggestions are welcome) located ca. 20 miles northern of Waterfall Island. . Since it will take place on an island, I have to cover the area with cliffs. My cliffs look extremely bad - I used brushes, cut them into pieces, extended the verts and finally added stone textures...these visuals really hurt the eye and I have to think about something else. I am wondering how Bikedude and ERH+ created these cool cliffs with patches. If I use patches, then the result looks extraordinary roundish instead of jagged. The entity limitation causes me also headaches because I have finished ca. 60% of the content and have already more than 4,500 entities. I hope I can solve this problem with the SEED function. I was always wondering what you guys meant when you talked about getting burned out - I understand it now. After fixing leaks for two weaks, I'd like to through my machine out of the window. Will probably take a break for one or two weeks. @ERH+: I will send you the puzzle in question maybe this weekend. Thanks a lot for your help.
  16. Wow, I like it. How did you do these cliffs? This isn't brushwork, is it?
  17. Great, problem solved. Thanks a lot, grayman!
  18. I have added the location system to control the ambient sound, works perfect. Now I have noticed, that the system changes ambient light in the visleafs as well - in some locations it gets significantly brighter, in some others it gets darker. I have deleted the relevant properties from the location entity (dist_scal, dynamic_cap and falloff), but the effect as descibed above does not vanish. If I delete the location entity, then everything is ok and my original ambient_world light does the job with the defined values. How can I stop the location system from interfering with the ambient light?
  19. That worked, now they patrol as per the designated pathes. Thanks a lot!
  20. I think my thief has already killed enough spiders in my mission and thus I searched for new prey. I thought I found it with the fire elementals. The problem is: they do not do as I command them to do. I've created a square shaped path corner/wait sequence and connected everything together: The movement showed ingame is different, it does not follow any structure. I tried it also with simple one way pathes and multiple elements, but the result is always the same. What is my mistake? It scares the hell out of me. What will they do next time? Break through the physical screen barrier and come after me?
  21. Hello Destined & ERH+, Many thanks for your clarifications and help. There is just one word to describe the passion and dedication of this community: outstanding. I wished for a way I could help you as well. I will check ERH+'s map (many thanks for your effort!) and see whether I can learn from it. @ERH: Do you mind if I get back to you with a PM in case I have questions?
  22. My thief shall use his brains because I have significant problems with the one belonging with me. Thus I have added puzzle #2. It consists of several "square" brushes I have converted into func statics. When frobbed, they shall rotate around the center in 90° steps. I have two problems: 1. I do not know how to create an entity which allows rotating in steps. I understand that the entity "func rotating" should do the trick, but the inherited properties are not sufficient for my purposes. The basic door mover would also be ok, but it does not include the property "invert_on_trigger" which would enable one-directional rotation. What can I do about this? 2. When all brushes have been rotated to the correct positions, a door shall open automatically. Is there a way to do this with the editor? As always, any help will be highly appreciated.
  23. I had the same problem a few weeks back, it was a mistake with my folder structure, check my post in this thread dated Dec 14th at 9:53 and the following discussion: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/9082-newbie-darkradiant-questions/page-317
  24. @Judith: the command works and reports the line "noOptimize: true" during dmapping, but it does not have any effect; the triangles count as in my previous message still shows up, and the writing time for the proc file does not improve. However, thank you for your support. @nbohr: I am not sure whether I understand you correctly, the file dmaps/maps in the right way, and thus the editor's pointfile shows no leaks. Ingame there are also no "Missing AAS xxx" messages or things like that. Everything looks ok. I really don't know what happened. I had the new room already connected; then added four large patches and a few models and from that second on, the delays began which result currently in a dmapping time of 220 seconds...I really made (from my point of view) good progress during the past two weeks, and now I have this back-breaking problem. That's so frustrating :(
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