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  1. Well, no. I'm just a fan of practicality - fact is that newer hardware isn't really supported on Windows 7 anymore (in particular newer versions of Intel CPUs). You can argue that this is bad, that it's Intel's or Microsoft's fault or whatever, but that's mostly philosophical because it doesn't change the fact that this is the reality of the situation at hand. Not to mention Win 7 is going to stop updates in 2020 so not trying to at least learn how to leash Windows 10 and make it your bitch (assuming one sticks with the Windows ecosystem) seems to be foolhardy. Win 10 isn't perfect, sure. In
  2. Sometimes I wish I had nearly as many problems with Windows 10 as lots of others do. I actually WANT to hate it so I can be part of the crowd and understand their pain... but I just can't, because it works so damn well for me. Note that this is after a bit of tweaking, disabling the crap I don't like and finding workarounds/replacements to get things more to my liking. I guess I just decided fixed my issues with the OS was a better option than whining "oh woe is me!" on the Internet. Please don't misunderstand, Windows 10 has its flaws certainly. I don't like most of the default settings for
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