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  1. And what a treat it was! Everything about the mission was most enjoyable from start to finish. I can tell lots of passion and care went into making this map. It shows. The mission is very atmospheric and impressive in all aspects I can think of. Verticality, several paths leading to your goals, extra objectives, hidden loot, impressive sound and visuals, tight stealth, and a gripping storyline. Instant classic. The craftsmanship is sensational, with many new assets to make the mission very appealing to the eyes. The visuals are particularly stunning once you do the thing. The story was engaging also, with lots of readables to help the player unveil what was happening. It starts as a possible murder mystery in the making and turns into a murder mystery with a twist. I've got to give props for the writing, really. The characters came to life through their notes and journals and I really liked finding out their motivations and hidden agendas. Completing the mission took me a bit over 4 hours, missed 1k loot, so there is another reason for me to replay. I did encounter a few small bugs, though all have been mentioned here already. The mission ran very well with all settings maxed on my old GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. No noticeable FPS drops or stuttering. You did a great job at optimizing it. Thank you!
  2. Congrats on the release. The names listed in the credits alone give away this will be a treat.
  3. Congratulations on the release and thank you for your hard work! I see some sweet performance improvements and visual improvements on top of that. The improved shadows look really neat and my PC can handle them much better than it used to. I'll raise a glass to Master Builder and TDM team for that, great job. Thus far I have only tried the new features very briefly. The auto-frobber is definitely a most welcome addition. The blackjack indicator, eh - I'll admit that after playing TDM on and off since it released standalone in 2013 or so, the new blackjack KO indicator is nice but I'll probably forget it exists as I already have my playstyle and this won't affect it. I can see how it can help new players though. Thank you once again!
  4. Fond of your first FM, I was quite eager to jump into this one. The story had me hooked right away. Pretty great idea on your part - putting the player in the shoes of an infiltrator tasked with unraveling a conspiracy and searching for a missing agent. You really managed to find a good reason to give the player the incentive to steal while playing a character who is not a thief by nature. The map is well designed, with plenty of paths one can take to reach another place. As I am fond of tight alleyways and verticality, this was a joy to explore, especially since there is plenty to discover, be it secrets or readables adding to the story. The rain was neat and added to the gloomy atmosphere, another thing I enjoy in FM's. The optional side objectives were a neat addition too. The only difficulty encountered was that at times I had to abandon my current path and hunt for a key to unlock the way forth, but nothing to seriously disturb the flow of the FM. Found 3/5 secrets, so there is still more for me to explore. The secrets are really well hidden and yield nice rewards, I'll get back on the weekend and hopefully find the remaining two. Thanks for another wonderful FM! Possible bug
  5. Nice! I like it when seemingly straightforward missions have a twist and mission authors do their own thing. This was as much a puzzle mission as a stealth mission, with the former being the focus. The outside part was decent and offered some nice sneaking around, a solid enough background for the meat of this FM. Once the plot took a turn and Michael found himself trapped like a rat in a maze, I was hooked. The puzzles were fun to figure out, not hard but enjoyable to get through. Good story too, I like the idea of the protagonist's victims getting their revenge. The secrets were a nice touch, as was the secret objective. Little things like that make exploration feel meaningful, thanks for that!
  6. I remember playing the original missions years ago, so going into this I expected only a bit of visual polish and gameplay fixes. What I got instead is a brilliant little mission that might be small compared to the many gargantuan sized missions released recently, but it more than makes up for it in its visual and audio qualities. The high level of polish and attention to detail really sell this mission to me. Visually it's a real treat, I love what you did with the lights and shadows, and the corridors and rooms feel lived in and with many personal touches to show the establishment is on its last legs. Listening to the storm in the background was pretty relaxing as well and I couldn't get enough of the lightning as it booms and lights up the room. Top notch atmosphere. I'm also a big fan of various little side jobs the player can do aside from the mail goal, so that's a big plus too. Thank you for the FM and good luck with the campaign!
  7. Goldwell is known for quality content and this mission is no exception. I always find his maps to be visually stunning and polished, with plenty of little detail and visual storytelling. By that I mean there is something to find in every corner and it's not necessarily loot; little things and touches that tell stories of their own, not related to the overall plot but fleshing out the map and its inhabitants nevertheless. The background story about the fake jewels and the two guys plotting each other's demise was great. Starting with one hell of an intro sequence and playing a lady thief this time around, we set off to rob a noble. Goldwell being Goldwell, the mission offers much more content than the main goal, with secrets to discover, side missions to complete, and shops to plunder. Observant players who like to collect everything that can be stolen will have their work cut out for them. I was impressed by the custom voice acting and the effort that likely went into creating the first female thief protagonist in TDM. I don't necessarily have a preference over what sort of thief I play, as it rarely makes any difference from gameplay perspective, but it always rubs me the right way when the protagonist is fleshed out. My only criticism - if you can call it that - is that some gasps of the protag are a tad too loud, which I noticed when swimming around in the first area.
  8. I'd rank this as your best mission yet. A large mansion to explore, some secrets to find, pretty solid stealth, and the story is particularly enjoyable because our thief has a family member to save and isn't motivated purely by greed. Props for that. Am I right to assume the protagonist of this mission is the retired thief whose apartment we rob in Down and Out on Newford Road? If so - nice way of interconnecting your missions, I really like that. The difficulty was about right - enough guards to fill the mansion and make the place look tightly guarded. Being able to turn off the generator and plunge half the map into darkness was a great addition, plus the moonlight shining on the floor in the main hall looked gorgeous. This sort of interactivity is always appreciated.
  9. Another great addition to TDM. The names behind this one kinda gave away it was going to be a treat. As far as level design goes, this one's up there among some of my personal favorites. The snowy city ambience followed up by decaying underground libraries and crumbling halls was right up my alley. The first half is a tried and tested recipe for success - you can almost feel the cold as you explore the rather sizable portion of the city and break into various shops and apartments to take anything you fancy. It looks good, plays good, with plenty of verticality and some new mechanics thrown in. Speaking of which, I think the spectacles in particular really spice up what would have been a great mission even without them. The second half of the map is no less impressive and shows just how good the authors are at crafting interiors. For people like me who adore exploring forgotten places it is a true feast to the eyes. Pretty creepy too. You really nailed the 'ancient, crumbling' look. After knocking out and exterminating the inhabitants, I took my time to explore the whole place and adore the grand libraries.
  10. I'm afraid I'm also having the overly sensitive guard issue. I tried setting "inaudible" and "invisible" in the console, which made the guards blind and deaf to my presence. They still go aggro and come running with weapons drawn when the window is removed.
  11. I had some catching up to do but figured I'd give this one a try, thinking it would be a small, short map. An appetizer before going through larger missions. I start the mission, leave the apartment, and immediately know this one is going to be special. 7 hours later, the mission completion screen greets me and I feel a bit sad the ride is over. This FM is that good. I'm a huge sucker for tight alleyways and verticality so I was instantly hooked. The district is huge, with many paths to take, places to rob, and even more secrets to discover. It's really well made and feels like a real place. Speaking of which, informing the player where he is and whether the place is hostile or not when entering a new area was a neat addition. It really helped a ton and prevented me from getting hopelessly lost. Going about the streets without the need to hide was a pleasant change of pace and gave me a chance to admire the architecture. The ambiance and lighting further highlight the creativity that went into this. To me it seems like a passion project, there is so much care and attention to detail! Colour me surprised. Going into this and seeing it was the author's first mission, I expected an okay mission, not a masterpiece that instantly made it among my top 5 all time favourite TDM missions. Another surprise was the performance. Dunno what sort of magic you did but it runs great in all areas. A huge thank you to @Wellingtoncrab and all others involved in the map's creation, you have made a piece of art.
  12. This was great. Really tense and atmospheric, with neat visuals and expertly crafted environments to stealth through. I'm usually not the biggest fan of zombie missions but this one easily made it among my favorite maps of all time. The ability to sneakily snipe the undead from afar really helped and also provided a sweet change of playstyle from most fan missions. Nice to finally put the bow and arrows to good use! Although a save-scummer, I played it on hard for the extra challenge that comes with limited saves. Imo you made it work. This forced me out of my comfort zone and made me use the resources at my disposal, thus giving me a very different experience from my usual runs. It had this survival horror feel not often present in TDM. Coupled with many secrets and hidden loot to discover, this mission is a unique gem for me.
  13. Amazing little mission thick with atmosphere, thank you. Loved the visuals, sound design, layout. Pretty good scares, too. The chapel one got me good.
  14. Oh, another 'Kurshok had a thought' thread. Let me ask you this: why did you pick this forum of all places as your favourite site to talk politics? This is a gaming forum about a niche genre. What does Haiti's president have to do with anything related to Thief/TDM/gaming?! Why don't you find a political forum and discuss these things there? Why don't you discuss it in the comments of some news articles where you'd likely find many people willing to talk about it? Nobody here cares.
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