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  1. - prjames Also, I found secret 5...
  2. That was the information I needed; I had not seen any of those keys until you pointed out their locations. Thank you. Great mission! ? - prjames
  3. I'm stuck at the very end. I'm playing the "middle" difficulty level and have completed all other objectives thanks to the hints at the start of this thread. - prjames
  4. Need a couple hints - playing at Normal difficulty. - prjames
  5. Thanks for the help, that allowed me to finish at Normal difficulty. - prjames
  6. OK, now I'm stuck because I need a hint. Help! - prjames
  7. OK, I have a bug. I am running Dark Mod 2.07 and have had no other problems other than the missing music at the main menu mentioned earlier. - prjames
  8. I'm playing at hard difficulty, and I'm stuck. Thanks in advance! - prjames
  9. Great mission so far, but I'm stuck. I've I'm still trying to get these objectives: What do I do next? Thanks in advance! Also, I think I found a bug. - prjames
  10. Folks, I figured out the earlier puzzles I had difficulty with. Got one more hint request: - prjames NEVER MIND - I figured it out shortly after I posted it.
  11. I finished this mission about 2 hours ago. Really impressive. I look forward to seeing where you go next with this series. A couple hint requests (no hurry): - prjames
  12. Just thought I'd give a quick update. I have access to a much higher-end system (8 GB RAM, 2 GB RAM on the graphics card, slightly faster processor). So, I installed Dark Mod on that system and played this mission and had no trouble making it to the second part of the mission. I am based in the US and would either buy online or go to Best Buy if I decide to get more RAM for my lower-end system. But, there's no hurry on that. Just wanted to give the update. - prjames
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