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  1. This came up with in the TDM Mission Beta Testing forum. I'm a mission player, not an author, but I'm posting this on behalf of mission author grayman as well as my fellow play-testers. William Steele 6: Baleford Museum is the mission we are currently beta-testing. My request (which I believe grayman agrees with, since grayman suggested I post here) is: Provide a way for mission authors to have an "less than happy ending" option where at the end of a mission, there's an option to go look at the mission statistics, but without the happy music and the imagery of piles o
  2. Have you made it into the chapel yet? (Not the main citadel, the small chapel off it.) If not, you have other things to do before you can satisfy this objective. If you have made it into the chapel, - prjames
  3. I was in pretty close to the same place and stuck because I didn't realize there were four wide doors instead of two in the main hall, (Thanks to tapewolf for the hint that helped me along.) A few suggestions: * I assume you need a key to open the prison. By continual searching I did ultimately find the prison key (as well as a readable telling you what you need to find in the prison). The lock is almost invisible on the left side of the door. * Search the library for readables. You'll need 'em. * Once you get as many readables as possible, you'll eventually need
  4. First of all, thank you, that worked, and after much fiddling around in the caves I got in the temple and got to the citadel and I'm now exploring the citadel.
  5. I'm equally dumb-dumb. Please give me a hint before I go crazy. Thank you! - prjames
  6. That was the information I needed; I had not seen any of those keys until you pointed out their locations. Thank you. Great mission! ? - prjames
  7. I'm stuck at the very end. I'm playing the "middle" difficulty level and have completed all other objectives thanks to the hints at the start of this thread. - prjames
  8. Need a couple hints - playing at Normal difficulty. - prjames
  9. Thanks for the help, that allowed me to finish at Normal difficulty. - prjames
  10. OK, now I'm stuck because I need a hint. Help! - prjames
  11. OK, I have a bug. I am running Dark Mod 2.07 and have had no other problems other than the missing music at the main menu mentioned earlier. - prjames
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