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  1. - prjames Also, I found secret 5...
  2. That was the information I needed; I had not seen any of those keys until you pointed out their locations. Thank you. Great mission! ? - prjames
  3. I'm stuck at the very end. I'm playing the "middle" difficulty level and have completed all other objectives thanks to the hints at the start of this thread. - prjames
  4. Need a couple hints - playing at Normal difficulty. - prjames
  5. Thanks for the help, that allowed me to finish at Normal difficulty. - prjames
  6. OK, now I'm stuck because I need a hint. Help! - prjames
  7. OK, I have a bug. I am running Dark Mod 2.07 and have had no other problems other than the missing music at the main menu mentioned earlier. - prjames
  8. I'm playing at hard difficulty, and I'm stuck. Thanks in advance! - prjames
  9. Great mission so far, but I'm stuck. I've I'm still trying to get these objectives: What do I do next? Thanks in advance! Also, I think I found a bug. - prjames
  10. Folks, I figured out the earlier puzzles I had difficulty with. Got one more hint request: - prjames NEVER MIND - I figured it out shortly after I posted it.
  11. I finished this mission about 2 hours ago. Really impressive. I look forward to seeing where you go next with this series. A couple hint requests (no hurry): - prjames
  12. Just thought I'd give a quick update. I have access to a much higher-end system (8 GB RAM, 2 GB RAM on the graphics card, slightly faster processor). So, I installed Dark Mod on that system and played this mission and had no trouble making it to the second part of the mission. I am based in the US and would either buy online or go to Best Buy if I decide to get more RAM for my lower-end system. But, there's no hurry on that. Just wanted to give the update. - prjames
  13. Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 (3.00 GHz) 2 GB RAM Win XP NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT with 512 MB RAM
  14. It was already set that way. I've realized now that the nature of my problem has changed from the malloc failure from a general failure to write memory - that is, I start with a quicksave in the first mission, run to the end of the first mission, then start the second mission, and after loading the world and waiting, it fails to Windows XP with the error message 'The instruction at "0x13491215" referenced memory at "0x2278e370". The memory could not be "written". Click on OK to terminate the program.' and the gamma level at XP is set to whatever I had it set to in Dark Mod (which is pretty bright). It fails that way with the image_downSIze set to "1" and "0", with varying instruction and memory addresses. - prjames
  15. Has anyone else hit this - I played the first mission of the two missions OK, then got: WARNING:Door Fourth_Gurgan_Shrine_Gate1 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door Third_Gurgan_Shrine_Gate1 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door Final_Gurgan_Door is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door Heaven_Door_1 is not within a valid AAS area WARNING:Door Heaven_Door_2 is not within a valid AAS area ModelGenerator memory: 21 LOD entries with 10 users using 4477 bytes, memory saved: 2934 bytes. --------- Game Map Shutdown done ----- Shutting down sound hardware idRenderSystem::Shutdown() Shutting down OpenGL subsystem ...wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success ...deleting GL context: success ...releasing DC: success ...destroying window ...restoring hardware gamma: success ...shutting down QGL ...unloading OpenGL DLL I18NLocal: Shutdown. ------------ Game Shutdown ----------- ModelGenerator memory: No LOD entries. Shutdown event system -------------------------------------- malloc failure for 134217736 when I loaded the second mission. I've tried the usual (from the FAQ): Look into your DoomConfig.cfg inside your darkmod folder and check that the following settings are like shown below: seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1" seta image_useNormalCompression "2" seta image_useAllFormats "1" seta image_useCompression "1" seta image_preload "1" 2) Edit your darkmod.cfg and use the following: seta image_downSizeBump "1"seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "256"3) If the above does not help you it is recommended you try seta image_downSize "1" seta com_videoRam "512" (or however much video RAM you have).#1 had no effect, I was already set to #2, I tried #3, no effect. Question: Do I need to start the game over (instead of loading the Mission 1 Final Save) to get updated darkmod.cfg and/or updated DoomConfig.cfg? Has anyone else had this problem and how did they resolve it? Thanks in advance. Based on the first mission, great mission! - prjames
  16. FYI, it does appear that there is a bug where but doesn't continue beyond that. The first time I played, and got this result that I couldn't continue. I returned to a save and things progressed properly. - prjames
  17. I just finished this mission and wanted to say, this is a truly awesome mission and speaks well for both the future of the Dark Mod (especially now that it's stand-alone) and your future as an FM author. More! More! More! - prjames
  18. Impressive!!! Has anyone else had this bug? Sound works normally for me when I'm walking around the room, but when I play the mini-game, there is no sound, regardless of whether the "sound" button is on or off. (The mini-game works correctly, except for sound.) Suggestions welcome. (In general, I've had no problems with recently released missions on TDM 1.08.) - prjames Update: It looks like user error. If I understand this correctly, I get the "pick up treasure" sound anytime I but there are no other sounds in the mini-game. (And that sound does go "on" or "off" depending on the setting of the "sound" button.)
  19. The problem is fixed. I did the "Disable Nvidia Threaded Optimizations" change which is in the pinned "problems" FAQ at the top of this forum. Then, I ran TheDarkMod.exe and stepped away from my keyboard - doing other things, coming back 20 minutes later. (This was a reaction to seeing threads and bug reports about "it takes 3 to 4 minutes to load the mission" or load shaders or...) DarkMod was up in 640x480 mode, it was set to Vsync off. When I exited to Windows, it was also in 640x480 mode. I then slowly upped the graphics to 1280x1024 for both DarkMod and Windows XP, and now, when I go to DarkMod, it quickly gets there with no problems. I haven't tried actually running a mission (I have other things I must do now), but I no longer have a lockup upon startup. - prjames
  20. OK. I blew away the Dark Mod and I uninstalled Doom 3, reinstalled Doom 3 and 1.3.1 (which works fine) and downloaded the 2.13 Gigs of Dark Mod using the updater, and when I try to start Dark Mod, I still get the hard lockup. It's the middle of the night here, so I'll try other things (latest graphics drivers occurs to me) at another time. BTW, I have a NVIDIA GEForce 9600 GT graphics card, in case that matters. - prjames EDIT: Other possibilities: My version of DirectX might have something to do with it. About 3-4 weeks ago I loaded and played Torchlight II, which I believe asked me to upgrade my version of DirectX. Also (going back to 7upMan's post), in my Darkmod directory, I have a darkmod.ini but no darkmod.cfg. I wonder if it normally looks for darkmod.cfg, doesn't find it, and then comes up with some defaults (and in my case, says, "Oh, this is a high-end graphics card, I can do everything", causing the lockup). Is there a "sample" darkmod.cfg somewhere I can try and tweak values (starting with Vsync)?
  21. I don't have a darkmod.cfg. I have a doomconfig.cfg and a darkmod.ini, neither of them has "vsync" anywhere in it. It'll be a couple days before I get back to this, but I'm probably going to simply blow everything away and download the 2 gigs (e.g. reload from scratch) and see if that solves it. - prjames
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