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  1. Just tested again with an eye on the healthbar, the "window" effect definitely seems to happen when I have some damage and not when I'm healthy. Tested it on the training mission, also seen it happen on Tears of St. Lucia. Not yet with the hotfix, I'll give it a shot. EDIT: Problem still seems to persist under the same circumstances with the hotfix.
  2. Have you contacted the mods/used the Report button at all amidst all this? Really, they should be the ones handling this.
  3. Yeah, I think those two users from the last page had valid concerns about borrowing and sourcing. That and you still haven't apologized for importing off-site drama. I don't particularly care who's in the right here because A) I'm not a mod and it's not my job, and you're not exactly coming across as an peaceful angel so far. And you apparently trash-talked people in PMs instead of contacting the moderators. Use the report button if you must. I must say, between this and the lack of a response to my thread in Tech Support I'm less-than-impressed with this forum so far.
  4. Bump in hopes someone can solve this/has experience with it.
  5. Yes. Where did the parties involved here learn that this is acceptable behavior? Insults, baiting, importing drama...Seriously, where?
  6. Hello! I have been lurking the TDM community (and posted once or twice on TTLG many, many years ago) since before it was a standalone project and finally decided to make an account since A) I'm now able to run TDM on a proper tower PC rather than a laptop, and needed to report a bug. Given Tom's World made this post as a thank you, I figured I would pay my respects here too. The things that this community have done with nothing is staggering, considering you lot ask for nothing in return. I'm sort of surprised there isn't even a donate button (unless I missed it). I've been gaming si
  7. Hello. Sometimes when I jump in the water, 3/4 of the screen is "captured" in a freeze frame while the lower left 1/4 continues to show what's actually happening to me. This seems to have an approx. 50/50 chance of happening every time I dive into the drink. I am not quite sure what is causing it. I have attached a summary of my system specs and graphics hardware to this post. I am using the latest TDM version (2.07). GFX Info.pdf System Info.pdf
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