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  1. The way the letters were arranged in the book I would not have guessed that was the sequence in a million years...LOL.
  2. In the section with the telescope, there are two locked metal doors but I cannot lockpick and no keys to open them. Any clues?
  3. Don't get me wrong....I do enjoy exploring and discovering things but a thief has only so much time to find things before the sun comes up....LOL.
  4. Ha! It was clever how you placed Tobin's room where it was easy to overlook it.
  5. LOL...I am convinced that Tobin's apartment does not exist unless crabby reveals it. Even Tobin's reports said his apartment was within easy reach of his patrol route. It sure does not look that way to me if it's hidden that well.
  6. Still cannot find Tobin's apartment. Looked high and low just about everywhere but no scope in any of the rooms. Can you give a more exact location? I think you hid that place too well.
  7. Those three guards were tough to KO since they constantly moved around in a circle but I managed to put them out.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I did not know that the bracelet could be dunked in the basin of holy water. I was wondering why I still could not KO the mage and his three guards after I removed the bracelet from the mage. With them out of the way I could search for all the loot without problems except for the helmeted guard in the flooded generator area.
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