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  1. Ah ha!...Yet another Penny Dreadful episode to brighten up my heart! However, I will attempt to resist the temptation to experience it, before the release of 2.04
  2. Right now, I would say that Avast is the best free anti-virus...yet, if you want a premium solution, I would go with Bitdefender.
  3. Hi Biker, I recommend Avast Anti-virus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  4. Vae

    Merry X-Mas

    A wonderful Christmas, to all.
  5. Happy 5th Anniversary, TDM...Great work you guys!...
  6. Beautiful work, Goldwell...I can't wait to be there... Very nice, Kvorning...Dark and grey, with an ominous feel.
  7. This is a perfect example of non-critical thinking...Modern narrative gaming trends have influenced some to falsely conclude that the narrative is the game, and the game is the narrative...as if somehow they are one inseparable thing, rather than the two separate components they actually are. A game, is the gameplay mechanics in relation to a challenge component...That's what a game is...A story component is optional...Some games have stories, while others do not...like Minecraft, for example.
  8. Ruling out ill-will, the irrationality stems from a collapse in logic, due to non-critical mental conditioning. It's a good thing that it's an objective fact that TDM is a game...The only thing that would change by having a campaign, is then TDM would be a game with a campaign. That's it...there's nothing more to it...To say otherwise, is simply ignorant.
  9. And leave the great mystery unsolved?...
  10. That's okay, Melan...Despite the technical issues, I would consider this another triumph deluxe in the Penny Dreadful series...
  11. Yes, let's get back on topic. We're trying to solve the great mystery of "Is The Dark Mod a game?"... For some people, it is a platform...some might even consider it a moderator of questionable character. So "Is The Dark Mod a game?". ...The world may never know.
  12. Played on hard...assassinated both guys...Did not complete the optional loot goal.
  13. I can confirm the issue with not being able to exit the map when objectives have been completed. Also, the transparent wall in the guard house.
  14. Looks like Samsung is making a move...Report: Samsung making VR headset, plans to beat Oculus and Sony to market
  15. Unfortunately, the contest won't be decided by the public voting poll...That's only provided to give the community the illusion of freedom of choice...Square Enix will instead dictate who the two winners will be.
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