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  1. Porting from consoles to PC is a normal practice nowadays. I'm not saying, that every multi-platform game has been created that way, but like I said, it's normal. Everything (or almost everything) that Nixxes, QLOC, and other similar companies have released on PC is a port from consoles.
  2. At first, I thought that way, too, but as Judith has already said here, Nixxes are pretty good at PC porting. Look, say, at TR 2013 & RotTR 2015/2016 - these ones work much more smoothly and faster than DX:MD. On the other side, the PC version of Thief 2014 wasn't perfect to say the least. The only conclusion I've made is that if someone has broke the engine, they guys from a PC porting company won't fix it.
  3. AFAIK, DX:MD is kinda part one of the whole game EM was planned to release, and part two was to slate a year or two after. IIRC, Jim Sterling said about the DXNG1 (DX:MD) and DXNG2 teams within EM. But something went wrong... About DX:MD's stutter, slow loading, etc.: looks like EM has broke Glacier 2 Engine in order to create the Dawn Engine. That's what usually happen when someone, who don't have enough qualified HR, time, money, and expirience, is trying to create their own engine. Eventually they finish their job, but if you look at the result, you'll understand what I mean.
  4. Jetrell: All programming languages, even the easiest ones, require a lot of diligence from the person who would like to learn them. Does your son like puzzle games like The Talos Principle or at least Portal 1&2, which require lateral thinking and diligence? If so, you may try to show him how to construct a tiny level using their level editors and, which is more important, how to program a series of events using their built-in programming languages or tools similar to BluePrint in UE4. Actually, TDM is a good candidate for this, too, but you already know that .
  5. IIRC, the guy behind the Larrabee project said something like that, "Once you made your engine multi-threaded, it doesn't matter how much hardware threads an end user can have: 2, 4, 100; you can utilize them all."
  6. Judith: I think you'll be surprized hearing a lot of misspelled Czech, Georgian, German, Russian names and surnames in this game. AFAIK, DX:MD was in development for just 3 years, not 5, as many think. 0.5 year was spent on DLCs for DX:HR, 1.5 years were spent on the "Project Nova" (a Final Fantasy spin-off). Maybe that's why DX:MD has so many issues - perhaps the devs had no enough time to polish it.
  7. That would be nice, but who knows... Dishonored 2 has been sold more-less good on PS4 (1.78m), Steam (1.04m), XBO (0.77m), but perhaps Bethesda wanted more than that. Plus, looks like DotO is weak enough, in terms of commercial success. So I'm not sure about Dishonored 3, though I'd love to play it very much - the universe is huge and can be expanded in any direction.
  8. Really simple? Agreed. Good? I'm not sure. IMO, it was a cheap knock-off "We did what you wanted, can we please go home?" fan-service mission, no offense . I must admit that that mission was good, maybe really good, but I'm still not sure that it was the best one. I vote for the DotO's corresponding mission .
  9. I, personally, believe that the bank mission in Death of the Outsider is an homage to the corresponding mission in Thief 2. Also, it's a hint to the Thief 2014 developers, like "That's how a bank mission should've been implemented".
  10. Merry Christmas, guys ! You're a wonderful team.
  11. I've already tried to ask Arkane about the level editor for Dishonored 1 about 4 years ago, but have got no answer. Maybe you, Bikerdude, should try ?
  12. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that, from the artistical point of view, both Dishonored 2 & Death of the Outsider are masterpieces.
  13. Sorry, were you talking about the baths? If so, yes, I had to pay to enter.
  14. I've just ghosted whole DotO on the hardest difficulty .
  15. AFAIK, the Persian Gulf is way less deeper than the Black Sea, their medium deeps are something like ~50 m vs. ~1200 m. Which means that the Persian Gulf (where Dubai is located) is more suitable for building an artificial island . About London in DX:MD: remember the name of the main villain, his nationality, and what did he do to Adam in Switzerland? That's right, it's a direct analogy to that nasty case in November 26, 2006. In a nutshell: "Ba-a-ad rushnz everywhere, fear them!" BTW, some Season Pass missions, I think, have a strong DX1 and Tron 2.0 vibe. And I like it .
  16. I think there will be no adequate BIOS/UEFI & driver support for Win 7 on Ryzen - we all know why.
  17. Um... Actually, its output is directed to console (DOS/*nix style), so the best way to anylize the results is to redirect them to a text file.
  18. What do you mean by saying "flags?" My method is simple: 1. Download "TestAll.7z" and unpack it somewhere. 2. Run "TestAll.exe > Results.txt". 3. Open "Results.txt" in Notepad or any other text viewer/editor and compare the results. The executable has no flags at all. It's just a standalone version of the "TestSIMD" console instruction from Doom 3. BTW, 7-Zip has been updated to 17.01 yesterday. Also, please don't forget to toggle on the "Use large pages" option in it, because this improves overall performance .
  19. Before I've started my work on SIMD optimizations, I did usually use vanilla Doom 3 (not sure about the BFG edition) for such an experiments: run the game, enter the console menu and type the instruction. But later, I compiled a standalone console executable that does almost the same. In case you run the last one, it would be nice to redirect its output to a text file, like "TestAll > Results.txt". But be careful: my test only run my SIMD code on AMD CPUs (on any of them, but not earlier Athlon, i.e. no K6 & K5 ), so if you run it on Intel (or VIA ), it'll run the old (not my) code, i.e. you'll see no difference.
  20. I suppose, the "dmap" function is barely multi-threaded and/or doesn't use SIMD at all. The results I was talking about earlier ("AMD Zen works usually faster with 128-bit SIMD than any Intel CPU") I've got by entering the "testSIMD" console instruction.
  21. Crap, I forgot that! Still, I think it's good to know how fast/slow is Zen in this very tough operation.
  22. Um... What about a pre-recorded fly-by, or perhaps, dmap some big mission?
  23. According to my own tests, Zen works with 128-bit SIMD code (at least SSE1-4, I haven't tested AVX1-2 yet) faster than even Skylake by 1.1-1.5 times. I suppose this is because of Zen's 4-way SIMD unit, comparing to 3-way SIMD unit in Skylake (and in its predecessors, Haswell & Broadwell, and even in its successors, Kaby Lake, Kaby Lake refresh, Coffee Lake, and probably even Cannon Lake). Of course, Zen will lose if you run 256-bit (4 ways * 128 bits < 3 ways * 256 bits) or 512-bit AVX-code, but as long as you guys don't do it, Zen is probably the best choice for TDM, IMHO.
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