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  1. My essential stuff is on Dropbox and mirrored on three PCs. My only practical/inexpensive solution for my 1TB of home video files is hard drives (and if I ever get responsible, the duplicates HDs locked in a fireproof safe)
  2. all you guys need to upload avatar pics, I can't tell who's talking to who!
  3. Now they'll just say you're buying the right to play it for 15 years
  4. That sounds about right. That last example portal in question wasn't one you could actually see through, but it was ONLY green because of being able to see into the leaves on both sides of it. So it's not the same situation as usual when a portal is green, therefore it didn't open the one behind it, as you noticed. (it opens at 12:16 when I actually move over to where I can see it)
  5. I played quite a few hours of Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines and really tried to like it, but I couldn't. It felt cliche and lame and pitiful. Kind of like most Anime, meant for the emotionally immature (ouch!). That was my personal take, at least.
  6. Awesome! Perhaps some would even be willing to do lines for individual FMs as well
  7. I made a new video tutorial introducing Visportals and some basics about how they work and how to place them, etc. It won't be anything new to most of you authors, but for people just beginning it should make a good place to start, after which you can read up on the more complex details of how to best use them on the Wiki page: http://wiki.thedarkm...itle=Visportals http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy4FIE7BhCQ
  8. was that a Wilhelm scream?! "That's my spankin' hand too!"
  9. Ha! I just watched Wall Street again a couple weeks ago, great movie
  10. I agree, I want a small masterpiece rather than a large never-released thing
  11. I think it's also a good idea and well done, but I think it really would be most effective if it was under 1 minute.
  12. Okay, finally I'm trying to get the torrent started, not sure if I did it right but here is a link: http://www.keepofmetalandgold.com/files/2012-May_FINAL_Final_Komag_DVDs.torrent (you may need to right-click and "save file as" or "save link as" or "save target") or you can download a zipped version of the torrent file here: http://www.keepofmetalandgold.com/files/2012-May_FINAL_Final_Komag_DVDs.zip let me know if it's working or needs to be fixed somehow ------ Also, I made a handful of extra DVD sets, so if anyone missed the deadline but still wants a set they can make a donation and I'll send them out, until they're gone.
  13. Almost every painting in that blog is incredible, even the "rough" ones! Wow, amazing stuff, tuggs at my heartstrings in some sort of longing manner - I wish to explore those worlds, and I feel a sort of "loss" knowing they aren't real
  14. I played part of a T2X mission in 3D (using NVidia shutter glasses) and it was extremely cool! There was too much ghosting of bright lights though (the shutters weren't up to the task, or my monitor at the time, or something), so I ended up returning the system. But to use head tracking to look around, that would add another level of immersion that would be incredible!
  15. I remember you well wrichards! Welcome!
  16. I'm glad to hear sneaking through the whole game is a legitimate option, no REQUIRED murder, very cool to be able to pull that off
  17. too much death and brutal killing
  18. my burner is getting a workout today, last few batches in the queue for the last day. I still occasionally play a classic Thief mission. I really enjoyed Rose Cottage a few months ago, impressive work and fun play. I tried my hand at some of the reloaded maps, it was pretty cool to see the Thief 3 city in Thief 2 engine, not bad! Next up I'll probably try Finals at the Academy - I've always been a sucker for boarding school adventures (if that's even what it is, I'm not sure) As far as running on Win 7, I have a Win 7 64bit laptop, and all I did was use the latest beta TafferPatcher 1.0.3 and it took care of everything, runs perfectly!
  19. Komag

    Baby Garrett?

    Here he is, almost four months old!
  20. yeah, video extremely underwhelming. I was suprised how NOT updated it looked.
  21. There was this big drain tunnel emptying out into a small river in my home town, and I ALWAYS wanted to explore into it but I was too chicken! But it looked pretty dark in there
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