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  1. Evening chap, could I make a request for a couple of small but different animation for a cobweb?
  2. ooh I had forgotten all about the test MD5 RiB did!
  3. just a heads up on exporting to .LWO in DR, I have found that any existing round or cylindrical models that were .LWO or .ASE, that exported as .LWO loose thier smooth vertices shading.
  4. I believe you can just apply the texture to a patch, make it FS and then add the relevant args to it to crudely animate it already in TDM. Its been something I have been meaning to do for ages now that I think about it.
  5. Yes, but normally only after I have done a model export in DR. Is the above image a model or just a brush & patch based FS..? If it is an exported model, was it .LWO, if so export .ASE and see if that makes a difference.
  6. We can always keep them with the caveat that they have some imperfections.
  7. Awesome work fella, this is very much appreciated. Do you think you might be able to do the above..?
  8. Is it an lwo or .ase model, do we know if the game does better smoothing with one or the other..?
  9. Also on the subject of details, as they are small and mostly hidden just do things like the bolts in the texture.
  10. Er WTF. this kind of shit should explicity require user approval before doing anything.
  11. Hmm I have sent them to be extinguished in DR, so they shouldn't be on or making a sound.
  12. Found a few minor bugs - interior_set01_default_mid_hole - overlap in the lower panel slats interior_set01_obtuse_corner_m8 - wallpaper dosent allign where the adjacent and opposite sides of the corner meet, this is more obvious when skins are usedinterior_set01_obtuse_corner_m4 - same as above. Be mindful not to touch/move the texture edges on the adjacent and opposite sides, because the texture needs to line up with other models. You may just have to reduce the horizontal scale so that everything lines up or we may just have to have one edge that doesn't align - like real wallpaper. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And that then gave me another idea for a request, we could with with some models where the wallpaper is peeling off the wall or a plaster model where some of the plaster is flaked off - is something you could do..?
  13. Thank you very much for these chap, I and the mod thanks you
  14. I think... I fixed this by making a custom entities for BCD when I came across this issue, but in case I didn't does anyone else know fix this?
  15. Ok so High Sierra is give me grief with POM, so I will have a look at this later in the week.
  16. I have a mac pro that has 2.05 on, so I am going to install POM and then run the updater and see how I go.
  17. One example is where a user has remapped their "My Documents" from - C:\users\<username>\my documentsto D:\my documentsBecause its not in the default location, something in the October update nuked all the data for some users.
  18. It would have effected me had I been on Win10 as I run an SSD as my main drive and have all my user folders re-mapped to the mechanical drive. But I will be using windows 8.1 for the forseable future.
  19. can we not just repalce that texture with a better qaulity one.
  20. Thank you very much for this fella, these models have been sorely required for a while and will give mappers more flexibility in thier room designs. Found a small issue - - models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_default_mid_hole.lwo There should be two versions of this model - models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_default_mid_hole.lwomodels/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_default_mid_hole_no_pillar.lwoThe one in the archive is the no_pillar version, so just need a pillar version please. Could I ask for another model? We need a smaller version of this - - models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_obtuse_corner.lwo many thanks.
  21. @stgatilov, why would TDM be asking for these files? or does 2.06 assume its running under windows which would have these in the system32 folder. If so could Vagabond just place the missing files inside the TDM folder? Assuming that works are we then allowed to include these files inside TDM, or will we have to point to a download link and some quick instructions on how to extract and place..?
  22. Whats version of Playonmac are you using and how did you install TDM..?
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