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  1. To me it makes sense... And I am not involved either, but with a bit of gamedev experience or a basic knowledge of what has to be done and stuff like that it would be nice to read it... :> Anyway, if you think it's rather impossible just leave it as it is. I don't want to get demanding here!! Some more newsupdates on your mainsite would be really nice though!!
  2. Hmn I see... But if it would be something everyone of you developers has access to to edit it, it would be possible I guess. Everytime one of you has finished something just put a "done" behind it. And everytime u decide on a new feature or something add it to the list. It would be really interestings to the ppl who can't wait for tdm to be released (like me) and of course it would be very practical to you guys too. A quick database... EDIT: Saw your post too late. But that's basically the same I suggested. The Wiki idea is really good, because there is also the feature "recent changes" of a page. You can see even faster than what has been done in the last weeks... Very nice!!
  3. Is anyone heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere?
  4. Hey people, I am checking the darkmod page for news on your progress very frequently and you're doing some great work!! But I was wondering whether you could post a public ToDo list here in the forums, so that interested fans can see more often what is going on... If you want to keep some things secret, it's still understandable though... cheers, STiFU EDIT: To give you an idea what I mean here: A normal checklist that shows what you have implemented already, what you are working on right now and what has to be implemented in the near future.
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