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  1. VanBurenPhilips, Let us know if you are able to play TDM in stereo 3D. I also considered assembling an antiquated PC to play TDM in 3D. There were two reasons that I choose not to. 1. TDM has enhanced graphics compared to original doom 3. A 7900 GTX seems underpowered for TDM at 1920x1080. Of course, you can play at lower resolution or lower graphics settings or lower frame rate but that is unappealing to me. 2. Who knows if original Doom 3 looks good in 3D? Yes, Doom 3 BFG looks perfect in 3D but that's because id software made sure that 3D looks perfect. Before you spend any money, I sug
  2. I agree. Don't bother with such tricks to increase FPS. To increase FPS in TDM, some code from Doom 3 BFG is very much needed. Thief 1,2 and System Shock 2 all run very smooth now since patch v1.19 Doom 3 uses an old engine and needs to be patched to use modern cpu instructions. I played Doom 3 BFG and it runs fantastically smooth. When Skyrim was first released, it ran very poorly in some areas. In some original Skyrim benchmarks, it shows a core i5 or i7 is needed to achieve decent frame rates .... which is absurd. One or two months after Skyrim launched, a patch was released which greatl
  3. I strongly believe your GTX 460 is downclocking in windowed mode. 1024*768 is low resolution and, sometimes, maybe when you look up?, your GTX 460 will downclock. The solution is to increase resolution or increase antialiasing or anisotropy or increase LOD. Same thing happens with my GTX 580 when I play Thief 1 and 2. The gpu often downclocks in game and sometimes there is a little stuttering (non-steady fps). To be honest, your stuttering is much worse than I've ever seen. At 1024x768, a GTX 460 can easily run 8x or 16x antialiasing and 8x or 16x anisotropy in the dark mod. I recommend un
  4. Did you choose "prefer maximum performance" in the nvidia control panel? Please do this and test again. If that does not help, then try this Go into the bios, and turn off (disable) AMD cool 'n' quiet.
  5. I never seen anything like that in the dark mod. Make sure that your cpu and gpu are not downclocking (due to overheating or power saving ("AMD Cool 'n' Quiet"). I suggest getting a good cpu cooler and overclocking that Phenom x4 to 4GHz (assuming your motherboard and power supply can handle it). In nvidia control panel, in 3D settings, choose "power management mode = prefer maximum performance". If none of that helps, try this: Look at cpu usage in windows task manager while playing. consider making a screen shot and upload it here. Install MSI afterburner or EVGA precision. Look at gpu u
  6. That's very interesting rich_is_bored. Several months ago, I recorded some gameplay video of the Dark mod with EAX on and off. My goal was to prove how much better sound is with a Creative sound card. The results were dissapointing. According to my gameplay tests of the Dark Mod, the difference between EAX on and off is very little. I have also tested Thief 1/2 with EAX on and off. I can say, with absolute certainty, that Thief 1/2 sound much better with EAX on. With EAX off, I have superman hearing which allows me to hear enemy footsteps through walls. With EAX on, sounds are muffled and
  7. The high vram usage / uncompressed data problem is happening again! Here's how I fixed it this time: I uninstalled Doom 3 and deleted everything in ...\steamapps\common\Doom 3 Re-downloaded and re-installed Doom 3. downloaded tdm_update.exe and installed TDM v1.07 Immediately noticied that vram usage is maxed out (1.5GB) in all recent fan missions. Several times, I enbabled compression in ...\darkmod\DoomConfig.cfg Each time, after starting TDM, ...\darkmod\DoomConfig.cfg would revert back to it's original uncompressed settings. I figured out the reason. The DoomConfig.cfg in ...\common\
  8. One word to describe this mission is "balanced", excellent balance. This mission has everything I want, and nothing I dont want. I voted your mission 5/5/5. It's very very close to perfect. Not a single boring moment in the entire mission. Fun and challenging, from beginning to end. Sotha, did you make this mission by yourself? because it's a masterpiece.
  9. Beautiful, realistic looking map! Sometimes not clear where to go and how to go there. A rope arrow (and perhaps some other arrows too) would make the mission easier but also more fun to explore. Thanks for making this mission. I would love to play another mission like this ....... with lots of damaged buildings, but with a rope arrow for easy climbing.
  10. The beginning of the mission looks very promising. I was ecstatic about a plague ward mission. Unfortunately, I searched for one hour before finding the entrance. Put me in a down mood, but I'm feeling better now. The tavern runs ok for me. Slight dip below 60fps sometimes. A little higher gpu useage than usual. By accident, I reproduced the "freeze" which Diego experiences. It seems to happen when the tavern door is open/closed several times. From outside, open/close the tavern door 3-4 times, wait 5-20seconds, then open/close 3-4 times and wait 5-20seconds repeat this until it freezes.
  11. well done, Stumpy! This mission has some fun surprises and scary moments. A very fun mission to play. Feels like playing Thief. I think because of the large interior with lots of room to explore and sneak through. The only thing I really wanted but could not find is a candle to see better in some very dark areas. My monitor is set to low brightness to better simulate the dark environment required for sneaking around unseen.
  12. Only the first mission is a bank robbery. The other 5 missions are not bank robberies.
  13. Single player also requires a licensed version ... unless you pirate the game. Only costs $10 on steam in Russia (your location right?) Are all your computer games pirated? By the way, there is an edit buttion. If you want to add a sentence, please use "edit", because your signature is huge and annoying.
  14. Anyone playing PayDay: The Heist ? Only one heist has stealth but it's a fun heist. 4-player first person co-op fun gameplay. lots of shooting. exciting plots. good music. very challenging difficulty. Demo Gameplay http://www.youtube.c...h?v=A6coVINbzWA Diamond Heist mission which involves stealth (warning: spoilers)
  15. I suspect the error is related to custom wav's. http://modetwo.net/d...post__p__243895 "note: I lost nearly an hour finding out that the wav´s need to be mono... " http://modetwo.net/d...post__p__243961 "After I deleted the oggs (I deleted also the old movement.shader in sfx01.pk4 before) I got ID SOUND ERROR. My files were mono and 16-bit, as the others already existing wav´s."
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