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  1. Just a question: in which language is the darkradiant source code? c#? c++? Maybe i could take a look and implement this feature (i know java, c and pascal but think can learn c derivates easly).
  2. The main thing i'm asking here is that the darkradiant produces the converted mission (it is equal as the original and not modified from external people). Then, if someone want to translate the mission, simply ask the mapper the permission and do the translation. This way there are NO problems because the mission is converted automatically by the dark radiant and the translator do his work only with permission. Is this realizzable?
  3. However, how 7upMan said, if you don't want that your mission will be translated, simply say No. The translators will go ahead with other missions.
  4. Yes, the best result would be darkradiant produce directly converted mission so that both translator and mapper don't do any more work, even if the mission is updated. Then, is your choose if you want to be converted/translated missions but remember this is the last time i give my availability to help with i18n project. If you, dark mod developers, are not interested of i18n simply tell me and i return to my previous commitments. But in this case is over for me the partnership with dark mod team.
  5. Ok, so i've done a test with one mission: house in blackbog hollow. I've take the 2.0, converted and then linked the strings to the translation. Now the translation works. Here's the two files: http://www.mediafire...c00sy4fdjw1avkd http://www.mediafire...eldvsbnvlard7n9 Now, the dilemma is will these converted missions be inserted in place of "non-converted" missions? otherwise we are in a deadlock. I want to clarify that the converted mission can run fine without the translation package, so it is equal to a mission is not converted but with extended functionality
  6. the translations could be in every server. The important thing is that the mission pk4 and the i18n file are in the same folder when you play.
  7. Mmm yes, i can answer a lot of questions and i know perfectly how i18n works. The link tels gave contains the translations and the 1.08 converted missions. This convertion work was done parallel with the "normal" missions because a lot of mappers was not interested of the convertion/translations so the files stayed separately. Now, as I mentioned before, to get this translations work we need to convert each mission to i18n system and then the translations will work. But there are several problems: -first, should be create a "link" between the converted 2.0 numbers and the translations numbers. -second, if a mapper have to update a mission he should reconvert it to work again with translation. We could do a try: choose a mission 2.0 (from the translated missions), i convert it and test the translation. p.s. if every mapper convert their missions, the work will be "small" because is distributed among many people.
  8. Thanks for replies guys. However even if Tels returns, the main problem persists: each time dark mod is updated, the missions should be converted to work with translations. Because the great part of mappers does not want to do this job, i don't think dark mod missions will have a translation in the future. But maybe i'm wrong...
  9. Hello everybody, i'm back to ask some things: -in another thief site, i linked the missions localizations and the 1.08 missions and now i saw they were offline from tels server. So the first question is: all the localization work is lost? more than 150 hours thrown in the trash? -second question: how this 2.0 version work with localization (if it works)?
  10. Translated other 6 missions into italian: Deceptive Shadows, Let Spleeping Thieves Lie, Mandrasola, Siegeshop, Somewhere Above the City, Vengeance for a Thief. And, it is almost ready a full conversion of training mission. So translators, prepare yourselves.
  11. Now is discounted on steam at the price of 12.05 €. And if you buy the 4x package with other 3 friends, you pay only 8,8 €.
  12. thanks. However, I have to congratulate with you for lighting management. really fantastic. But, (because there is always a but ),
  13. I'm playing this mission now and i'm encountering some problems. :/ Some locks don't work with my lockpicks. i don't see red background how when it isn't the right lockpick. it is as if the lockpicks do not interact at all with the lock. :/ But only on three locks for now.
  14. I repost my conf with the ssd upgrade and performance info: CPU: Intel I5 760 @3.5Ghz (overclocked with turbo boost) Ram: 4GB DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24 GPU: Ati HD6870 1 gb Video Driver: 12.4 (i guess) Storage: corsair force gt 120gb+hdd western digital 250 gb 7200 rpm OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 bit performance: i play the game at maximum details (with aa e af) and 1680x1050. The missions framerate stays always around 60 fps except for some rare points of some missions in wich the framerate falls to 30 (probably for IAs) and then returns to 60. i'm speaking however about some seconds throughout the mission. the missions loading with the ssd is a lot faster. issue: only the problem with ati and hdr/bloom, but with tdm 1.08 the problem has been solved.
  15. German translators are saying to me the umlauts in FMs don't work. It is normal?
  16. I've finished the mission last week and i think it is a very very nice mission. what a pity i've ruined my enjoyment checking for translation problems and waiting almost 2 minutes to reload each time the mission to fix problems. :/ And, without doing it on purpose, i hadn't visited the upper floor. :/ Just finished without seeing it.
  17. thief deadly shadows is a very good game. The only great problem is AI. :/ So, play it. you will not regret.
  18. I don't know if it was said but the most important improvement i would like to see in the darkmod is the mission loading time. Playing in the north, i have to wait 1 minute and 48 seconds(!!!!) to start the mission on a normal hdd 7200 rpm. On my other pc (ssd) it takes less time but it is always "huge" time. :/
  19. what a pity about the issue of access to files. :/ And, if i do a thing like that: storm_l10n is the same thing? However, added german translations of deceptive shadows, mandrasola, sneak and destroy, vengeance for a thief, siegeshop and let sleeping thieves lie. (done by radiant) Added the italian translation of in the north (with extra pages for translators).
  20. Tested a bit today. The loading of mod is a lot faster. The framerate on my notebook has extra 4-5 fps. I've tested the addition of more pages on the cutted books and now WORKS. Thanks Tels.
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