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  1. Can an human ai fight with bare hands, like a skeleton? Either giving to the skeleton a townsfolk model, nor giving to townsfolk "unarmed_meelee" "1" make them able to actually attack others. They just stand really close.
  2. I'm trying to repaint tdm_townsfolk_commoner model and have this little parts in red texture, yet don't know where to find this part of the model's name - maybe it is shared among all ai models and is defined in some _base that I can't find. Anyone know how to address them?
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  4. Not sure if you can target both func_remove and speaker via objective success target (typing both names one after other) but you can target trigger_relay, and trigger_relay can activate multiple targets.
  5. I think I've encounter situation where removing speaker didn't affect actual sound. Maybe it just mediate sound properties with internal sound player, but when sound is set it don't need the speaker any more. Turning on and off the speaker on the other hand will work.
  6. It looks like snow/edge/snow_uneven01_edge and snow_uneven01_patch doesn't appear in the game, anyone have similar experience?
  7. So wooden surfaces are not vine friendly? Are there any nodraw_solid surfaces designated to work in that way?
  8. Texture roof_framework_boards_large_old_mildew seems to deflect wine arrow, so I've covered the roof with tdm_nodrawsolid_wood... And wine arrow shatters again. Any recommendations on how to turn a surface to rope arrow friendly one?
  9. Any Halloween missions are about to be released?

    1. Bikerdude


      Nothing has been announced.

  10. My map have specific lighting (or rather lack of it) so this issue may not occur without thick fog AND lack of other lights. Dim light source is attached to the player. Obviously the image's contrast is maxed out.
  11. It's more like a bug so request is for tweaking existing model - wood_debris01.lwo have one of its chunks apparently duplicated in the same position. While it is not z-fighting, in a fog light it become oversaturated and stands out from the distance.
  12. Icon can be in folder darkmod\guis\assets\hud\inventory_icons\your_icon.tga then "inv_icon" "guis/assets/hud/inventory_icons/your_icon"
  13. Doesn't atdm:seed have a same type of translucency? Couldn't you just copy material definition from that one?
  14. Awesome idea for a mission! Make player sneak through a spider nest - one mistake and you will be swarmed with dozens of monsters!
  15. Slopes and wedges tend to generate .99999 error whend dragged around or turned into f_s - in first case it can cause leak if you don't remember to snap it to the grid. If you don't need space below, just make every step long enough to enclouse all space.
  16. You can make any nonsolid model and cover it with nodraw_stone od wood brush stairs (wedge will do too). Just keep in mind ai's foot will detect this surface few units above or below actual brush (I dont remember with).
  17. -Add atdm:moveable_crate01 to map; -make a brush around edges of the gate, use common/collision texture; -turn it into func_static and export as a .ase model; -add newly created model to atdm:moveable_crate01 as both model and clipmodel; -position atdm:moveable_crate01 to match the gate's model, add to the crate "bind" "your_gate_entity". -it will obstruct movement only if you try to move the gate through the slob, not the slob through the gate - in this case you would have to make and bind similar movable crate to the slob.
  18. Looking from technical side, if you turn it off it shouldn't, but if you dose it with a water arrow - the flammable fumes will keep going...
  19. Will it include T2 scouting orb mechanism? I'm imagining remotly controled small automaton that need still to hide in shadow, but can lurk under most of furniture.
  20. I have question about the moveable lantern: it have a spawnarg "extinguish_on_drop" "1" but when I set it to "0" it will still turn off if flipped. Is this a bug or I'm doing something wrong?
  21. Something about Doom3 mechanics: does it spoiled concept of the player's hands occupied by a light source so much, that you wouldn't find it fun to wonder around in almost completely dark house (only with distant shapes lighted by fog), with lantern/candle in front. You would need to throw/put it down anytime you need to operate anything around. Enemies are present but not much of the threat, and a small (50-100 units in diameter) very dim light is attached to the player's eye position to give him some feedback from hands and feet. Pros: shadows dance as the player is looking around.
  22. I'm fairly sure "Center objects at 0,0,0 origin" in .ase exporting window works backward - it centers at '0 0 0' if you uncheck it. To the collision model error: for my movables 1) I have simple box model with collision texture 2) movable entity have this spawnarg: "clipmodel" "models/clip.ase"
  23. It don't have to be online, it could be a cumulative version of existing mission stats - you could have one "ending stats" save file for all played missions. I see it more like a challenge to play again missions you screwed more than others. With maths proposed in first post you would add new value to overall score with every new mission, or have a rank with two values: A= number of played missions/ B= sum of all %ofGold, %ofObjectives, difficultyValue , minus every stealthValue.
  24. That would maybe require splitting present mantling action into two: "catch" and "pull up". And mantling already is merged with jumping, so "jumping" while looking at something nearby will cause problems with choosing the desired action in more restricted areas.
  25. I thought you can chop wooden doors with sword like in Thief. Btw making mines as a breaching charges to demolish things, even weak walls, validates them as a tool for a thief who is not a killer. And a timer on a bomb is fun as a game mechanism!
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