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  1. Can you post a screenshot of what you mean? You don't have to download the missions that come with the mod--they are already downloaded; you just have to install them. If that's not working, either your original download was corrupt, or there is some kind of folder permission issue.
  2. 1. We use ambient light because it's not fun or entertaining to stare at a black monitor. 2. They can be. 3. We do.
  3. This should be fixed now on SVN,
  4. The animations are present in the release SVN. It's possible they were not included in the release package, as the werebeast used to be excluded. Although that doesn't make sense, as the mesh and the animations are in the same folder. If the mesh shows up in DR, the animations should as well.
  5. I think just the editor image is missing. Do you see any issues in game? These two should be fixed in revision 15885 The other ones are super old models, so either something has broken, or they were never finished and were uploaded by mistake.
  6. And even if you're not worried about either of those things, you might be concerned that you'll run out of TP because the people who are worried bought it all.
  7. You can put them on a separate layer and then hide that layer.
  8. What is it you think needs to be fixed?
  9. Even when swim-running?
  10. These don't work? The degree and frequency of modulation can be altered via cvars: cv_pm_swimspeed_variation cv_pm_swimspeed_frequency
  11. I've always thought it would be a useful way to fake windows.
  12. No one educated on the subject is saying anything close to that. Best case scenario is that we have a vaccine in a year's time and the virus mutates into something with less of a mortality rate.
  13. I downloaded the SVN for the release branch, and although I did find a missing definition for one of the new zombies, the beastmen were properly textured. Unless someone else can confirm the problem, I'm not sure where else to go with this. On another note, is the game supposed to default to windowed mode now?
  14. That feature has been known to create random crashes.
  15. There are no patches in that area that I can see in the map. The closest thing is a dirt decal, but it's on the other side. And the stone texture, textures/darkmod/stone/cobblestones/cobblestone_blue_black, does not have a specular stage.
  16. Merging them makes sense.
  17. I can't see anything wrong with either of them from my end. All the textures show up for me on my SVN build. Are you getting any useful console warnings? That's outdated, actually. The updated werebeast textures are in "werebeast.mtr"
  18. This is always the case with creative software like this. There are tons of tools in DR that I don't know how to use either (including nurbs curves). I always liken this kind of software to living in a city. You know your neighborhood really well, and several other areas pretty well, but there will always be parts of the city you know nothing about, because you never go there.
  19. I had thought I had thought so. I tested the manbeasts on a fresh SVN build after uploading them. I'll have to double-check to see what went wrong.
  20. Switching to a new engine comes up repeatedly, and is less realistic every time it gets raised.
  21. I like many of the changes. But I'm curious about the size of the new textures. Some of them seem like they've been upscaled to 2048x2048, which certainly will look better, but will do a number on loading and performance.
  22. That seems to be a pattern. He/she did the same thing when he was Atomica and even earlier as Atomic.
  23. I think Tels did this years ago to support his translation work. I don't think it was well thought through.
  24. It's hard to make a case that the claim is "extreme" when it is literally the first result of a Google search: Seasonal flu kills 291,000 to 646,000 people worldwide each year, according to a new estimate that's higher than the previous one of 250,000 to 500,000 deaths a year. https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=208914
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