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Found 10 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/user/keeroyz/videos Two Minute Papers is an excellent YouTube channel that reports on many science articles related to machine learning and cutting-edge computer graphics techniques. The graphics-related videos have obvious relevance to the TDM community. And then there's fun stuff like these: One common refrain from the guy who runs the channel, Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, is that the pace of this type of research is so fast that you can expect a particular ML/graphics technique to be obsolete within months. Just imagine what "deep fakes" will look like in
  2. Has anyone found a lot of dead AI lying around while playing? I have been finding a lot of dead AI without any apparent reason. I had thought that they were killing each other but in several games there are half a dozen dead without any one around them. I have tried to noclip and watch but haven't seen any die but later when I retrace my path, they would be dead. This has happened in about the last half a dozen games.
  3. I'd like to have my city guards operate as realistically as I can manage. I've looked over the wiki on triggers, stim/responses, signals and scripting and between some combination of those the system has gotta be possible. I'm a competent enough programmer that if I pour over the documentation I could eventually get something working, but it wouldn't necessarily be pretty and could really impact performance. I'm up for a challenging project, but I'd like to start off in the right direction. It'll be great if anyone had helpful tips before I dig in. Here's an abstraction of the map that'll
  4. After several months of working on this project, I'm happy to finally announce the release of my anthro character set for The Dark Mod! The package contains anthropomorphic characters for use in fan missions, with which artists can include furries as part of their story. Below is the repository, as well as a short FAQ describing the mod in more detail. GitHub repository How do I install the mod?The character set is meant to be used with fan missions. To include it, first clone the GitHub repository mentioned above somewhere on your drive. Then simply copy all of the directories into the r
  5. Hello, just got into 2.04 in Saint Lucia. I thought I report this so it may be noted and possibly improved at some point. I killed the first guard that is standing in the tunnel, not hiding the body. The second one patrolling the church court yard has a lantern. He noticed the corpse and went over to check it out. In order to draw his weapon (I reckon), he dropped the lantern. I think he should pick it up again after he returns to his routine/exits combat mode. Thanks for your time and thank you for this release! Kind regards
  6. TDM has a complex and amazing AI: Guards can do all sorts of things like noticing when something was stolen, detecting broken arrows on the ground, permanently remembering encounters with an enemy (the player), and much more. But there seems to be just one obvious thing, which the AI is completely unable to take into account right now: Allies who go missing. Suppose two guards patrol a corridor. They always walk in opposite directions and meet each other in the center each turn. The player later kills or incapacitates one of the guards, then hides the body in a room. Currently, the remaining
  7. I've been wondering whether it might make sense to consider adding child NPC's to character arsenal of TDM. If of course we had a model artist wanting to create one, and a real life teen willing to record a new voice package. Currently I'm thinking of two categories: Children from poor families who are dirty and dressed in rags, and children from rich families who are dressed as lords. Art wise, I think it would add more detail and diversity to the populations of towns, which is the same reason why I suggested pets a while ago. It could also help put more accent on family life in the medieva
  8. Yes, another feature suggestion... please don't kill me This is something very simple and minor, which should only involve adding a setting and a new menu entry if accepted. Hopefully it's not a pointless thing that no one else wants, but here it goes: The Settings -> Gameplay -> Difficulty menu lets you tweak the difficulty of the AI. Currently this only includes AI Vision and AI Hearing, which determine how quickly characters see or hear you. I was however thinking that a third setting might be worth adding: AI Persistence. It would allow people to tweak how long it takes for an AI
  9. Hi everyone. There is a bug in two missions when AI (guards) are sitting on the back of chair or sofa instead doing it normally. Also they often interact with wall (when they are sitting) in weird way (they penetrate it with their backs). I noticed this in missions: Living Expenses and recently in Old Habits II. If you wish I can do screenshot of that situation and post it in here later. With regards ST
  10. Is it ever possible for AI to ever fight each other? It would be interesting to "frame" AI against each other as a guard clearing mechanic. For example you should shoot an arrow at a guard from the shadows close to an archer. When the attacked guard investigates, he would find, wrongly blame and attack the nearby archer where a fight would break out. Could have accusation voice events, verbal arguments, etc. Would be hilarious.
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