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Found 13 results

  1. https://www.gamesradar.com/witcher-3-mod-uses-ai-to-create-new-voice-lines-without-geralts-original-voice-actor/ https://www.ibtimes.com/witcher-3-story-mod-stirs-controversy-over-ai-generated-voice-acting-3237250 https://www.inputmag.com/gaming/video-game-voice-ai-human-actors-witcher-3-mod-controversy My position: get over it, voice actors. The writing has been on the wall since Vocaloid was released. I think we've seen games shipping with 10 to 30 gigabytes of voice data at this point. You could imagine some game using procedurally generated text (like GPT-3 used to fuel NPC chatbots), team written scripts, or crowdsourced scripts to get to the equivalent of 1 terabyte or more of lines. Powerful 8-core CPUs are becoming the minimum standard for gaming, and between the CPU and GPU there will be more than enough computational resources available to synthesize voice lines and other sounds, like object collisions, in real time. Assuming 500,000 pages per gigabyte, 1.5 minutes to voice a page, you can get 1.4 years of text-to-speech from 1 gigabyte of scripts. The legal issues are legitimate. I have no doubt that a court would side with voice actors who are having their voices "stolen", citing personality rights. At the same time, companies could figure out how to mix the voice samples of hundreds of real people together in training data, and adjust parameters to come up with an infinite number of indistinct voices that can be used without paying anyone. Meanwhile, fan efforts can rip off real voices from Hollywood and voice actors, or specific voice performances like Stephen Russell as Garrett. It's not worth it to sue them, and they can come together pseudo-anonymously and distribute code using torrent sites if needed. In some cases, an amateur will do the voice acting and then a different voice style will be pasted over the original recording. We could also see pure text-to-speech with a markup language to add emphasis, vocal cadence, etc. In either case, an algorithm can definitely transfer or fake the "breathing" and pauses. It's also likely to be considered art. Ignoring the fact that an "invisible sculpture" can be considered art, there will likely be a lot of creativity or at least fine tuning when writing a script, working with an AI that generates scripts, and perfecting the voices.
  2. Hi, I was recently thinking about the Thief 3 NPCs that had special voice lines "What are you doing in the bedroom?!" if you woke them up accidentally. Would it be possible to enhance our TDM voice lines too with a location based system? We already got the region system where you can setup specific background ambience and efx to regions in the maps. Is there a chance to also set a room attribute to the regions? Like inside / outside, or basement / living room area? So that the NPC knows in what kind of room / area it currently is and respond with more fitting voice line barks, if provided by the voice script? Would be happy to read your feedback on this idea. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hello taffers, I'm currently attempting to ghost (supreme ghost if possible) the aforementioned mission on expert + hardcore settings, and upon trying to loot the spider lair in the sewers, it started to behave rather strangely, as though it was attracted to my general position no matter what: altitude lightgem level alert level. Also, could be a bug with the unofficial patch by @wesp5: rarely when it detects me, the stealth stats won't update when the spider attacks, it will settle to roaming immediately after I'm hidden or on high ground, this didn't happen on my vanilla installation. Since the unofficial patch "balances" some game mechanics, the root cause could be related. On vanilla TDM this is not an issue, or not that I had encountered on my previous normal and ghosting runs of this mission. If this is a core game bug and not something related to the mod, and can be reproduced consistently on vanilla TDM, I can create a bug report if needed. [edited] Thank you.
  4. After several months of working on this project, I'm happy to finally announce the release of my anthro character set for The Dark Mod! The package contains anthropomorphic characters for use in fan missions, with which artists can include furries as part of their story. Below is the repository, as well as a short FAQ describing the mod in more detail. GitHub repository How do I install the mod?The character set is meant to be used with fan missions. To include it, first clone the GitHub repository mentioned above somewhere on your drive. Then simply copy all of the directories into the root directory of your FM (eg: darkmod/fms/myfm/). You should now be able to find the characters in DarkRadiant under the AI section and add them to your map! What characters are included?There are 5 species, 7 overall fur patterns, 3 character definitions per race, plus male and female versions of each person. Races include wolves, foxes, leopards, squirrels, rabbits. Voices, personalities, as well as other traits were carefully tweaked to match each character as closely as possible. What license is the mod, and who are the authors?The initial model and texture were created by Untied Verbeger, who publicizes his works under the CC0 license. As such, the anthro models and textures are themselves licensed under CC0 / PD. The characters included were based on his wolf model, to which I made several fixes and contributions in the past. Obviously it's meant to work with other assets in TDM, which have their own licenses (typically CC-BY-NC-SA). The original model and authors can be found on Blendswap at: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/79735 http://www.blendswap.com/user/Verbeger http://www.blendswap.com/user/MirceaKitsune Wait... so was this made by furries?The mod was put together by me (MirceaKitsune) and I am indeed a furry. I chose to clarify this as I'd like to avoid negative remarks on the aspect; This is a contribution I made with enthusiasm and attention to detail for The Dark Mod, same as all contributions done by other artists in the TDM community. I've spent a lot of time adapting the mesh, rigging it, creating the materials, setting up definitions, and testing against long loading times. I don't care whether someone has a negative opinion of the furry community, but please respect the work that was put into this project at least. How can I support the mod?Although the mod itself is released under a free license, I won't accept financial contributions, in order to respect the wish of the community for The Dark Mod to not be used commercially. The most important way in which you can support my mod is to use it: If you're a fantasy mission creator who is a fan of anthro characters, include this into your FM and add the characters to your world! Also, if you notice any bugs or wish to improve something, feel free to inform me or send me your contribution or open a pull request on GitHub. Lastly, if you believe the characters might match the theme and quality standards needed for inclusion, support adding them to The Dark Mod!
  5. https://www.youtube.com/user/keeroyz/videos Two Minute Papers is an excellent YouTube channel that reports on many science articles related to machine learning and cutting-edge computer graphics techniques. The graphics-related videos have obvious relevance to the TDM community. And then there's fun stuff like these: One common refrain from the guy who runs the channel, Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, is that the pace of this type of research is so fast that you can expect a particular ML/graphics technique to be obsolete within months. Just imagine what "deep fakes" will look like in 2028 after years of algorithmic and hardware improvements. We'll probably see completely synthesized videos that look genuine at first and second glance... rendered in real time. Trust No One.
  6. Has anyone found a lot of dead AI lying around while playing? I have been finding a lot of dead AI without any apparent reason. I had thought that they were killing each other but in several games there are half a dozen dead without any one around them. I have tried to noclip and watch but haven't seen any die but later when I retrace my path, they would be dead. This has happened in about the last half a dozen games.
  7. I'd like to have my city guards operate as realistically as I can manage. I've looked over the wiki on triggers, stim/responses, signals and scripting and between some combination of those the system has gotta be possible. I'm a competent enough programmer that if I pour over the documentation I could eventually get something working, but it wouldn't necessarily be pretty and could really impact performance. I'm up for a challenging project, but I'd like to start off in the right direction. It'll be great if anyone had helpful tips before I dig in. Here's an abstraction of the map that'll be useful when you hear the system. And here's an overview of the system I'm thinking about. START Guard 1 patrolling Zone 1 via Path 1, each loop checks in with CaptGuard 2 patrolling Zone 2 via Path 2, each loop checks in with Capt(Say loop time is 5min +/- 1min) STEP 1Guard 1 doesn't check in with Capt. after 6minWhen Guard 2 checks in, Capt. directs Guard 2 & 3 to patrol on Path 1 STEP 3Next time Guard 2 & 3 check in w/o Guard 1, Guard 4 & 5 woken up and patrol Path 2Archer 3 & 4 woken up and take position 3 & 4 (red squares) IF PLAYER SPOTTEDDuring STEP 1: guard engages, if player escapes, guard returns to Capt. -> FULL ALERT STATUSDuring STEP 2: one guard engages and the other runs to raise alarm -> FULL ALERT STATUSDuring STEP 3: one guard engages and the other runs to raise alarm -> FULL ALERT STATUS (really only has to run to nearest archer, right? then alarm can be yelled around?) FULL ALERT STATUSWhichever guard raises alert passes on the last known location. (Zone, Section, Area.) All guards move to that location and search (ideal would be they approach from different directions). Archer 4 drops back to archer 3. Capt. calls for Backup 1 & 2
  8. Hello, just got into 2.04 in Saint Lucia. I thought I report this so it may be noted and possibly improved at some point. I killed the first guard that is standing in the tunnel, not hiding the body. The second one patrolling the church court yard has a lantern. He noticed the corpse and went over to check it out. In order to draw his weapon (I reckon), he dropped the lantern. I think he should pick it up again after he returns to his routine/exits combat mode. Thanks for your time and thank you for this release! Kind regards
  9. TDM has a complex and amazing AI: Guards can do all sorts of things like noticing when something was stolen, detecting broken arrows on the ground, permanently remembering encounters with an enemy (the player), and much more. But there seems to be just one obvious thing, which the AI is completely unable to take into account right now: Allies who go missing. Suppose two guards patrol a corridor. They always walk in opposite directions and meet each other in the center each turn. The player later kills or incapacitates one of the guards, then hides the body in a room. Currently, the remaining guard never questions where the other guard has gone after a while. Expected behavior would be to become somewhat alarmed. My suggested implementation is this: There should be a way to define how often two or more AI's should expect to see each other. Each AI has a value for every other AI, indicating how many seconds have passed since they were last seen; As time goes by, the value slowly increases... but whenever the given AI is spotted, it is reset back to 0. If the value is allowed to reach a certain amount, like say 300 seconds (5 minutes), the AI should stop and mumble something like "where did that other guy who was with me go?". The guard should additionally get an alert level each time... starting with just stopping and looking around, and later drawing their weapon and searching for an intruder. If the missing ally is seen after some time, the AI should say something like "where did you disappear, I was worried about you". I assume this would be a bit of work, and will also require new voices. So even if it won't happen tomorrow, I wanted to put the idea up in case someone would like to take a look at it eventually.
  10. I've been wondering whether it might make sense to consider adding child NPC's to character arsenal of TDM. If of course we had a model artist wanting to create one, and a real life teen willing to record a new voice package. Currently I'm thinking of two categories: Children from poor families who are dirty and dressed in rags, and children from rich families who are dressed as lords. Art wise, I think it would add more detail and diversity to the populations of towns, which is the same reason why I suggested pets a while ago. It could also help put more accent on family life in the medieval age, as actual families (man + woman + children) could be found living in homes which the player can visit. Another reason is that the story of a mission might want to include kids as actors, especially since we have artists who create TDM missions based on books. Hint: Until official child NPC's would exist, a hack to do this with the existing ones might be possible. You could create an entity definition which scales down the model and bounding box of a normal NPC, then scales the head up slightly to make it larger than the body. Main problem is they would still use the voices of adults, which would probably sound very weird in most cases. Also, because I know someone will eventually bring this up: I'm aware that certain people will find the idea controversial, simply because kids could (like every other NPC) get killed by the player, which is known to make some people angry even when it's just art. Hopefully everyone understands this is a suggestion intended for extra detail, and to give more artistic choices to the mapper. Unless the mission will require it as an objective, which I seriously doubt anyone will do, no one will have to watch kids die unless they intentionally want to be evil. So that's hopefully out of the way.
  11. Yes, another feature suggestion... please don't kill me This is something very simple and minor, which should only involve adding a setting and a new menu entry if accepted. Hopefully it's not a pointless thing that no one else wants, but here it goes: The Settings -> Gameplay -> Difficulty menu lets you tweak the difficulty of the AI. Currently this only includes AI Vision and AI Hearing, which determine how quickly characters see or hear you. I was however thinking that a third setting might be worth adding: AI Persistence. It would allow people to tweak how long it takes for an AI to lose their alert level, and ultimately for how long they will search the area. This could be useful because different players might want to wait different amounts of time for guards to calm down, based on how long they're willing to wait to complete the level. A good minimum value would perhaps be one minute. So if a guard is attacking then you disappear from its field of vision, it would take about a minute until the guard looses all interest and resumes to patrolling. This would be useful for players who don't like waiting in a hiding spot for too long, similar to "nearly blind / deaf". A good maximum value might be something over 30 minutes. If a guard attacks you then loses sight of you, it would take them past half an hour to fully calm down and stop searching. This would be a realistic setting and suited for patient players or those good at sneaking quickly, similar to "hardcore".
  12. Hi everyone. There is a bug in two missions when AI (guards) are sitting on the back of chair or sofa instead doing it normally. Also they often interact with wall (when they are sitting) in weird way (they penetrate it with their backs). I noticed this in missions: Living Expenses and recently in Old Habits II. If you wish I can do screenshot of that situation and post it in here later. With regards ST
  13. Is it ever possible for AI to ever fight each other? It would be interesting to "frame" AI against each other as a guard clearing mechanic. For example you should shoot an arrow at a guard from the shadows close to an archer. When the attacked guard investigates, he would find, wrongly blame and attack the nearby archer where a fight would break out. Could have accusation voice events, verbal arguments, etc. Would be hilarious.
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