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Found 9 results

  1. During German City Festivals it became quite common to cast "cover bands". Most of these try to imitate original, popular songs recorded between 1950 and the present age. The results: nothing for me The music industry started this trend a long time ago and it resulted in a lot of hits. The results: (mostly) nothing for me In general, these "cover artists" are just mimicing the originals as they do during the festivals I have mentioned above. British musician Bryan Ferry did a lot of "cover versions", but he preferred the expression "readaption" for a certain reason: he wanted his interpretations to be different. Please post here links to videos, comments, mp3s or whatever you have to real readaptions of existing songs (known or unknown, live or studio) you think would deserve much more attention. Let met start with oustanding musicians from Sweden: First Aid Kit interpreting Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill". Since I found this take, I find the original version unaccceptable. The comments on YT are so embarassing. These girls are no angels; they are elfs. Check out their original works if you are interested in alternative folk rock with strong American country roots. Till now, they have recorded four albums.
  2. I didn't find similar topic, and I thought this might be interesting. I always need something playing in the background to stimulate me in some way. So, what do you listen to while mapping, modeling, coding, or any other TDM-related stuff? I don't want to dump all my stuff on you at once, so I'll start with three albums I listen to lately. This will be mostly electronic/ambient music: I've heard the game is average, but the OST is superb. Another similar case, as DX:IW was a bit of a disappointment, but the OST has become a cult classic for me, and I spent many hours with it playing on repeat while I was modeling things. And something I found just two days ago. Very classic ambient vibes, loved it instantly. And I'm pretty sure these guys know System Shock 2, I'm sure you'll hear why
  3. We've had threads about the best movies and games, so let's talk music now, shall we? I am always on the hunt for creative and innovative music and I thought this community is of such high intellect (), that there must be people around here listening to some sort of progressive music... I'll just start with some of my personal favorites. Whether or not you consider them progressive is up to you. Of course you can post about any artist you like... Everybody of us probably knows Nine Inch Nails from the soundtracks of the ID software games. Pretty cool stuff. I especially like the song "Just Like You Imagined". When it comes down to guitar music, I also value Progressive Metal very much, e.g. Dream Theater ("Endless Sacrifice") and Liquid Tension Experiment("Freedom of Speech"). Those guys wrote some true masterpieces, some of which nearly an hour long. I am also a big sucker for electronic music though. My newest addiction is rather of the rougher, but slow kind: The Band Broken Note. Those guys have a very unique sound, combining elements from Drum&Bass and Dubstep. As I said, they are a bit rough, but very creative in some way. But I guess, in order to see that, one hast to like such music. The first seven entries in their playlist on myspace are very good. And there is of course still the probably most creative and innovative genre in electronic music: IDM. One of its representatives is called Landau("Independence" and "You Are Commodity"). Especially the first song of those two always takes me on a trip...
  4. Hello! I'm from the TTLG forums known as "beauty-man" (and yes, please don't ask, lol) I admittedly have neglected TDM community, and in recent months discovered the great work that's done over here. I'm also glad to see a dedicated audio area as well. I just wanted to add my resources. Maybe about 7 years ago, I created ambients and music strictly with Thief in mind. From there I reached out to indie game developers and such, but always liked to come back and give free work to the Thief community. Feel very free to download any game audio project present on my website presented below, and utilize them for in-game audio or simply "mood music" while you work. I provide "terms of use" in every download. I have recently given out another project last night as a small spin off my last titled "Miasma" . It's not yet on my site, but I will provide the link here. Anyway, hope I can be of some assistance. Looks like a lot of great dev's here! - Spadey where is spadey - game audio Effluvium - ambient resource where is spadey - post production
  5. Composing Ambient Tracks for Dummies v. 1.0 or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make the Ambient This tutorial shows you my method for creating ambient sound without any previous musical talent or experience in using audio editors required. The guide will be fleshed out as I learn more about the process and everyone is welcome to contribute. Feel free to add your own comments and suggestions in the thread. These are type of ambient tracks that have been created with my methods: Haunted Ground Home Asleep Creaking What tools do you need? Audacity (Free: Win/Mac/Linux) Freesound.org (Either sign up for a free account or get one here) A good pair of headphones 4-6 hours of free time For best results follow the tutorial twice: once following my directions exactly with the samples I provide, and then a second time picking your own samples and making your own choices in how to modify them. With these simple tools and a bit of patience you too can produce your own ambient track with relative ease. Just don't expect to become Eric Brosius overnight. Remember to save your project between between sections, and don't worry about completing everything in day. I. Planning and preparation II. Choosing the ambient base III. Effects in Audacity IV. Applying effects on a track V. Trimming, copying & pasting VI. Layering VII. Adding Instruments VIII. Adding Fade-ins and Fade-outs IX. Adding Instruments pt. 2 X. Mixing, Looping and Exporting
  6. Helloes. My plan is to, with the help of you guys, compile a list over what needs doing on the audio side and then try to get these things done. I've been working with audio as a hobbyist for many years, I play a few instruments sufficiently well to be able to compose things and I have some in-depth knowledge in production techniques, audio synthesis, live recording, music theory and acoustics. With that said, I'm far from a master; I learn and read up on new things all the time to broaden my knowledge even further. I primarily work in Propellerheads Reason for music production and audio creation. So far I've seen a few topics here being discussed. Ice footstep sounds. (Might be possible to modify the stone sounds to achieve this, otherwise I'll have to get out with one of my harddisc recorders and figure something out). City ambient sounds. Carts rolling, animals howling, muffled talk, distant oneshots; anything to try to make the cityscapes come alive. Strained metal sounds. (Should be quite easy with a ring modulator and some basic waveforms in pretty much any synth where you can sculpt sound from scratch). + Chest opening/closing sounds are inconsistent.+ New dropped candlestick holder sound, old one sounds tinny.+ Lockpicking sounds.+ Inconsistent jumping/landing sounds. Also being mentioned in another thread is the lack of ambient music, and general indoors ambient. What I'm thinking here is basically composing and production work, possibly based on what is already in the mod (the indoor piano loops, etc) to fit well together with what is already available. Focus will be spent on adequate lengths and bearable repetitiveness, along with different levels of tension for the pieces. Areas that I have thought of so far, including things being mentioned in other threads, are the following: Manor/general indoors non-creepy environments.Harbor.Warehouse.Factory.Wilderness.Mountains. Suggestions by Obsttorte in http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16931-composer-for-the-dark-mod/ .+ More themes for the builders.+ Themes for the pagans.+ As we have Moors now, it would be nice to have ambient music for them, although Springheel or so would have to point out their background so you get an idea what they are about (didn't follow the related discussions too closely).+ Something for our inventors. Steampunk like, but not too futuristic.+ Anything else we come up with. I've also been thinking of creating a sample pack of sort, with a variety of "building blocks" for people to create their own ambient tracks for maps. Others in this subforum have already showed very promising results using freeware and basic editing techniques (Paulstretch, Audacity, etc), but it might be tricky to track down CC-licensed source material to use. In combination with being a collected thread where you can follow the progress on these things, I will also act as a mentor and self-proclaimed guru, trying to answer questions others might have regarding audio work. If someone needs help with editing/mixing of any sort, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to contribute. In case there are more people interested in helping out with specific tasks, or have knowledge in areas where I myself might lack, join in and help out! General suggestions on things that might need updating can be discussed here and we'll see what we can do.
  7. Personally I think this is the worst idea ever. The Reason forums has LOADS of info and knowledge, built up through years and years. I'm really sad to see it go away, and I can't understand why they've made this decision. https://www.propellerheads.se/forum/showthread.php?p=1579099#poststop
  8. I just played the FM Awaiting the Storm, which has background music and a rain ambient sound. It was hard to discern the guards' voices in the din of heavy rain and/or background music. When adjusting the levels, I discovered all these sound types---weather, voices and music---were adjusted with the same slider, ambient volume. The other parameter was sfx volume---e.g. footsteps, water arrow splash and blackjack impact. Maybe it should be hard to discern what people say when there's a storm, as an FM design choice, but I think the player should be able to himself set the sound levels for ambient music. People's hearing and their ability to discern one sound from another is highly variable. Even if the ambient music sounds nicely balanced with characters' voices for the FM author, it might not for the player.
  9. Hello my name is Michael Manning, I'm a sound designer / composer working in the games industry with over 5 years of experience. I'm a big fan of the Thief series and am very excited by this mod, I played it a couple of years ago and was jolted back into it by the recent Rock Paper Shotgun article. Since playing through the mod again an area that really stood out negatively for me was the audio and I feel compelled to jump in and help out in any way I can because there's some incredible aspects to this mod and with a really strong audio presentation it'll really take off especially when it comes to releasing the planned standalone edition. From talking to Greebo I understand that the audio hasn't been updated much since 2005 and I think from a quality perspective the foley, ambience and some of the atmospherics need attention. What I propose is for me to work with my friend (who's also an industry sound designer) and for us to take an in-depth look at the current audio system and assets. We can assess what the requirements are to bring the audio up to professional standards and identify areas where enhancements can be made. Based on this data we can build a roadmap on how to achieve this and actually get to doing the work. We would need some help though as neither of us have worked with ID Tech before so we do not know how audio is implemented in the game, what the audio features are, if we can use FMOD as middleware etc so we'd need to spend some time chatting with someone here to work it all out. Does this sound like something that you guys would be interested in? I've a portfolio of my recent work over at www.manningaudio.com Thanks, Michael
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